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Chaminade University

Chaminade University - Francis Fletcher, a tenacious, dominating figure on local high school and college basketball courts in the 1980s, was found dead near his home here yesterday morning, friends said.

The former Maryknoll School and Chaminade University standout was 46.

The medical examiner's office said the cause of death has yet to be determined.

"He was as tough and hard-nosed guy as I've ever had," said Merv Lopes, who coached Chaminade for 12 seasons. At Chaminade, where he played from 1984 to '87, Fletcher was deployed as a center and power forward. "It didn't matter," Lopes said, "he was, maybe, 6-foot, 6 inches, but he played with so much heart it didn't matter how big the other guys were. He didn't back down from anybody."

Lopes said Fletcher helped keep the Silverswords program winning after the celebrated Will Pounds-Chico Furtado and Richard Haenisch-Tim Dunham eras, helping Chaminade to a streak of 10 consecutive wi…

Vince Neil Hits The Ice

Vince Neil Hits The Ice - Vince Neil is probably the most recognizable name in the cast of Skating With the Stars. To be honest, I was actually kind of shocked to see him on the show, but then I was even a little more shocked to find out that as a kid Vince took figure skating lessons. Can you imagine if Mötley Crüe didn’t make it and we had Vince Neil pro figure skater?
What more can I say about Vince Neil that hasn’t already been said? He is a legend in the music industry and is the front man for one of the biggest, most successful bands in the world. He had lived a wild, crazy life that has run the gambit from seeing him play in front of 100,000 fans to facing years in jail for vehicular manslaughter. In that case Neil along with Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicholas Dingley and other were both drunk, got into Neil’s Pantera and drove to liquor store for more booze. On the way there Neil lost control of the car and hit an oncoming car. The passengers in the other two cars were hurt and one …

TSA Workers Being Abused

TSA Workers Being Abused - Airline passengers aren’t the only ones complaining about the Transportation Security Administration’s new enhanced security procedures. Many TSA employees aren’t too happy, either.

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), the union that represents TSA workers, is urging the TSA to do more to protect its employees from abuse from airline passengers angry over the new security methods. The union reports that some members “have reported instances in which passengers have become angry, belligerent and even physical with TSOs (transportation security officers). In Indianapolis, for example, a TSO was punched by a passenger who didn’t like the new screening process,” the union said in a Nov. 17 statement posted on its website.

“This absence of information has resulted in a backlash against the character and professionalism of TSOs,” said Gage in a statement. “TSA must act now — before the Thanksgiving rush — to ensure that TSOs are not being left t…

Coach Brad Childress Fired

Coach Brad Childress Fired - The chance to be an NFL head coach finally came to Frazier on Monday, when the Vikings fired Brad Childress and named Frazier the interim head coach. Frazier, 51, has six games to convince owner Zygi Wilf that he should look no further for his coach for the future. The Vikings (3-7) are not making the playoffs, but this is Frazier's chance to make a lasting impression.

"Leslie is just a top-quality guy, man," said Eagles coach Andy Reid, who hired Frazier as a defensive backs coach in 1999. "A sharp, sharp, football man. He's been interviewed for a lot of head coaching jobs because of the success he's had with the Vikings. I'm sure he'll do a nice job for them."

It will not be easy.

The Vikings have grossly underachieved this season, and during Sunday's 31-3 loss to the Packers it looked like some of the players had quit. Frazier must quickly identify which players he can count on and demote or dismiss the others…

Oprah's Favorite Things: Garretts Popcorn

Oprah's Favorite Things: Garretts Popcorn - Is Garrett’s popcorn the best on the planet? Well, Oprah certainly thinks so. One of Oprah’s favorite things for 2010 was the Chicago based Garrett’s popcorn. She said, “It’s the best popcorn on the planet, I think, and you don’t have to fly to Chicago to get it.” And to celebrate Oprah (and her choice) Garrett’s created a special limited-edition tin exclusively for The Oprah Show. Her audience got a mix of their famous cheese and caramel popcorn but you can choose any flavor from Plain to Pecan Caramel Crisp. How do you get your hands on one of Oprah’s favorites?

