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Rulon Gardner on The Biggest Loser

Rulon Gardner on The Biggest Loser - Olympic athlete Rulon Gardner was born and raised in Afton, Wyo., the youngest of ten children. He was overweight growing up but still in good shape from wrestling and playing football. He graduated from Nebraska University with a degree in physical education and went on to become an Olympic athlete, winning the gold medal for wrestling in the 2000 Olympics, and the bronze medal in 2004. Rulon says he gained the weight when he continued to eat like an Olympic athlete after he stopped training for the Olympic team. He knew he had to change his life when he tried to weigh himself and his 435 lb. scale would not register his weight. Being diagnosed with sleep apnea and high blood pressure made it even more imperative that he lose weight. Now 39 years old, 474 lbs. and married, Rulon looks forward to starting a family with his wife and getting into his jeep without straining after he’s lost the weight. He was inspired by season nine winner Michael…

Icici Bank Official Quits

Icici Bank Official Quits - Nilesh Shah, deputy managing director of ICICI Prudential Asset Management Co., one of India's largest mutual fund firms, has quit.

Mr. Shah said in a text message that he is taking "a break" before deciding about the future.

An ICICI Bank spokesperson said that he will continue at the company for a while to ensure smooth transition, but could not give a specific date of his departure.

ICICI Prudential is a joint venture between ICICI Bank and U.K.'s Prudential Plc., and it manages 700 billion rupees ($15.5 billion) in mutual fund assets as of September 30.

Mr. Shah joined the firm in 2004 as its chief investment officer. He has more than 17 years experience in the banking and financial services industry, primarily in the fixed income market.

Icici Bank Official Quits

Verizon iPhone 4G

Verizon iPhone 4G - As holiday shopping days shrink, Verizon iPhone rumors are growing. The latest from MacDailyNews pegs the Verizon iPhone for a post-Christmas release on Verizon's sparsely available 4G LTE networks.

These details are from a MacDailyNews source that they "believe to be familiar with the matter":
Verizon managers are being trained to handle the iPhone and have functional units running on Verizon's 4G LTE networks.

AT&T has worked out an agreement to postpone the announcement of Verizon's iPhone until "right after Christmas" in an effort to maximize its holiday sales.

The Verizon iPhone has been completed for some time and will be available immediately when announced.

Verizon iPhone 4G

Verizon is handling all the iPhone units and will be in charge of security and distribution.
The iPhone will be equipped with a multi-band chip that will work on Verizon's large CDMA 3G network as well as the 4G LTE. All marketing for the Verizon …

AMD Radeon HD 6970 & Radeon HD 6950

AMD Radeon HD 6970 & Radeon HD 6950 - Last month, Nvidia launched its GeForce GTX 580, but we told you to hold off on buying it. A week ago, Nvidia launched GeForce GTX 570 and we again said "wait." AMD's Cayman was our impetus. Were Radeon HD 6970 and 6950 worth the wait? Read on for more!

In the world of high-end hardware, waiting for the next great thing means reading about a lot of technology and never actually buying a new piece of gear. That’s no way to enjoy your favorite games though, is it?

Sometimes the wait is worth it, though. Last week was a perfect example. Nvidia launched its GeForce GTX 570, but we already knew AMD’s Radeon HD 6970 and 6950 boards had shipped out, FedEx Next Day Air. How could we not recommend waiting to see how these boards would compare? The very same morning, AMD launched a refresh on its Phenom II and Athlon II processors, incrementing clock rate. But we have Intel’s Sandy Bridge-based CPUs up and running in the lab. Again—why wou…

AMD 6970 Video Card Pricing

AMD 6970 Video Card Pricing - The new Radeon 6970 and 6950 get a dollar value, while we ponder where exactly they fit into the grander scheme of AMD's and NVIDIA's VGA efforts.

Once upon a time, video card pricing and even performance was pretty simple. Essentially, the higher the number, the greater the grunt, and the more expensive the silicon. However, AMD's latest Radeon releases turn conventional graphics card wisdom on its head.

So, the pricing. The new 6970 and 6950, launched today, will have an RRP of $419 and $339 respectively. That's in Aussie dollars, by the way. Incidentally, US pricing for the 6970 sits at $US369. Just so you know.

AMD 6970 Video Card Pricing

However, it's worth noting that the 6970 is not AMD's best performer. That crown still sits firmly on the head of the previous generation's 5970 - which is a dual-core monster that'll cost you around $200 more than the 6970.

That's the trick here - the 6970 sits at a much more attr…

Florida School Board Shooting

Florida School Board Shooting - A gunman opened fire at a Bay County, Fla., school board meeting Tuesday afternoon, taking aim at the school’s superintendent but injuring no one before fatally shooting himself.

Clay A. Duke, 56, shot himself to death after exchanging gunfire Tuesday with Bay District's security chief, the Associated Press reported. Witnesses say Duke may have been complaining that his wife had lost her job.

Initial reports had suggested Duke was taken down by a security guard, but police later said the gunman took his own life.

Florida School Board Shooting

Duke, who has yet to be identified publicly, was barely alive when police reached him, and he died from the gunshot wounds upon arrival at a nearby hospital, said Ruth Corley, a spokeswoman from the Bay County Sheriff Office.

School board spokeswoman Karen Tucker, who was at the meeting, described a harrowing scene.

She noticed Duke before the shooting, and described him as being erratic. He engaged in a verb…

Long Island Serial Killer

Long Island Serial Killer - A serial killer might have abandoned four bodies that have been found along a desolate, wind-swept stretch of highway not far from Long Island's Jones Beach, police said Tuesday.

The bodies were dumped from a vehicle at different times, perhaps beginning as much as a year and a half to two years ago, Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said Tuesday.

"We're looking at that — that we could have a serial killer," Dormer said in response to a reporter's question.

The first body, discovered Saturday, was found a few feet into the brush off the road, police said. One body was found 500 feet west of the first body and another was 500 feet east of the first body. A fourth body was found about 1,000 feet from the first body.

Long Island Serial Killer

At least two of the bodies are female, but authorities haven't determined the gender of the other two, Dormer said. Investigators were taking DNA samples and examining dental reco…

Asylum-Seeker Boat Crashes Off Christmas Island

Asylum-Seeker Boat Crashes Off Christmas Island - Dramatic images from the scene show people in lifejackets in the water clinging to debris.

Officials say 41 people have been rescued.

Christmas Island residents rushed to the scene to try and recover people from the boat, which broke apart in heavy seas after ramming into a cliff.

Another local resident, who says he was the first person on the scene, described waking up to screams and cries for help as the boat approached the cliffs near his home this morning.

Asylum-Seeker Boat Crashes Off Christmas Island

“I could hear people shouting and screaming,” the local businessman told

“I would say at least half of them drowned,” he said.

“The people were in absolute panic, they were screaming and waving at me,” he says.

“There were women and children and babies.”

