Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Teens Tanning Salons

Teens Tanning Salons - 17-year-old Grace Moore says she tans only for special occasions.
"I think being a teenager I probably tan for prom and homecoming and before and after spring break."

But tanning regulations are getting tougher. Now, Moore and other teens need a parent's permission to use the beds. The healthcare law added an extra ten cents to every "tanning dollar."

"Being under 18 you are under your parents rules so I think they should be involved in making that decision."

Jason Laube, the Owner of Cutting Edge Fitness in Clear Lake, says teens have to come in with a parent and sign a waiver. They also have to read something from the Iowa Department of Public Health.

"Right now, we have no one under the age of 16 come in here."

17-year-olds may soon be added to that list after new reports from the American Academy of Pediatrics. They say nearly 9 thousand people died of melanoma last year, and about 70 thousand new melanomas were diagnosed. Evidence is linking these cases with indoor tanning.

Teens Tanning Salons

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