You can order the popcorn direct from Garrett’s with prices ranging from $25 to $100.

Oprah's Favorite Things: Garretts Popcorn

Lalaloopsy Doll

Lalaloopsy Doll - She's cute. She's adorable. She's nowhere to be found.
She's Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff, one of MGA Entertainment's eight Lalaloopsy "Sew magical -- Sew cute" dolls, and she's flying off store shelves, according to the New York Post Monday.

A spot check on Monday of retailers' websites shows how scarce the doll is: Out of stock at Wal-Mart and Target; unavailable for online shipping from Toys R Us; and one left in stock at at almost double the $25 suggested price.

So why is the blue-haired, rosy-cheeked Mittens more popular than her seven sisters such as Crumbs Sugar Cookie or Spot Splatter Splash, each of which comes with a back story about its origins?
CEO Isaac Larian told the New York Post that he thinks the doll may have broader appeal. "It's not yet another blond doll with a white face," he said.

Lalaloopsy Doll

Dancing With The Stars 2010 On ABC

Dancing With The Stars 2010 On ABC - The finale of Dancing With The Stars 2010 ABC began tonight, and there are three contestants left. Jennifer Grey, Bristol Palin, and Kyle Massey all battled it out tonight for the title of the winner of Dancing With The Stars 2010 on ABC, but this is pretty much coming down to a battle between two celebrity moms. Which way will the Dancing With The Stars vote go?

Between Bristol Palin and Jennifer Grey, which celeb mom do you think will win Dancing With The Stars 2010 on ABC?

Jennifer Grey is the better dancer out of the two, hands down. She’s impressed the judges week after week, and even scored perfect 10s for her performances tonight.

Bristol Palin is the underdog in DWTS 2010, but she’s proven to be a force to be reckoned with as far as the Dancing With The Stars vote goes each week.

Which celebrity mom do you think will win Dancing With The Stars 2010 on ABC? Or will they both take a backseat to Kyle Massey?

Dancing With The Stars 2010 On ABC

Plane Skids Off Runway At Seatac Airport

Plane Skids Off Runway At Seatac Airport - Incoming flights at Sea-Tac Airport were being delayed as much as four hours Monday due to icy runways. It comes after a cargo plane skidded off an icy Sea-Tac Airport runway Monday afternoon.

The China Airlines 747 from Taipei was bound for Sea-Tac via John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. It touched down at about 4:45 p.m.

According to the airport, the plane went about 100 feet past the designated landing marker. By the airport's definition, that means it was off the runway, although it was still technically on pavement.

The plane went to the cargo hangar on its own power. Nobody was hurt.

After the incident, Sea-Tac Airport temporarily initiated a ground stop, which meant no incoming planes were allowed to land. The ground stop was lifted a few minutes later.

Now, a ground delay is in effect, meaning incoming flights are being delayed. The FAA says the delay is almost four hours.

Plane Skids Off Runway At Seatac Airpo…

Paul Hogan Won't Be Charged

Paul Hogan Won't Be Charged - Australian detectives said Tuesday they have dropped a five-year-old criminal investigation into "Crocodile Dundee" star Paul Hogan's tax dealings.

Australian Crime Commission Chief Executive John Lawler said in a statement that they were not pursuing the probe for a range of reasons including "insufficient prospects of securing convictions."

Australian tax and crime investigators had fought Hogan in a five-year legal battle in Australian and U.S. courts to investigate suspicions that he used offshore bank accounts to conceal earnings after his low-budget "Crocodile Dundee" movie trilogy became an international hit in 1986.

However, the 70-year-old is still being pursued separately by the Australian Taxation Office over a disputed multimillion-dollar tax bill.