With 6m to 8m seas buffeting the cliffs, the local resident said he and other locals fought to rescue people from the water using life jackets and ropes.

“It was like t…

Lisa Mason Leaving QVC

Lisa Mason Leaving QVC - Lisa Mason, an all time favorite host at QVC, did her last show tonight. There were lots of clips from previous shows and plenty of well wishers calling in.

Lisa had made an announcement on her website a few days ago about her last show “Please join me on December the 14th at 5 p.m. as I say goodbye to my QVC life. I love you like crazy and will see you very, very soon!! I will have other things I would like to share with you on the 15th of December on this website. God Bless You and Happy, Happy Holidays!!! P.S. Gino sends his love.”

Lisa Mason Leaving QVC

After many fans left messages for her at her website, Lisa, then wrote “I can not thank you enough for your words of encouragement and love. I can’t wait until Tuesday at 5 p.m. We will have a great time, and, the jewelry is beautiful! I think it will be a good final show. As to the questions about the book…. Yes, I do briefly talk about why I have decided to leave QVC in the book. It will be available in t…

Biggest Loser Finale

Biggest Loser Finale - The finales of "The Biggest Loser" are always strange beasts. Even though the contestants are responsible for pretty much every facet of the game leading up to the finale, America somehow gets to have a say in who could end up winning a prize.

By all measures, Frado and Patrick are the final two in terms of playing the game. Are they the two most deserving? That's up for debate, but they are the two who played the game the hardest and made the right moves at absolutely the right times. Meanwhile, Ada and Elizabeth are both at the mercy of the viewers, who will decide who makes it up to the final podium with the two boys.

Even though this is a show with one "winner" in the terms of money, everybody's going to come out of this with something positive -- including a potential new lease on life.

Who are you rooting for at this point, and do you like the voting aspect of this? Check back Tuesday night for a full recap of the finale.


Ryan Reynolds Divorce Official

Ryan Reynolds Divorce Official - Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson announced today that they are officially dunzo after two years of marriage. They issued a statement saying, “After long and careful consideration on both our parts, we’ve decided to end our marriage. While privacy isn’t expected, it’s certainly appreciated.” Pssshhht. Right. Good luck with that whole privacy thing. The whole world’s been waiting for these two to split since the day they got married. It’s not right or fair for two of the most attractive people alive to be screwing each other exclusively. Spread some of those good genes around a bit, ya know?

Ryan Reynolds Divorce Official

I, for one, am not the least bit surprised by this news. That’s too much sexy for one relationship. You can’t both be the pretty one. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie make it work, only because they don’t go anywhere without 800 foreign babies, so they never have to talk to each other. Plus, Brad is aging into some sort of weird, bearde…

Lisa Mason School of Dance

Lisa Mason School of Dance - Students at a Haverhill dance school achieved the impressive statistic of a 100 per cent pass rate during a recent examinations day.

Children and adult students at Lisa Mason School of Dance hit the highs when they took their BATD (British Association of Teachers of Dancing) exams in ballet, tap and modern dancing.

Many took two or three exams each and in the process achieved very high grades in each discipline.

Lisa Mason School of Dance

The school’s owner, Lisa Mason, said: “The pupils have worked very hard in preparing for these examination and this was reflected in their dance reports.

“I am delighted with the results and progress the dancers are making.”

The school is now preparing for further exams next year and its main stage show.

Classes are given in ballet, modern, tap and acrobatics, starting at pre-school age at the First Steps class and going up to adults.

For more details contact Lisa on 01440 760821 or visit

Lisa Mason S…

Senate Tax Vote Soon

Senate Tax Vote Soon - The final obstacle to President Barack Obama's tax deal—the opposition of House Democrats—appeared to be melting away Tuesday as strong Senate support for the legislation turned up pressure on liberal critics to concede.

"It's a fast-moving train," said Rep. Peter Welch (D., Vt.), who has led opposition to the legislation to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for all income groups. "The momentum is all in its favor, that's for sure."

Rep. Jim McDermott (D., Wash.) called the bill "just awful." He said the bill includes elements he supports, but that it remains a bitter pill to swallow.

"I still have to eat the estate tax and an extension of tax benefits to people above $250,000, and an extension of unemployment benefits for only one year, said Mr. McDermott. "When you put those three elements together, I have a hard time getting excited about what's on the Christmas tree," said McDermott.

Senate Tax Vote Soo…

Sacramento Shooting

Sacramento Shooting - Two men entered a south Sacramento barbershop this afternoon and opened fire on two men getting haircuts, who apparently returned fire, leaving a 30-year-old woman dead, a man with life-threatening injuries and four others wounded, investigators said.

The woman who was fatally shot in the parking lot as she was putting her toddler into a sport utility vehicle apparently was an innocent bystander, said Sgt. Tim Curran, Sacramento Sheriff's Department spokesman.

Sacramento Shooting

Firefighters and deputies were caring for the toddler this afternoon as they searched for family members to take custody of the child.

The shooting that started in the Fly Cuts and Styles barbershop in the 6900 block of Stockton Boulevard, spilled into the parking lot early this afternoon, Curran said.

Detectives believe that among the wounded are the two men who started the shooting and the two targets who fired back. The fifth victim was a barber, Curran said.

Detectives have deter…

Apple TV Update 4.1.1

Apple TV Update - Apple on Tuesday released Apple TV software update 4.1.1 for the second-generation Apple TV, fixing some issues with TVs displaying the incorrect resolution and a downloading problem where movies or TV shows are re-downloaded.

Apple TV software update 4.1.1 comes just weeks after software update 4.1, which added AirPlay support and fixed some performance and connectivity issues.

According to Apple's support documents, the 4.1.1 update addresses "an issue that causes some high-definition TVs to incorrectly display at 480p" and "an issue that may cause a movie or TV show to be re-downloaded."

Apple TV Update 4.1.1

One AppleInsider reader found that installing the update resolved a flickering issue on his TV. "My TV (Fujitsu) 42" (2004 model) only has a DVI port (no HDMI)," the reader wrote. "I use a HDMI to DVI cable to watch the Apple TV content. Previously, the TV flickered on the top and on the right. After the update, the…

HIV Positive Man Cured

HIV Positive Man Cured - Doctors in Germany say they have cured an American living there who has the HIV/AIDS virus by using a treatment based on adult stem cells, the more ethical form of stem cell research.

In 2008, German doctors reported they had used a selective adult stem cell transplant to treat a leukemia patient. The treatment had a side effect — that the transplant also removed his HIV infection.

After the transplant, the virus was undetectable in his bloodstream for at least two years and he no longer took antiretroviral drugs.

Now, doctors have reveale the name of the patient — Timothy Ray Brown, an HIV-positive man — and they are claiming the results with this patient provide evidence for a “cure” for HIV infection using the selective adult stem cell transplant.

HIV Positive Man Cured

Publishing their results in the medical journal Blood, they say, “In conclusion, our results strongly suggest that cure of HIV has been achieved in this patient.”

