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Kayla Narey

Kayla Narey - Nine teens have been charged after police found a connection between them and the suicide of Phoebe Prince, bullying victim in January 14th. Charges vary between harassment and statuory rape. The announcement was made by District Attorney Elizabeth D. Scheibel.

Phoebe Prince was a 15-year-old student from Ireland, and she was found hanged in her home after weeks of bullying in school and even in her Facebook account.

“It appears that Phoebe’s death on Jan. 14 followed a torturous day for her, in which she was subjected to verbal harassment and threatened physical abuse,” said Scheibel.

Kayla Narey

Runescape Easter 2010 Guide

Runescape Easter 2010 Guide - Runescape Easter Event 2010 Guide Walkthrough – Looking for the Runescape Easter Event 2010 Guide and walkthrough? Well we are back on track as we have another walkthrough for this new game, THis Online game will be having a Easter Event 2010. For those who are eager to find out the exact details then, lets check on this on this one. HAve you ever played any other event game right here? For those who still have got the right stuff, then better check out this Runescape Easter Event 2010 Guide Walkthrough and find out. There will be lots of rewards waiting for the winners and players participating. so bring out the joy and start playing Runescape to enter the Easter Event 2010 Guide Walkthrough.

Phoebe Prince

Phoebe Prince - The charging of nine teenagers in the tragic suicide of Irish student Phoebe Prince in South Hadley Massachusetts is no more than what they deserved.

Yet the failure to charge any adults at the school with at least negligence in her case is puzzling.

The heartbreaking evidence released by the prosecutor shows that adult supervisors witnessed and did nothing about the extreme bullying the 15-year-old girl underwent on her last days on earth.

That included heavy bullying in the library before a supervisor who did absolutely nothing to stop it or report it.

The entire school leadership, given that there were previous incidents of bad bullying at the school, deserves to be reprimanded and in some cases sacked over this tragic episode.

One can make no excuse for adults who watched and did nothing while a young girl was bullied to death hanging herself in a closet when it all became too much for her.

Her crime was being asked out on a date by a popular high school football player,…

Mcdonald's All American

Mcdonald's All American - Jereme Richmond didn't win the slam dunk competition, but in typical Richmond fashion, he managed to have a say in who did.

Richmond scored 124 points (out of a possible 140) in the first round but was one point shy of making the final round of the McDonald's All-American game's slam dunk competition Monday night at Ohio State's Value City Arena.

The event was won by Richmond's friend Josh Selby, a 6-foot-3 guard from Baltimore Lake Clifton.

"Jereme Richmond told me my first dunk had to be my best dunk," Selby said.

Richmond went with the competition's most common dunk. He threw the ball up and off the ground in both attempts, catching it with one hand for a tomahawk jam and a score of 64 on his first try.

"It's all in fun," Richmond said. "Win or lose, doesn't matter. I was glad for Josh, though. I met him through AAU, and we've been friends for a while. He's a guy I can relate to off the court.…

Ethan Peck

Ethan Peck - Last we saw Kat Stratford and Patrick Verona on "10 Things I Hate About You," she was climbing on to the back of his bike in a very sweet -- and pretty hot -- stand-by-your-man (even if you're not ready to admit he's your man) kind of moment.

In the clip below, Korbi TV asks Lindsey Shaw (Kat) and Ethan Peck (Patrick) if their characters are now ready to give in to their feelings for one another.

"Our feelings will grow, despite our [efforts in] fighting them," Peck says.

So they're still fighting them?!

Apparently so, but the actors also say it's all getting more complicated and involved. In a good way. "It only gets deeper and funnier and just more real, really," Shaw shares. "The most fun for me about this second half [of Season 1] has been really just getting to know each other better as people."
Watch the video for more on that, as well as what's up with Kat's sister Bianca and her pops, played by the genius…

Sylvester James

Sylvester James - *TV One’s series “UnSung” reveals the life of a ’70s Disco Queen tonight. While the names Donna Summer and Gloria Gaynor might come to mind, it’s singer Sylvester that’s the focus of the upcoming episode.

Sylvester James’ journey to fame and tragedy began when he left his Los Angeles home at age 16 and headed straight to San Francisco. The singer launched his career just a few years later in 1967, joining music productions, teaming for a short stint in a group of transvestite performance artists (The Cockettes), and picking up a following as a popular nightclub singer in the 70s.