Tax officials barred the Australian actor from returning to his Los Angeles home for two weeks earlier this year over the matter. Hogan's lawyers eventually…

WWE Raw Results

WWE Raw Results - Wade Barrett comes out to the stage and pauses, then the rest of Nexus comes out behind him and follow him down to the ring. Barrett tries to talk about Survivor Series, but gets huge heat from the fans and a "you suck" chant breaks out before he says Cena told him he knew what he was doing last night. He says that means Cena was willing to do the right thing, or that Wade didn't have a chance because Cena picked a side from the beginning. He says Cena purposefully pushed him into an RKO and it was unfair and unprofessional. Barrett says he wants another shot at Orton with a neutral referee so he could prove he can beat Orton.

Cole interrupts with an email and it says he is sure Orton wants to prove himself as well, so Barrett will face Orton for the title here tonight on RAW! Barrett says he anticipated that so he is allowing Cena on the show tonight, eventhough he enjoyed firing him last night, to say his final words to the fans, since he is a gentle…

Nebraska Football: Taylor Martinez

Nebraska Football: Taylor Martinez - Did you hear? Taylor Martinez quit the team! OMG! I saw it on Twitter and read it on a message board, and the guy who posted it said he knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who washes towels for Nebraska, so it MUST be true!

I also heard that T-Magic is a secret Muslim Kenyan Marxist terrorist, and so he'd be ineligible to play quarterback (or be President) anyway! Seriously, I got the e-mail! Where's your birth certificate, Taylor?

It's been a busy 48 hours for Nebraska fans, to be sure. Before Saturday, NU fans were doing the math to see how Nebraska could sneak into the BCS National Championship Game. By Sunday night, they were wondering if they'd be cheering for a new starting quarterback. And a new coach.

There are some lessons to be learned from the whirlwind that was this weekend. The first lesson is that we still need professional journalists.

I know we're in the age of the New Media and the Citizen Journali…

Johnny Mathis To Sing On Oprah

Johnny Mathis To Sing On Oprah - Oprah Winfrey aired her final "Favorite Things" episode Monday afternoon and the lucky studio audience members took home gifts ranging from a Black Eyed Peas CD to the 2012 VW Beetle.

The Oprah Winfrey's two-day giveaway bonanza included four gifts of music: The Black Eyed Peas' 'The Beginning,' Jay-Z's 'Decoded,' Josh Groban's 'Illuminations' and Johnny Mathis' 'Let It Be Me'.

Oprah's higher "favorite things" of the year included a $1900 pair of diamond earrings by Dana Rebecca Designs, a $3600 Bravia SONY television and the yet to be released 2012 VW Beetle.

Johnny Mathis To Sing On Oprah

Oprah's Favorite Things

Oprah's Favorite Things - Today Oprah Winfrey shared the rest of her Oprah’s Favorite Things 2010 list on The Oprah Winfrey show. One of the items that stuck out to me was the Garrett’s Popcorn.

Popcorn is a true comfort food and Garrett’s Popcorn offers us some flavors that bring a smile to my face….

Isn’t it funny how some foods are a part of our lives since childhood? Popcorn is one of them and would make a wonderful Christmas Gift. You can choose from Plain all the way to Macadamia and in between you have Caramel Crisp and Cheese Corn.

I had never heard of Garrett’s popcorn but it is a legendary Chicago snack and being from Chicago, I trust Oprah would know of the best Popcorn and that it would make a wonderful gift.
What are some of your favorite popcorn flavors or do you prefer butter only?

Oprah's Favorite Things

IOS 4.2 Jailbreak Will Be Available Soon

IOS 4.2 Jailbreak Will Be Available Soon - iPhone hacker P0sixNinja just posted an update on Twitter saying his GreenPois0n jailbreak should be updated to support the recently released iOS 4.2.1 within a few days. According to his words, the jailbreak will be tethered or semitethered, whatever that means.