The transplant appeared to …

VCE Results 2010

VCE Results 2010 - More than 50,000 high school graduates have spent Monday morning nervously waiting to access their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) exam results.

The state has registered a high school completion rate of 97.01 per cent.

Students began accessing their results from 7am on the internet and on their mobile phones.

VCE Results 2010

The results will also begin arriving by mail from Tuesday.

This year marks the first time students will receive an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), formerly known as the Equivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank (ENTER).

In bayside Melbourne, McKinnon Secondary College student Rachel Cole was ecstatic to receive a score of 99.90 sent to her mobile phone.

'I didn't really sleep last night, I was a little bit nervous,' she told AAP.

Rachel, who studied Chemistry, Psychology, Further Mathematics, Biology, Physical Education and English said the score came as a 'massive shock'.

'To get over 90 was like a …

ATAR Results

ATAR Results - A record 71,000 students sat the exams in November and results are being made available online, and via text message and telephone on Wednesday.

The hard-copy award documents are due to arrive in schools on Thursday.

School principals were able to access the results on Monday.

Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) results are being published on Thursday from 9am (AEDT).

The ATAR measures a student's overall academic performance in the HSC against other students, helping universities rank applicants.

NSW Education Minister Verity Firth said a range of support services were available to HSC students.

ATAR Results

My Hospital Website

My Hospital Website - The MyHospitals website will include information about elective surgery waiting times and emergency department performance.

The Government says it will add more information next year and is confident all the data appearing on the website is accurate.

The Victorian Government says it is worried manipulated data will appear on the new website.

Victorian Health Minister David Davis has told AM the information provided could have been manipulated under the previous state Labor government.

My Hospital Website

"The Victorian auditor-general has pointed directly to data manipulation occurring in key public hospitals, so the overall quality of the data is questionable," he said.

"One concern is that the Commonwealth simply accepts data without proper quality control."

But Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon says the Commonwealth has checks and balances in place.

"The material has been provided by each state and territory but it has been checked …

Jodie Sweetin Tax Debt

Jodie Sweetin Tax Debt - US actress Jodie Sweetin is facing a huge tax bill over allegations she owes nearly $30,000 to the Inland Revenue Service (IRS).

According to a report on, the former Full House star owes a whopping $27,445 to the IRS.
Officials in California have now filed documents alleging that Sweetin owes all the money from the last tax year.

The paperwork, filed in Los Angeles County and obtained by, states Sweetin has failed to hand over the money for 2009.

Jodie Sweetin Tax Debt

Tornado in Oregon

Tornado in Oregon - One witness says, "It was like the Wizard of Oz."

Gara Adams says when a tornado hit the small Oregon town of Aumsville today, she "saw a trampoline fly over a church."

The tornado tore roofs off buildings, uprooted trees and hurled objects into vehicles and homes. But no injuries are reported.

The city administrator says a plumbing fixture store across the street from City Hall was heavily damaged.

She says people in her office listened to what she described as the loudest hail she's ever heard -- and then a funnel cloud appeared, and debris from the roofs of houses filled the air.

Tornado in Oregon

No Funeral Service for Mark Maddoff

No Funeral Service for Mark Maddoff - Ponzi scion Mark Madoff will be quietly cremated with no funeral - and his family will mourn his death privately, sources said Tuesday.

A source close to the family said they did not plan to hold any service or viewing. A second source said the family would likely hold a private memorial at home at a later date.

"The family wants to avoid a media circus," one source said.

Madoff's body was picked up Tuesday morning from the city morgue and taken to the Gramercy Park Memorial Chapel.

No Funeral Service for Mark Maddoff

The 46-year-old son of financial fraudster Bernie Madoff committed suicide early Saturday on the two-year anniversary of his father's arrest.

Madoff's father, who is serving a 150-year sentence for operating the largest Ponzi scheme in history, said Monday he would not seek permission to attend his son's service.

The younger Madoff was found dead Saturday after sending an ominous email to his wife that read…

Mikayla Francis Passes Away

Mikayla Francis Passes Away - Mikayla Francis, the young cancer sufferer who stole the hearts of Victorians when she told her family she feared being forgotten, has died.

Little Mikayla died this morning from the advanced liver cancer that had failed to respond to treatment, just days after celebrating her seventh birthday.

She died at 8.30am at home with her family beside her.

It follows the Victorian community rallying around Mikayla and her family, helping the young girl realise she would never be forgotten, with a huge early Christmas and birthday party.

Hundreds of people were inspired to post comments at after hearing her story.

Her father, Andrew Francis, prompted the response when he related how she kept wrapping her arms around her parents, saying: "Don't forget me, don't forget me when I'm gone.

Mikayla Francis Passes Away

The response, and brave Mikayla's courage and dignity, triggered a flood of support.

Well-wishers rallied with jumpi…

Zoolander 2 Revealed

Zoolander 2 Revealed - Speaking to MTV, Owen Wilson, who played the spritual model Hansel, said he's spoken to co-star Ben Stiller who is keen to start shooting following the completion of a script.

"I just saw him now and we're talking about doing another Zoolander movie. I think so, there's a really good script and I think we're going to do it," Wilson said.

Actor Justin Theroux was said to be writing the script, which will have an ageing Zoolander and Hansel trying to break back into the fashion industry.

"We start off with them in a pretty bad place. They are about to ring 40's bell. They have to claw their way back into the fashion industry in some way or another," Theroux said.

Zoolander 2 Revealed

Alpha Trion Transformers 3

Alpha Trion Transformers 3 - The biggest news in trailers this week: a sneak peak at "Thor." The big-budget, big-name movie itself won't be out until May 6, 2011. But the trailer gives a pretty good idea of what's coming.

The adaptation of the Marvel comic (there‘s a whole slew of Marvel heroes coming) stars Australian actor Chris Hemsworth (as Thor), Natalie Portman (as Jane Foster), Tom Hiddleston (as Loki), and Anthony Hopkins (as Odin).

Alpha Trion Transformers 3

Kenneth Branagh directed the film which will be available in – surprise-surprise – 3D. Check out the 2:30 second trailer below.

Also out is the teaser trailer for Michael Bay’s third Transformers movie "Dark of the Moon."’ The trailer (below) doesn't reveal much other than a Transformer connection to the space race of the 1960s and a Transformer who is speculated to being Alpha Trion, one of the original thirteen Transformers (from the old cartoon show). We’ll see the whole movie on July 1,…

Lisa Marie Presley Sells Home

Lisa Marie Presley Sells Home - Lisa Marie Presley is saying goodbye to the USA and hello to the UK.

Elvis Presley's baby girl sold her 8,000 square-foot Los Angeles ranch, which sits atop three acres of land in the gated Hidden Hills neighborhood, for $5 million, reports the Daily Mail.

Presley swapped the eight-bedroom, nine-bathroom property in LA for a major upgrade: she reportedly bought a Kent, England, mansion for over $12 million.

