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Day Light Savings

"MOBILE phone and computer time settings have been thrown into chaos by the extension of daylight saving in the east – and the confusion is set to continue with the country now divided into four time zones. Phones, computer programs and even Telstra's speaking clock service reverted to standard time a week too early in some eastern states yesterday, after the end of daylight savings was extended to 3am on April 6. But someone didn't tell the phones, some of which had a mind of their own. Telstra spokesman Peter Taylor said new-generation mobile phones and BlackBerry handsets were affected most because they had software that could override their systems."Personally I don't understand the need for daylight savings. As far as I can see, the only purpose it serves is to confuse people. I think they should just keep the times the same all year round instead of causing difficulty for people.It's hard not to be confused with the times constantly going forward and b…