Earlier today, the Dev Team also gave us an update about the iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak and unlock saying they were working hard on it. Things look pretty good and it seems everyone will be able to get a jailbreak relatively soon. Older devices like the iPhone 3G and 3GS will most likely even be untethered and unlockable…

I want to remind you that as usual, if you rely on an unlock for your iPhone, you should not update to iOS 4.2.1 just yet. PwnageTool is always the preferred method to update.

IOS 4.2 Jailbreak Will Be Available Soon

Wesley Snipes Going To Jail For Tax Evasion

Wesley Snipes Going To Jail For Tax Evasion - Wesley Snipes has turned himself into authorities and is on his way to prison after a judge ordered him to surrender and begin serving his three-year sentence for tax evasion.

The "Blade" star, 48, has spent the past two years fighting his 2008 conviction, which found him guilty of failing to file returns or pay tax on earnings of $38 million, dating back to 1999.

He lost an appeal in July, but U.S. District Court Judge Terrell Hodges granted him a sentence postponement pending a retrial hearing this month.

In a Florida court last week, Snipes' lawyer Daniel Meachum maintained jurors in the 2008 trial had been biased against the star, amid allegations three members of the jury had made up their minds about the case before the court battle began.

But Judge Hodges rejected the argument and on Friday demanded Snipes report to Florida cops immediately to begin serving time behind bars.

And the Federal Bureau of Prisons website in…

GM Selling Stock

GM Selling Stock - General Motors Co.’s initial public offering last week may help the largest U.S. automaker get consideration from car and truck buyers, according to Moody’s Investors Service.

“U.S. consumers who don’t know anything about over- allocation options or the need for strong liquidity in a cyclical industry knew that something exceptionally good happened to GM last week,” Bruce Clark, an analyst, wrote today in a research note. “That knowledge makes it more likely that they will consider buying a GM vehicle and possibly buy one. That’s good for the company’s credit quality.”

The financial benefits of the IPO, which raised more than $20 billion selling common and preferred stock, were “largely anticipated and are already reflected in the company’s rating,” Clark wrote.

Moody’s assigned GM a Ba2 rating, the second level below investment grade, on Oct. 11. New York-based Moody’s said it has a stable outlook on the Detroit-based automaker.

Deliveries by GM in the U.S. rose 6.…

Hulk Hogan Marries Jennifer McDaniels

Hulk Hogan Marries Jennifer McDaniels - It looks like Hulk Hogan is looking more towards a permanent future with his longtime girlfriend Jennifer McDaniels by applying for a marriage license -- and any wedding in the future would be “spontaneous,” has learned exclusively.

VIDEO: Hulk Hogan Flashes The Camera During Rap Video

Hogan’s attorney David R. Houston confirmed to that the famous wrestler (real name Terry Bollea) applied for a marriage license in Florida a few days ago, but no wedding date or ceremony has been planned.

“He decided he wanted to have the marriage license in case he decided in the future he wanted to get married and if he did, it would be more of a spontaneous kind of thing,” Houston said.

PHOTOS: Brooke Hogan Wows In A Red Hot Bikini

“He wanted to have it in the event he did decide to go through with it. He is engaged so he felt it is the next logical step.”

Hogan has been engaged to Jennifer McDaniels, 36, since December 2009.


Lucas Anthony Tang Dies Age 2

Lucas Anthony Tang Dies Age 2 - Lucas Anthony Tang, 2, fell to his death Sunday. Lucas Anthony Tang’s death is prompting an LAPD investigation; Tang died after falling 50 feet from a VIP suite at the Staples Center. The Lakers had hosted the Golden State Warriors.

LAPD’s Juvenile Division today identified the 2 year old as Tang. His parents’ names have not been released. AEG and the Lakers organizations have both issued news statements.

LAPD said to news that its investigation is standard; a Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman said the opening of an investigation does not suggest charges will be filed or that the parents were at fault.