The new home boasts 11 bedrooms, an indoor pool and sauna and 90 acres of land.

Lisa Marie Presley Sells Home

It's no secret that Michael Jackson's ex-wife isn't too thrilled with Los Angeles these days. She told the Mail last year that it had "gotten dramatically worse in the last five or six years, even more shallow if that's even possible."

Presley also reportedly plans to record her third album in London, where she said the culture, people and beauty have reawakened her.

Lisa Marie Presley Sells Home

Lil Wayne New Song 6'7

Lil Wayne New Song 6'7 - So last month, when we wrote about Lil’ Wayne’s first verses after jail on Birdman’s “Fire Flame (Remix),” we mistakenly attributed some internet rumors hyping “6’7″ ” to that track. As it happens, this is the song that people were claiming sounded like a “2010 version of ‘A Milli’ on steroids.” Apologies for that.

In “6’7″,” the first song out off “Tha Carter IV,” Lil’ Wayne comes out strong off the gates. He revisits that Weezy flow we’ve come to know where it seems he’s delivering lines so continuously that he’s not even breathing. The rhymes are fairly solid, and range from the humorous – “black and white diamonds, fuck segregation” – to addressing his stint in Rikers Island – “I got through that sentence like a subject and a predicate.”

Lil Wayne New Song 6'7

Cory Gunz holds his own and against Weezy with a Twista-speed verse. Though the beat, made by “A Milli” producer Bangladesh, at times sounds suspiciously like that “Carter III” hit. One of th…

Aumsville Oregon Flood Warnings

Aumsville Oregon Flood Warnings - After a tornado wracked the small town of Aumsville, Oregon at 11:40 a.m. Tuesday, officials are urging the public to stay clear of the area, partially because of downed power lines.

Meanwhile, some other parts of Marion and Clackamas counties are under flood warnings.

There is still the possibility of hazard-inducng hail and thunderstorms in the area, as well as other parts of Oregon. ODOT is urging drivers to be careful as this could cause more hazardous road conditions.

Aumsville Oregon Flood Warnings

The tornado tore the roofs off many buildings in Aumsville, but luckily the damage was confined to a fairly small region in town, with some damage still being assessed in rural areas just outside town. The local plumbing businesses building was destroyed, yet there have been no reports of missing or injured in the town.

Oregon officials are quick to urge people to keep away from the town and let crews take care of the damage. As of 3:30 p.m., much of …

Unemployment Extension Update 3

Unemployment Extension Update 3 - An online group that identifies with the tea party movement has launched a petition urging Americans to hold Republican leaders who enter into a compromise on an extension of Bush-era tax cuts and unemployment insurance accountable.

Tea Party Patriots, which made the petition public last week, believes the deal between President Barack Obama and Republican leaders is a violation of the “Pledge to America,” a resolution or promise that House GOP leadership made in September.

“The assault of ‘The Deal’ on ‘The Pledge’ will make the latter a joke, and instantly impacts the credibility of all future efforts to propose agendas to the electorate,” wrote the author of the petition.

Unemployment Extension Update 3

The reasoning behind the latest petition was outlined, according to the website, by conservative radio entertainer Hugh Hewitt in a column — “Kill ‘the Deal’” — that was published on conservative site

Tea Party Patriots provides the f…

Snow Removal at TCF Bank Stadium

Snow Removal at TCF Bank Stadium - The daunting task of removing snow from the buried TCF Bank Stadium has begun.

Scott Ellison, assistant athletic director for facilities at the University of Minnesota, says workers started removing snow from the outdoor stadium Tuesday in case the Vikings need the field for their Monday game against the Chicago Bears.

The Vikings aren't sure they'll be able to use their usual home field - the Metrodome - after its roof collapsed in a snowstorm. Ellison says the Vikings have agreed to pick up all costs for snow removal, as well as game-day expenses.

Snow Removal at TCF Bank Stadium

Amber Portwood Pregnant Again

Amber Portwood Pregnant Again - Amber Portwood has discovered she’s expecting another baby!

According to America’s Star magazine, 20-year-old MTV star Amber — who recently regained custody of her daughter Leah — took a home pregnancy test on December 4 and it came back positive.

“Amber is scared to death about what’s to come,” an insider said.

“She adores Leah, but she doesn’t really want to be tied down with another baby.”

Amber Portwood Pregnant Again

Las Vegas Bellagio Heist

Las Vegas Bellagio Heist - An armed bandit escaped Tuesday on a motorcycle after stealing at least $1.5 million in casino chips from the posh Bellagio resort and may have pulled a similar caper across town less than a week ago, police said.

The culprit, however, might find it hard to redeem his loot at any other casino except the high-end, Italian-themed hotel-casino that features a wall of famous fountains along the Las Vegas Strip.

The 3:50 a.m. robbery at a craps table happened "about as quick as you can do it," when a man wearing a motorcycle helmet pulled a gun on patrons, police Lt. Clinton Nichols told The Associated Press.

Police later released an 11-second video showing a man in a jumpsuit running through a casino entry lobby with a gun in his right hand. At one point, he turned and pointed the weapon behind him. His helmet appeared to be red with twin white stripes from front to rear.

Las Vegas Bellagio Heist

Police suspect the same man wore a helmet, flashed a gun…

Air Force Blocks Wikileaks

Air Force Blocks Wikileaks - The Air Force is now blocking the web sites of the New York Times, the Guardian, and other news outlets that have posted diplomatic cables leaked by Wikileaks.

According to the Wall Street Journal and Reuters, the Air Force ordered the sites blocked from personnel computers last month. An Air Force spokeswoman told Reuters that the Air Force "routinely blocks Air Force network access to websites hosting inappropriate materials or malware (malicious software) and this includes any website that hosts classified materials and those that are released by WikiLeaks."

She said 25 sites have been blocked.

Air Force Blocks Wikileaks

The move goes further than those made by other branches of the armed services and the Pentagon, which has advised servicemembers to avoid looking at the Wikileaks documents on military computers.

As TPM has reported, civilian federal agencies have also instructed employees not to read the cables and, in some cases, blocked the…

Black Ops Update 1.04 Today

Black Ops Update 1.04 Today - Treyarch has just launched a rather hefty update for Call of Duty: Black Ops on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A patch for the PC version is planned for release later in the week.

The updated, which is Patch v1.04 on PS3 and Title Update 4 for Xbox 360, fixes a number of concerns that gamers have had with regards to online issues, as well as fine-tuning some of the gameplay mechanics.

If the patch isn't live right now, according to Treyarch community manager Josh Olin, it should propagate shortly.

Black Ops Update 1.04 Today

Social Marketing Media

Social Marketing Media - The Online Marketing Summit (OMS), the premier online marketing educational event and hosted by ClickZ, today announced that it has partnered with SES Conference & Expo, the leading authority on search engine marketing, to offer an all-day search and social media workshop at the annual OMS conference this February.

