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Justin Tennison Deadliest Catch

Justin Tennison Deadliest Catch - Almost one year after Phil Harris, captain of the Cornelia fishing boat on "Deadliest Catch," died after suffering a stroke, the Discovery Channel show endured an another loss: Thirty-three-year-old crew member Justin Tennison was found dead Tuesday in an Alaska hotel room.

Tennison died of unknown causes, and an autopsy is to be performed Wednesday afternoon, said Lt. Randy Rosencrans, according to The Associated Press.

TMZ reports that law enforcement officials found marijuana and a bottle of alcohol in the room where Tennison's body was found.

"It is with great sadness that the Time Bandit family announces the death of crew member Justin Tennison. Justin died peacefully in his sleep the night of Feb. 21, 2011," "Deadliest Catch's" Capt. Andy Hillstrand posted on Facebook. "Justin was tough as a bull and was an all-around good hand. The captains and crew appreciated his hard work and many contributions this…

Libya's Muammar Gaddafi Remains Defiant

Libya's Muammar Gaddafi Remains Defiant - Militiamen loyal to Muammar Gaddafi clamped down in Tripoli on Wednesday, but cracks in his regime spread elsewhere across the nation as the rebellion controlling much of eastern Libya claimed new gains closer to the capital.

Two pilots let their warplane crash in the desert and parachuted to safety rather than bomb an opposition-held city.

The opposition said it had taken over Misrata, which would be the largest city in the western half of the country to fall into its hands.

Clashes broke out over the past two days in the town of Sabratha, west of the capital, where the army and militiamen were trying to put down protesters who overwhelmed security headquarters and government buildings, a news website close to the government reported.

The two air force pilots jumped from parachutes from their Russian-made Sukhoi fighter jet and let it crash rather than carry out orders to bomb opposition-held Benghazi, Libya’s second largest city, the web…

Deron Williams Trade

Deron Williams Trade - In part, Jerry Sloan walked away from his longstanding Utah Jazz gig because of these players today.

It's unfair to pin it specifically on All-Star point guard Deron Williams, but clashes between Sloan and Williams—the team's franchise player—suddenly took on a new significance.

Sloan's abrupt resignation was a huge blow to the organization, heck, even the state. It also, in effect, meant that Williams had to go at some point.

Unless Williams, and truthfully, the entire team, proved absolutely faultless for years to come, at some point, the Sloan firing would come back to bite him. It was as inevitable as Melo to the Knicks, and yet somehow no one saw it coming. Salt Lake City's David Locke tweeted that, "Deron Williams told me it was not his choice. He is stunned. Declined to do interview until he figures out what it all means."

Read more:

Deron Williams Tra…

Buffalo Beast Prank Call

Buffalo Beast Prank Call - It's rare, if not unheard of, for a celebrity or a politician to get a prank phone call. One that is recorded and released to the press, that is. Today breaks the cycle though, because that's exactly what happened in the case of the online news site Buffalo Beast and "David Koch" vs. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Morning radio shows prank unsuspecting losers all the time -- the DJ pretends to be an incompetent delivery man, a teacher at their kids' school, or a persistent salesperson checking up on a recently purchased stove. It's always a high-strung parent (usually the mom) or fiery Uncle Angelo ("No, deliver the roses to my secretary, not my wife!!") who gets pranked, and then we all cringe and feel really bad for laughing.

But in the heat of an ongoing debate over the possible elimination of Wisconsin state workers' collective bargaining rights, did this prank call add fuel to the fire ... or water? Here's w…

Melissa Molinaro Kim Kardashian Look-Alike

Melissa Molinaro Kim Kardashian Look-Alike - Have you seen the new Old Navy “Super C-U-T-E” commercial?

Well, the Internet was buzzing because people were wondering who the Kim Kardashian look alike was.

The clone is Canadian pop singer and model Melissa Molinaro.

It is hard to imagine people mistaking Molinaro for the reality television star, but people wanted to know the identity of the girl singing and dancing throughout the Old Navy commercial.

Melissa Molinaro Kim Kardashian Look-Alike

Defense of Marriage Act

Defense of Marriage Act - The Obama administration's decision to no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court is "very disappointing," former Arkansas governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said Wednesday.

In an interview with CBS News political consultant John Dickerson, Huckabee said the decision could "destroy" President Obama, though not marriage itself.

"It may destroy him [Obama], may destroy his credibility, may destroy his campaign and candidacy and ultimately his term in office," Huckabee said. "It takes more than one president to destroy marriage."

In his new book, "A Simple Government," the ordained minister writes that traditional families - those grounded in a marriage between a man and a woman - promote economic stability.

"[Marriage] is the foundational form of government," Huckabee told CBS News.

Huckabee could not remember any major Democratic candidate opposing DOMA during …

Justin Tennison Found Dead

Justin Tennison Found Dead - A crew member fDiscovery Channel’s hit show “Deadliest Catch” was found dead Tuesday afternoon.

Justin Tennison, 34, worked on the boat F/V Time Bandit. He was found Tuesday in a motel room in Homer, Alaska by a member of the cleaning staff.

Police said they also found alcohol and about a quarter ounce of marijuana in the room, but it is unclear if they played any role in his death. An autopsy was scheduled for Wednesday, but foul play was ruled out.

Discovery Channel released a statement: “Discovery Channel is saddened by the passing of Time Bandit crew member Justin Tennison. We send our sympathies to his entire family and fellow crew members during this most difficult time.”

Tennison has a son and a daughter. According to Capt. Andy Hillstrand, he joined the Time Bandit crew as a deckhand fishing the Red King 2010 and Opilio 2011 seasons.

Justin Tennison Found Dead