“The Lakers organization would like to express our shock and sadness at the death of Lucas Anthony Tang,” the Lakers said in a news statement Monday. “To go from a moment of happiness and enjoyment, to the loss of this boy’s life, is tragic and heartbreaking. We would like to ask Lakers fans to join us in keeping Lucas and his family in our though…

Navy Advancement Center For NKO

Navy Advancement Center For NKO - The Centre for the Advancement of Marine (NAC) pages provide links directly to the document bibliography exam, and provide shopping and one-stop ‘virtual sailors who have been tracking numerous publications and references to prepare for exams.

Sailors preparing for examinations, advancement is obtained a new tool to make the quest easier: Navy Knowledge Online (Nko) Web pages will provide links to this article in the advancement of bibliographies.

We are planning to launch the Center for the Advancement pages Nko in early 2010, making the information easily accessible for most of the sailors, “said Kirk Schulz, President of Operations and Analysis Division, Center for the Advancement freely in Pensacola.” Each of the links professional military (PMK) Knowledge to be available for each grade and evaluation, we have aimed at a professional reference links to the start of March. ”

This PMKs include references such as: NAVEDTRA 14325, military requirement…

Darvocet Has Been Recalled, Should Have Been Earlier

Darvocet Has Been Recalled, Should Have Been Earlier - The prominent consumer watchdog Public Citizen is blasting the FDA for waiting too long before issuing a Darvon and Darvocet recall late last week.

In a statement issued on Friday, Public Citizen called for congressional hearings into FDA leadership, saying that negligence on behalf of the agency has resulted in between 1,000 and 2,000 additional Darvon and Darvocet deaths during the years after it should have recalled all propoxyphene drugs.

Darvon was first introduced in 1957, containing propoxyphene to relieve mild to moderate post-surgical pain. Today it is most commonly prescribed as Darvocet, which combines the active ingredient in Darvon with acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol. Darvocet has become one of the most 25 most commonly prescribed medications, which has been prescribed to more than 22 million people.

According to data from the Federal Drug Abuse Warning Network, deaths related to Darvocet, Darvon and…

Colt Brennan's Girlfriend Claims Brake Malfunction

Colt Brennan's Girlfriend Claims Brake Malfunction - Hawaii’s Colt Brennan is in stable condition following a car accident on Saturday night but according to his father he is “far from alert.”

Brennan is apparently heavily sedated following the weekend crash in Hawaii and it might take a while before he’s alert enough to talk with family and police about the accident. Police are investigating the accident and according to unnamed sources, the police report states that Brennan’s girlfriend – who was driving the car he was in – claimed the brakes had malfunctioned.

Colt Brennan's Girlfriend Claims Brake Malfunction

Black Friday 3D TV Sales Are Big

Black Friday 3D TV Sales Are Big - TVs and electronics top the shopping list for Black Friday this year – and Paul's TV "The King of Big Screen" will be the place to beat for price and service. Michigan's newest electronic retailer, now with 28 locations inside Art Van, will offer Black Friday specials on the top brands and latest technology, including 42" flat panel TVs priced $399 and lower, and 19" HDTVs for under $130. Big screens of every size, gaming systems, blu-ray players and more will be 'doorbuster' priced for Black Friday starting at 6am.
And that's only the beginning! All of Michigan is flocking to Paul's TV to see the newest 3D TV technology. "The picture is amazing! Everyone who sees it, wants it!" said Jamie Garelli, Regional Manager for Paul's TV, "and the best news, we've priced 3D ready Big Screens from $699 for the first time ever!"

Black Friday shoppers may be tempted to buy a flat scree…

Lost F22 Pilot Missing Still

Lost F22 Pilot Missing Still - The search is on for an F-22 out of Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska that “lost contact with air traffic control at 7:40 p.m. Alaska time [yesterday] while on a routine training mission,” reads an Air Force press release titled, “F-22 aircraft overdue in reporting.”

The F-22 dropped off the radar and according to a report from NBC News, the F-22 indicated no mayday or any other form of communication. Pentagon officials told the media that there were no distress calls from the pilot since the jet went missing.