Called "SES Search & Social Accelerator," the workshop will be held on Day 3 of the conference, scheduled for Feb. 7-11, 2011 in San Diego. The workshop is designed for seasoned marketers who want to learn how to drive better results through search engine marketing and social media. It will also examine how the two disciplines can be integrated together for maximum impact.
"As search and social marketing converge, a number of new techniques have developed for practitioners both at the creative level and execution," said Michael Grehan, VP and Global Content Director for Incisive Media, which produces the SES Conference se…

Throne of Tides

Throne of Tides - There are many helpful people who are masters in The World of Warcraft saga.

They have posted a few solutions to how one can get to the throne of tides.

The throne of tides can be found once you have the beta.

If you don’t know what that is, google it for an answer before you waste your time looking for the entrance to the throne of tides.

Once you have the beta, you can locate a sub zone known as the Abyssal Breach.

The Abyssal Breach is found in the center of Vashj’ir.

Once you have come to The Abyssal Breach, you have to swim down to the bottom of the sea in the swirl that is located there.

Throne of Tides

Thunder Road Marathon

Thunder Road Marathon - Approaching my second Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon, I had four goals in mind. The first of course was to finish the race. I don’t think any marathoner ever gets beyond that basic goal: crossing the finish line. Next, I want to set a Personal Record (PR) for time in a marathon. The next two goals were much more daunting. I had trained to finish the race in under 4 hours, and if I felt good, I wanted to hit 3 hours and 50 minutes.

The night before the race I was a mess. I convinced I was getting a cold and a toe injury was bugging me to no end. We were also celebrating my daughter, Meredith’s birthday, so I didn’t get to sleep until almost 11:00pm with a 5:30am wake up call.

I woke the next morning, went through as much of my normal routine as possible and headed down to the starting line with my buddy Harry. We stepped out into the 28 degree weather, stretched, put as much food in us as possible, and prepared to race.

Thunder Road Marathon

During this time, I…

XM2010 Sniper Rifle

XM2010 Sniper Rifle - The Army is shipping powerful new rifles to its snipers in Afghanistan to kill insurgents who are firing from greater distances and shooting at troops more frequently than in the early years of the war.
The XM2010 sniper rifle can hit a target 3,937 feet away, which is a quarter-mile farther than the current Army sniper rifle shoots.

The added distance is important because insurgents have been shooting down from ridges and mountaintops where gravity helps their bullets travel farther and beyond the range of Army snipers.

"They're not outgunning us, but they are putting our soldiers in a predicament where 800 meters (2,625 feet) may not be enough," said Col. Douglas Tamilio, referring to the maximum range of the current M24 sniper rifle.

"Because of the expanse, you can see so far and you can engage so far," Tamilio said. "You want to give guys the capability to do those things they need to do at those ranges."

XM2010 Sniper Rifle

SMU Death Penalty

SMU Death Penalty - To most modern-day college football fans, the sanctions handed down to USC for the Reggie Bush scandal were the most significant in memory. But over 20 years ago, Southern Methodist University didn't just forfeit games or titles, they faced the "death penalty."

In 1987, the NCAA voted unanimously to cancel SMU's entire 1987 season, and allowed it to only play seven games -- none at home -- in 1988 as a result of an investigation that discovered in 1985 and 1986 the school had paid 13 players a total of $61,000 from a "slush fund" provided by a booster.

The saga will be featured in ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary "Pony Excess," titled after the infamous "Pony Express" backfield of Eric Dickerson and Craig James that led the team in the early 80s.

The school, which was tied heavily at the time to the powerful oil-heavy Dallas political and social structure, was already under tight scrutiny from the NCAA, placed under …

Vitreous Stone Drake

Vitreous Stone Drake - So after asking the four other people on my server with this, I am going to go ahead and assume until otherwise noted that whenever you kill Slabhide in Stonecore, you will get the drake. The only thing is, that you must Slabhide must be in the air to get this, and it is very easy.

The mount is Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake - Item - World of Warcraft.

Boss will drop stakes from the ground, these do LOS, your heals and you, as well as dps and the boss.

Vitreous Stone Drake

Fire puddles spawn, and hurt a lot (they will be dust clouds before molten). Avoid these.

He will spit in a frontal cone, facing the tanking, and will hit every person not LOS'd, this will kill you or drain your healers mana almost instantly, LOS it, and the boss will not move.

When he goes in the air, you must group up, or someone is going to die, just burn the boss to 10%, and then only allow your tank to get the boss, wait for the next air phase, and burn it down popping cool downs…

WoW Archaeology

WoW Archaeology - Archaeology is my new favorite thing in World of Warcraft, and I'm not quite sure why. The rewards are entertaining, but the actual traveling around and finding bits to make things with is a little dull. Regardless, I am plugging away at it and hoping that soon I'll be able to research Uldum and the Tol'vir (or as I like to call it, "the sandbox home of the magical kitty cat people").

Speaking of archaeology, today's Daily Quest digs up a pretty good guide on the new profession, as well as some other guides about this and that:
Citizen Azeroth gives you everything you'll ever need to know about digging in the sand, aka archaeology.
Killing 'em Slowly goes over the new warlock spells available.
Tree Bark Jacket has some thoughts and tips on healing level 85 dungeons as a resto druid.
In addition, Postcards from Azeroth has some stunning new shots of all the new scenery.

WoW Archaeology

Grim Batol Dungeon

Grim Batol Dungeon - For some reason, I got Grim Batol more than any other dungeon in the Cataclysm beta. I would guess it was a popular place to go for ilevel 333 blues before setting foot in heroics, and chronologically, it's also the last normal dungeon you're likely to encounter.

There's an interesting quirk to the trash in Grim Batol. After a short clear (I would estimate the dungeon's first three "real" pulls, excepting the trogg mobs you'll swat in the antechamber), you'll have the opportunity to free red drakes who have been trapped. The drakes will thank you with a flight over most of the instance, and you can rain fire down on the heads of all the non-boss mobs you see.

A good group that coordinates the bombing will weaken or even eliminate a number of mobs. A bad group that puts in a half-assed effort will find itself with a number of full-strength mob packs standing between it and good loot.

Don't be bad.

Grim Batol Dungeon

Barbie Nail Printer

Barbie Nail Printer - For that special girl on your Christmas list you may be shopping for another Barbie. She redefines herself in a big way as a multi-generational toy favorite. This year look for the Barbie Video Girl as a favorite. And don’t pass over some unique accessories like the BARBIE® DOLL’D UP NAILS™ Digital Nail Printer online for $179.99 with free shipping. The machine will paint the nails for mom and daughter alike for hours of imaginary and real life fun. They will be able to paint on photos and see themselves all day long.

Barbie was born, errr marketed, by Mattel beginning March of 1959. She seems to have been of German ancestry as Ruth Handler, creator of the doll, took a trip in 1955 with her daughter Barbara to Germany. There she was captivated with Lilli, a German doll that first went on sale in 1955.