After a flock of labels, bands, and trios, Sylvester formed a group with future Weather Girls Martha Wash and Izora Rhodes. His hit, “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” became a disco classic. Tragedy struck in the 1980s for the singer. As he watched close friends die from AIDS complications, he too was diagnosed with the HIV virus and died in 1988.

Although Sylvester’s hit “You Make Me Feel” was …

Knight And Day

Knight And Day - Directed by James Mangold (WALK THE LINE, GIRL INTERRUPTED) and written by actor Patrick O'Neill, this tale of a couple's dangerous adventure is slated to open at the end of June, right before the holiday weekend. Tom Cruise's first role since his Nazi disaster, VALKYRIE, seems to be following his MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE success -- and adding the always sexy Cameron Diaz to the mix makes for a very intriguing film duo.

What do you think about this trailer? Does it look like a blockbuster is brimming . . . or another lukewarm Cruise flick? Has Tom's hijinks in the outside world made his Hollywood star dim at all? Clearly, he's got something left to give--he's got seven or eight films in development and never seems to go a year without putting up another full-scale Hollywood event, for better or worse.

Kristin Gustafson

Kristin Gustafson - Kristin Gustafson was your 2009 Hometown Hotties Winner, but she’s a winner in any year. The best part is Kristin is from California. She’s 5′8, 125, and works as a Leasing Consultant

“Piercings/Tattoos (How many? Where?): Piercings…not so much. I’m boring with those, just my ears. Tattoos I have 2; 1 on my wrist and the dreaded lower back tat…but I make mine look good.”

Notable quotes?

“Every girl has at one time has told a little white lie…used the eyelash flutter or the cleavage over the counter move at least once in their life… or telling people at a restaurant it’s your birthday…works every time!”

But the best part? “I can flex my [cleavage] to the beat of any song. I can also touch the tip of my tongue to the bottom of my nose…Mom and Dad are proud.”

Dorell Wright Photos

Dorell Wright Photos - Dorell Wright Photo Pics – NBA Basketball star Dorell Wright Apologized his monday after explicit Dorell Wright Photo Pics of Miami Heats appeared over the internet, A lot of people are checking it out, to find what they looked like, thats why its a big hit over the internet. The pictures on Dorell wright waa showing frontal nudity, which was taken on a private video a year ago. Check out the apology statement made by Dorell Wright right below. We will try and share the Dorell Wright Photo Pics, it may be explicit, but we probably just share a link.

Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

Lorenzo Von Matterhorn - Lorenzo Von Matterhorn is a fictional character introduced on the television show "How I Met Your Mother" last year. We first introduced Lorenzo Von Matterhorn here in November. Now Lorenzo Von Matterhorn is hitting the search engines again to help all of use look more intelligent.

According to Lorenzo Von Matterhorn rules, there are several ways to look smarter...just like Lorenzo Von Matterhorn.

Lorenzo Von Matterhorn fans recommend wearing eyeglasses. After all, it makes Sarah Palin look smarter.

Another way to make people think you are intelligent is to walk around carrying a smart newspaper such as the Wall Street Journal, just like Lorenzo Von Matterhorn.

A good haircut and using big words are more ways to resemble an intelligent person. You might even create a fake Lorenzo Von Matterhorn persona for yourself.

Elgin Park

Elgin Park - You may not have heard the name “Michael Paul Smith”, but people over internet are searching for the “Elgin Park” fanatically, because it is the model society a very small town you may not find on the map of the United States, but for Smith it is a place of his dreams, where he lives days.

It would be perfect to say that for Michael Paul Smith “Elgin Park is the reality of Fantasy”.

Recently ABC Network discovered the story behind Elgin Park, when they meet up with the creature of this miniature society.

Talking to ACB Network, Smith said, People have forgot that how colorful the past was, while taking a snap of miniature city Elgin Park, Pennsylvania. The model miniature town has been created by Smit himself using the old model cars and building that are homemade.

It was his passion, greed to see the colorful past, even in pictures, so he decided to take lifelike photographs of the miniature “Elgin Park”, with his $75 digital camera, but the miniature town went viral when he…