U.S. military helicopters and at least one C-130 have taken part in the search. So far it has nothing and there is no sign of the pilot.

No word on the identity of the pilot.

Lost F22 Pilot Missing Still

2012 VW Beetle Photos Shown On Oprah's Favorite Things

2012 VW Beetle Photos Shown On Oprah's Favorite Things - Hear that? It’s the sound of a room of men and women (mostly women) screaming and hyperventilating after Oprah Winfrey told her studio audience that each one of them would receive a new 2012 Volkswagen Beetle, a car that won’t be released until next year.

Volkswagen isn’t revealing what the newer New Beetle looks like. The “Oprah” audience was allowed to see only a silhouette line of the car and Ms. Winfrey’s reaction to the design (in a video clip showing her as she saw the car for the first time). But thanks to Brenda Priddy, a spy photographer who seeks out prototype cars before designs are made public, we’re able to give the lucky audience members a glimpse of what they can expect. (See above.)

Oprah selected the Beetle as one of the items in her annual “Favorite Things” show, the second part of which aired on Monday. The occasion was particularly momentous because it was the last “Favorite Things” show, billed as Oprah’…

Johnny Mathis On Oprah

Johnny Mathis On Oprah - Oprah Winfrey and her "Oprah's Favorite Things" episode airs part two of her lavish holiday giveaway on Monday, November 22, 2010. Over 4 million fans on her Facebook page were alerted to today's show, which will also feature performances by Josh Groban and Johnny Mathis.

"This will never happen again...Tune-in Monday for Oprah’s Ultimate Favorite Things - Part Two! Plus, Josh Groban and Johnny Mathis team up for a special yuletide performance."
If you aren't lucky enough to be in the audience to take part in the favorite things giveaway, Oprah's magazine "O, The Oprah Magazine" is launching the second-annual "12-Day Holiday Give-O-Way" sweepstakes from Nov. 29 to Dec. 10.

Twelve winners will walk away with every item listed in the O List Holiday Edition gift guide. Some of the prizes include Dr Oz's favorite Saucony ProGrid Kinvara sneakers, Oprah's favorite pajamas and Dr. Phil's pick of a…

Stampede In Cambodia Kills 339

Stampede In Cambodia Kills 339 - The Cambodian Prime Minister confirmed the death toll on state television following the stampede at the end of an annual water festival.

Most of the victims were crushed or drowned, as thousands panicked when several people were electrocuted while celebrating the end of the festival.

Prime Minister Hun Sen apologised for the disaster on state TV. Some 278 people were originally reported dead by two hospitals. Among these, some 240 were reportedly women.

Many people died by leaping off the bridge across the tributary of Tonle Sap river in Phnom Penh to Diamond Island, according to authorities.

Others were trampled to death in the panic.

An investigation into the incident has been ordered by the Prime Minister as the recovery of bodies continues.

Stampede In Cambodia Kills 339

Wsdot Traffic Warnings

Wsdot Traffic Warnings - Snow in the Puget Sound region is often wet and slick. With the forecast calling for freezing temperatures for the next several days, take extra care when driving:

Before leaving home, check traffic and weather reports on TV, radio or websites. Statewide travel alerts and road conditions:
Clear snow and ice from car surfaces before driving. Snow on the hood can blow toward the windshield and block your view.
Keep safety equipment, spare parts and food and water in the car. Keep your cellphone fully charged.
Keep your fuel tank at least half-full. Make sure your wiper-fluid reservoir isn't running low.
Drive with headlights on.
Slow down. If possible, avoid driving altogether.
Even when roads are dry, watch out for icy bridges.
Stay at least 15 car lengths (200 feet) back from maintenance vehicles and plows, and don't pass them on the right.
Don't use cruise control.
Use brakes sparingly to avoid skidding.
Don't pump an…

Diamondback Capital Raided By FBI

Diamondback Capital Raided By FBI - FBI raids seeking documents from three investment firms are related to hedge fund insider trading investigations directed by the office of Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, according to a person familiar with the probes.