Barbie was named after Handler’s daughter and had her coming out on March 9, 1959 for sale to adults. Children soon found their way to Barbie who was marketed with …

Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet - The French created diet plan by Dr Pierre Dukan, the Dukan Diet, is becoming widely used amongst some of the most most famous people in showbusiness.

The Dukan Diet is becoming so popular that it has overtaken the Atkins Diet as one of the premier diets followed around the world. It is arguably only second at the moment to the Weight Watchers plan, who will be releasing a revamped system in time for all the new year dieters who maybe overindulged a bit too much over Christmas and the New Year!

Two of the most popular women in Hollywood have used the diet to shift excess weight, and to obvious success.

Dukan Diet

Jennifer Lopez, or J-Lo as many now call her, followed the Dukan Diet to help her lose weight after giving birth and looks absolutely fantastic! The same could be said for supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who also adopted the diet to try and lose weight after being pregnant. Both women look absolutely fantastic, and are just two of the reason why this diet is becomi…

Atos Origin to Buy Siemens IT

Atos Origin to Buy Siemens IT - French information-technology company Atos Origin SA has agreed to buy Siemens AG's IT Solutions and Services business for €850 million ($1.14 billion).
The companies said Tuesday the deal aims to create a "European IT champion," which would compete with International Business Machines Corp. and Capgemini, among others.

As part of the deal, Atos Origin will issue 12.5 million shares, currently valued at €414 million, giving Siemens a 15% stake that the German industrial conglomerate will hold for at least five years. Atos Origin also will pay €186 million in cash and issue a €250 million convertible bond that will be held by Siemens.

The company created by the deal will have 78,500 employees and about €8.7 billion in annual revenue, with sales expected to reach €9 billion to €10 billion range by 2013.

Atos Origin will receive a seven-year, €5.5 billion outsourcing contract from Siemens.
The two companies expect the transaction to be closed…

Fast and Furious 5

Fast and Furious 5 - The Fast & Furious franchise isn't dead yet, folks. Fast & Furious 5, or Fast Five, just wrapped production and got a Web introduction courtesy of the movie's star, Vin Diesel.

The movie features a familiar plot line: "professional" runners/car studs Dominic Toretto and Brian O'Conner, played by Diesel and Paul Walker, evade bad guys, do impossible things behind the wheel and do a lot of mugging for the camera.

Check out the 2:26 trailer at Vin's Facebook page, or "Vin Book" as he likes to call it, at the link below.

Fast and Furious 5

Fast Five Trailer Released

Fast Five Trailer Released - In front of his 19,445,243 and counting fans, Vin Diesel is serving as his own promoter on his Facebook page as he just debuted the first trailer for Fast Five, the fifth film in the Fast and the Furious franchise, which is set to hit theaters on April 29.

The film brings back all the familiar faces from the first four movies (at least those that are still alive) including Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson, Jordana Brewster and Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges and it also brings in one new face in Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson who stars as federal agent Luke Hobbs. Hobbs has been assigned to track down Dom (Diesel) and Brian (Walker) and he and his strike team launch an all-out assault to capture them.

The pic you see to the right debuted yesterday and features Johnson with his goatee along with Diesel and if history holds true I imagine Universal will be sending over several new images shortly to go along with the following trailer.

Fast Five Trailer Relea…

Black Ops Patch 1.04

Black Ops Patch 1.04 - Earlier today Activision released patch 1.04 to address a myriad of issues plaguing Call of Duty: Black Ops. While not exclusively for the PS3 (for the Xbox 360 as well) the Ps3 version had been effected by more serious issues. Unfortunately, the patch has brought new issues.

There have been more frequent complaints about the game freezing, others have experienced constantly being dropped out of games. Still others complain of crashes and disconnections.

The effected gamers are primarily PS3 owners and have crashed the Call of Duty Website as they have come to complain in droves.

Activision and developer Treyarch have been gathering data and are trying to find out what specifically went wrong.

Looks like patch 1.04 isn’t the cure-all many hoped it would be.

Black Ops Patch 1.04

Megan Gale And Andy Lee Split

Megan Gale And Andy Lee Split - "In October, Andy and Megan parted ways. They remain great friends and both think the world of each other," a statement from the pair said.

"Rumours that Megan was seen kissing Liz Hurley in a glass elevator are false and for those concerned, don't worry as Andy managed to secure Hamish in the split."

Lee and radio partner Hamish Blake have wrapped up their top-rating nightly drivetime show on Austereo, moving it to a weekly broadcast in 2011 to allow for more time to work on TV projects.

Lee and Gale met in Melbourne at the Victoria Derby Day race at Flemington in 2006.

Megan Gale And Andy Lee Split

Lee said he was surprised the supermodel was interested in him.

"It must have been late in the day and she had too many wines" he said, The Telegraph reports.

The split comes as a surprise with no rumours of tension between the couple.

In July, Gale said she was lucky to be with Lee.

Megan Gale And Andy Lee Split

Is Yahoo Down Today? Yahoo Is Working

Is Yahoo Down Today? Yahoo Is Working - Yahoo is cutting about 4 per cent of its workforce in the second big round of layoffs under Carol Bartz, chief executive, who is continuing to streamline operations as revenue stagnates.

The Silicon Valley web content company began notifying affected employees on Tuesday. With staff numbering 14,100 at the last count, the reduction means about 560 people will lose their jobs.

Ms Bartz laid off a similar number a few months after she joined Yahoo in January 2009, saying towards the end of that year that no more job cuts were planned.

Is Yahoo Down Today? Yahoo Is Working

Since then, though, the economic recovery has failed to lift Yahoo as much as its competitors in terms of internet advertising. Yahoo’s total revenues have come in at $1.6bn for each of the past three-quarters.

The reductions are in stark contrast to the behaviour of Yahoo’s Northern California rivals. Google recently announced cash bonuses and a 10 per cent pay increase for all …

Golden Globe Nominations 2011

Golden Globe Nominations 2011 - When the Golden Globe nominations were announced on Tuesday, there were a number of contenders that were expected - and some others that weren't.

Golden Globe Nominations 2011

-No Awards for "True Grit." The Coen brothers' new take on the John Wayne Western has been considered a top awards contender. Best director, best screenplay (by Joel and Ethan Coen), best actor (Jeff Bridges) and best supporting actress (Hailee Steinfeld) have all been pegged as possibilities to varying degrees, but none were recognized by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

-Nominations for "The Tourist." Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie's thriller opened last week to generally poor reviews and weak box office, but the film still won three nominations, including best film (comedy or musical), best actress for Jolie and best actor for Depp. He's also nominated in the same category (best actor in a comedy or musical) for "Alice in Wonderl…

Tim Davlin Found Dead

Tim Davlin Found Dead - Tim Davlin, the mayor of Springfield, Ill., was found dead at his home this morning after failing to show up for a court-ordered appearance, The State Journal-Register of Springfield reports.

Police received a 911 emergency call around 8:54 a.m. local time and found the mayor dead after reporting to his home about 15 minutes later, the Journal-Register quotes Police Chief Rob Williams as saying.

The news organization says Davlin, 53, died of a gunshot wound.

Davlin's court-ordered appearance was connected to a pending estate case involving a late cousin.

Alderman Frank Kunz will take over mayoral duties. "It's a sad day," the Journal-Register quoted Kunz as saying.

Tim Davlin Found Dead

The two-term Davlin was first elected mayor in 2003 and said he opted not to seek a third four-year term so he wouldn't get burned out, the news organization reported.

Davlin owed the federal government more than $90,000 in unpaid income taxes and liens had…

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson Split

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson Split - Hollywood's reigning It Couple — Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds — has split, the pair announced in a statement.

"After long and careful consideration on both our parts, we've decided to end our marriage," they said Tuesday. "We entered our relationship with love and it's with love and kindness we leave it. While privacy isn't expected, it's certainly appreciated."

See other celebs who have broken up this year

Johansson and Reynolds began dating in 2007. They wed a year later in a private wedding ceremony at a wilderness retreat in British Columbia.

Reynolds, 34, recently was named People's Sexiest Man Alive, while Johansson, 26, was picked as GQ's Babe of the Year.

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson Split

Stem Cell Transplant Cures HIV

Stem Cell Transplant Cures HIV - There’s an estimated 33 million people worldwide living with HIV/AIDS, and now doctors believe one of them may have been cured of the virus after receiving a stem cell transplant in 2007, the medical journal Blood reported.

Timothy Ray Brown, an HIV-positive American living in Germany, had leukemia and was undergoing chemotherapy, when he received a transplant of stem cells from a donor carrying a rare, inherited gene mutation that seems to make carriers virtually immune to HIV infection.

The transplant appeared to wipe out both diseases, giving hope to doctors, but Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who has been studying HIV/AIDS for almost 30 years, said while this is an interesting proof of concept, it’s absurdly impractical.

Stem Cell Transplant Cures HIV

“It’s hard enough to get a good compatible match for a transplant like this,” Fauci told, “But you also have to find compatible …

Berlusconi Wins Vote of Confidence

Berlusconi Wins Vote of Confidence - Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi has won a vote of confidence in the lower house of parliament.

He won by a margin of three votes, following a tense session of the house and amid large protests in the capital.

Mr Berlusconi also won an earlier vote in the Senate. He had urged MPs not to jeopardise the country's stability by ousting him.

His critics argue he is too mired in personal scandal and corruption allegations to remain in office.

Berlusconi Wins Vote of Confidence

Mr Berlusconi, 74, is halfway through a five-year term but his position has been weakened by a series of scandals largely involving his relationships with women.

He has also lost the support of his closest political ally, Gianfranco Fini, along with dozens of his supporters, depriving him of his automatic majority in the lower house.

But in the final vote, two opposition deputies switched sides.

Thousands of people have gathered in Rome and Italy's other major cities to demand …

Voyager 1 to Leave Solar System

Voyager 1 to Leave Solar System - Voyager 1, the unmanned space craft launched by the U.S. National Space and Aeronautics Administration when Jimmy Carter was president, is on the verge of leaving the solar system, over 10 billion miles from earth, the British Broadcasting Corp. said, citing mission officials.

Voyager, launched in September 1977, is signalling through its radioactive power pack that there is a distinct change in the direction of the flow of particles from the sun, which are no longer traveling outwards but sideways, the broadcaster said.

This means Voyager is on the verge of making the jump into interstellar space, probably within the next five years, the BBC said.

Radio signals from Voyager are now taking 16 hours to arrive on earth, the BBC reported.

Voyager 1 to Leave Solar System

Montgomery County Public Schools

Montgomery County Public Schools - Montgomery County Public Schools would continue to have some police presence in high schools under a proposal made Monday to keep nine school resource officers in this year's county budget.

County Executive Isiah Leggett (D) recommended earlier this month that the positions, funded through the county police budget, be cut.

On Monday, a council committee voted to keep the resource officers through at least June 30.

Eliminating the school resource officers would save the county $518,650.

The County Council will vote on that recommendation Tuesday, along with about $36 million in reductions to the county's fiscal 2011 budget. The county is facing a more than $300 million budget shortfall in fiscal 2012.

Montgomery County Public Schools

Leggett is asking most department heads to consider cutting their budgets by as much as 15 percent in fiscal 2012, which begins July 1.

On Monday, Councilman Philip M. Andrews (D-Dist. 3) of Gaithersburg, who chai…

Nokia Delays E7

Nokia Delays E7 - Nokia (NOK1V.HE) has delayed the rollout of its next flagship model, the E7, into early next year, missing the key holiday sales season on developed markets. "To ensure the best possible user experience on the E7 we have decided to begin shipping it in early 2011," a spokesman for Nokia said on Tuesday.

Nokia Delays E7

The E7 is similar to its current flagship model the N8, but has a full slideout keyboard. The N8 was also delayed earlier this year.

"This rounds out a miserable year for Nokia with regards getting the new generation of Symbian phones out the door," said Ben Wood, research director at British consultancy CCS Insight.

A weak offering of smartphones and problems with software were seen as the main reasons for Nokia replacing chief executive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo with Stephen Elop from Microsoft (MSFT.O).

Nokia Delays E7

New Canada Immigration Legislation

New Canada Immigration Legislation - At the House of Commons today, new legislation to crack down on crooked immigration consultants has been approved.

The legislation aims to ban immigration consultants who exploit prospective immigrants and undermine the integrity of Canada's immigration system.

Mr Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism said "I am pleased that C-35, our tough measures to crack down on crooked consultants, is now moving to the Senate for its consideration,"

New Canada Immigration Legislation

"In their quest for personal gain, crooked consultants have displayed a wanton disregard for our immigration rules and bilked too many people out of their hard-earned dollars," he added.

According to the legislation, unauthorized individuals would become face criminal charges if they provide immigration advice or representation for a fee.

New Canada Immigration Legislation

Hugh Jackman Injures Himself On Oprah

Hugh Jackman Injures Himself On Oprah - Hugh Jackman was treated by paramedics after the recording of a stunt for The Oprah Winfrey Show went wrong.

The 42-year-old Australian actor abseiled towards the stage at the iconic Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia, as part of Oprah’s special editions of the programme Down Under.

Hugh Jackman Injures Himself On Oprah

As Radar reported, the daredevil was travelling on a flying fox style apparatus, but after it failed to slow down near the landing Hugh came to a sudden halt. The star’s leg came into contact with a studio light, which in turn forced a piece of debris into his eye.

As blood was seen emerging from a cut above his right eye Oprah came to his aid, and he was treated by paramedics. Hugh took the dramatic event well though, and even found the spirit to make jokes and claim he had enjoyed himself.