The offices of Level Global Investors LP and Diamondback Capital Management LLC, firms founded by alumni of SAC Capital Advisors LLC, were searched by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, the government said today. Agents also executed a search warrant at the offices of Loch Capital Management, according to another person familiar with the matter. Both declined to be identified because the probes are ongoing.

“The government has decided it needs to use force to obtain all the information,” said Jacob Frenkel, a former federal prosecutor and lawyer with the Securities and Exchange Commission. “It has opted not to issue grand jury subpoenas but instead use the search warrant process.”

Steve Bruce, a spokesman for Diamondback, …

Brad Childress Fired

Brad Childress Fired - Brad Childress was fired from his post as Minnesota Vikings head coach. As Mark Maske explains:

The Minnesota Vikings have fired Brad Childress as their coach. The team named defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier its interim coach for the remainder of the season.
The moves come a day after a lopsided loss to the Green Bay Packers dropped the Vikings' record to 3-7 in a season in which they hoped to be a top Super Bowl contender. Childress becomes the second NFL coach fired this season, following the Dallas Cowboys' Wade Phillips. The Vikings play the Washington Redskins this weekend.
As AP reported, after a tumultuous season the Viking organization decided it was time for a coaching change.

Brad Childress is gone, one season after he famously picked up Brett Favre at the airport, got a contract extension and came within a field goal of reaching the Super Bowl.

Brad Childress Fired

HP Posts Solid Earnings

HP Posts Solid Earnings - Although it didn’t have a permanent chief executive for all of its fourth fiscal quarter ended Oct. 31, Hewlett-Packard still turned out solid results during the period and it raised its outlook for the coming year.

The company reported solid results despite the fact that the board fired chief executive Mark Hurd in August.

In a conference call, newly appointed HP CEO Leo Apotheker said the company would reinstitute salary increases in 2011. That’s in keeping with the talent war in tech, as evidenced by Google’s recent decision to give all employees a 10 percent raise. It’s a big deal since HP has more than 300,000 employees.

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company reported net income of $2.5 billion, up 5 percent from $2.4 billion a year earlier. Earnings per share were $1.10, up from 99 cents a year earlier. Quarterly revenue was $33.3 billion, up 8 percent from a year earlier. The company said it saw broad-based growth in its commercial sales business, particu…

Richard Seymour Fined For Striking

Richard Seymour Fined For Striking - Oakland Raiders defensive lineman Richard Seymour has been fined $25,000 for striking Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in the helmet.

Seymour was fined Monday by the NFL for unnecessary roughness in the second quarter of the Steelers' 35-3 victory on Sunday. Seymour turned and struck Roethlisberger as the quarterback ran up behind him while celebrating a TD pass that put Pittsburgh ahead 21-3.

Roethlisberger fell to the ground when hit, but was not injured and stayed in the game.

Richard Seymour Fined For Striking

Allure Of The Seas

Allure Of The Seas - British passengers booking cruises on Allure of the Seas are not afraid to splash out on their holidays - most of them are paying at least £30 a night on top of the basic fare in order to travel in a balcony cabin.

In fact two-thirds of those flying from the UK to Florida during the next few weeks to join the ship in Fort Lauderdale for week-long cruises to the Caribbean are choosing to travel in cabins with a balcony, or in de luxe and suite staterooms, say Royal Caribbean.

The most expensive suites can cost as much as £115 per person per night more - and every one of the ship's two-level loft suites is booked for the New Year cruise sailing on Boxing Day.

Not all the balcony cabins have sea views. Like sister ship Oasis of the Seas, Allure has "inside" balconies which look down on either the lively Boardwalk neighbourhood or on Central Park, the peaceful midships haven which is home to some of the vessel's most exclusive restaurants.

I shall be…