"I’ve never been hugged by a paramedic,” said the star as he tended to his injury with an icepack. "That was so much fun unti…

Media Metrics Could Benefit Business

Media Metrics Could Benefit Business - Online marketing initiatives could be improved by the creation of a holistic social media analytics service.

Drawing information from all social media channels, this form of analytics could provide invaluable data, according to Serengeti Communication's Nathan Linnell, writing for Search Engine Watch.

He suggests that such a tool should offer various insights particular to each social networking site a brand is using.

However, it should also look at the data as a whole to provide information related to overarching social campaigns.

Media Metrics Could Benefit Business

By combining this holistic approach, this kind of analytics tool could revolutionise how brands evaluate their social media efforts.

"While none of these types of tools [are] available now, they'll be here soon and they'll have the potential to drastically alter how we analyse and evaluate our social media efforts," Mr Linnell comments.

A recent study released …

IATA Airline Margins

IATA Airline Margins - International airlines will likely beat earlier profit forecasts this year after revived passenger and cargo traffic, but the industry remains fragile and underlying profitability is weak.

Global airlines are now expected to achieve an aggregate net profit of $15.1 billion this year, up from a forecast of $8.9 billion earlier this year, the International Air Transport Association said. The industry group said it has also tweaked its forecast for 2011 and now expects the airline industry to post an aggregate net profit of $9.1 billion next year, compared with an estimate of $5.3 billion made in September. IATA said, however, the airline industry's average 2.7% net-profit margin remains weak and will fall to 1.5% in 2011.

"Our profit projections increased for both 2010 and 2011 based on an exceptionally strong third-quarter performance. But despite higher profit projections, we still see the recovery pausing next year after a strong post-recession rebound…

Jennifer Carpenter Divorce

Jennifer Carpenter Divorce - Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter play brother and sister on the hit series Dexter, but now will play ex-husband and wife in real life. The couple has filed for divorce after two short but eventful years of marriage that saw Hall battle Hodgkin's lymphoma and their critically-acclaimed show blow up.

"Having been separated for some time, Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall have filed for divorce," reps for the couple said in a joint statement.

Jennifer Carpenter Divorce

Access Hollywood says the couple has been bickering on set for months and the rest of the cast and crew knew it was only a matter of time before a separation was announced.

Now producers are trying to figure out how the actors will be able to work as closely together as their characters require. Maybe Dexter will make Deborah his next victim?

Hall and Carpenter wed on December 31, 2009 in a New Year's Eve ceremony. They have no children. Hall was previously married …

Clif Lee Signs with Philadelphia Phillies

Clif Lee Signs with Philadelphia Phillies - The Philadelphia Phillies had a hole open up in their lineup with the departure of Jayson Werth. On Monday, they decided to fill it with a career .132 hitter.

Cliff Lee has shocked just about everyone by agreeing to a deal with the Phillies, the team he helped lead to the 2009 World Series. The race for Lee's services had reportedly been between the Yankees and Rangers until a "mystery" team entered the fold. That team is no mystery anymore. Terms of the deal were not immediately available, but the total deal should be around $120 million.

Lee's fantasy stock should be helped over the next few years by pitching in the National League. in 2009, he made 12 starts with the Phillies en route to the postseason, posting a 7-4 record with 74 Ks and 10 BBs in 79.2 innings. He posted a 3.39 ERA and 1.13 WHIP.

Clif Lee Signs with Philadelphia Phillies

After the season, the Phillies decided to roll with Roy Halladay, dealing for the C…

Anna Friel in Splitsville

Anna Friel in Splitsville - After repeatedly denying that their nine-year romance was on the rocks, Anna Friel and David Thewlis have finally called time on their relationship.

The Daily Mail has learned that the couple, together for nine years, have parted months after 34-year-old Miss Friel moved a handsome young actor into their home.

She and Thewlis, 47, who have a five-year-old daughter, Gracie, have been forced apart by acting commitments for the past six months.

A friend told the Mail: ‘Things have not been great for a long time and they have tried to keep this quiet to protect everyone.

Anna Friel in Splitsville

‘It certainly did not help that Anna and David have been forced to live apart for so long, but there are other issues at hand that have made them realise the relationship was over.’

Friends are still hopeful that the ­couple can resolve their differences. The source added: ‘They do care about each other very much, and the most important thing now is that they both cont…

Nissan Leaf Comes To California

Nissan Leaf Comes To California - Nissan turns every LEAF delivery into a grand event moment, bringing the customer that was "smart" enough (we're not saying it ironically, this is what the Japanese carmaker thinks about LEAF buyers) to purchase the company's all-electric vehicle on the front page of newspapers.

Today, it's Thomas Franklin, a patent attorney with a specialization in clean energy, who received his new blue Nissan LEAF SL at Mossy Nissan Kearny Mesa in Southern California. Although this isn't really important information, Franklin is a 43-year individual old and lives in the Village of La Jolla, is married and has three children.

Curiously, Nissan Americas chairman Carlos Tavares issued the same statement as in the case of the first LEAF delivered to a customer, emphasizing that the company's all-electric model brings a new perspective over the automotive industry.

Nissan Leaf Comes To California

Jody Mcintyre Leaves His Wheelchair

Jody Mcintyre Leaves His Wheelchair - * News
* UK news
* Police

Student protests video allegedly shows police pulling man out of wheelchair

Jody McIntyre claims he was twice removed from his wheelchair by officers during Thursday's student fees demonstration

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* Matthew Taylor
* The Guardian, Tuesday 14 December 2010
* Article history

Footage allegedly showing police pulling student fees protester from his wheelchair Link to this video

Police launched an internal investigation last night after footage emerged of a man allegedly being pulled out of his wheelchair and dragged across the road by an officer during Thursday's demonstration.

The grainy video, which was posted on YouTube, does not show the moment Jody McIntyre leaves his wheelchair but appears to show the 21-year-old being dragged to the side of the road by an officer as onlookers voice their…

Wenger Praises Wojciech Szczesny

Wenger Praises Wojciech Szczesny - Arsenal did their best to prove Sir Alex Ferguson right last night. Marouane Chamakh, Andrey Arshavin, Gaël Clichy and Alex Song were all booked for fouls on Manchester United players to whom they had just lost the ball, backing up Ferguson's pre-match claim that this is a more physical side than Arsène Wenger has sent out for some years.

Perhaps that combativeness helped keep them in the contest against a United side themselves clearly prioritising the need to establish physical supremacy. When the fog of disappointment clears after a night of hectic football, Wenger may be pleased with the spirit shown by his players but not with their accuracy, which fell below the standard he imposes and which he blamed, with some justification, on an unhelpful pitch.

Wenger Praises Wojciech Szczesny

But what a night on which to make your Premier League debut. It is some time since Wenger nominated Wojciech Szczesny as a definite future No1 goalkeeper for his…