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Glee On Oprah

Glee On Oprah - Today is Glee day on Oprah! The audience is happier than the ones at the Price at Right – and no one is even winning anything! Half the audience is in Glee T-shirts, waving mini pom poms and cheering over Oprah. The Big O started the show off by describing the show, then introducing (over video clips) the cast and what characters they play. Big cheers went for Sue Sylvester! “Somebody to Love” by Queen is what the cast sang as they walked onto the stage. They wore red and white (varied) tops with dark jeans and converse sneakers. Each variation on the outfit seemed to suit the character’s, I wonder if they were meant to suit the actors or their chars. glee on oprah

Oprah talked about how there are Gleeks of any age. One girl made custom Glee action figures. Another girl gave herserlf a slushie facial. And then they showed two girls singing in their bedroom, their walls covered not with Teen Beat hotties – but Glee images. Then Oprah introduced everyone sitting on stage …

San Diego Earthquake

San Diego Earthquake - A 7.2 earthquake epicentered near Mexicali, Mexico struck about 3:40 p.m. Sunday rattling all of Southern California, and setting high rise buildings in Los Angeles and San Diego rocking. There are some reports of damage. This quake was the strongest in a series of tremors that have hit California and Northern Mexico all week.

San Diego Earthquake

Yes, there are many more ominous disasters of note in the world today. But the fear and even panic sparked by these earthquakes has been a very real thing. And fear, whether from a warranted danger or not exacts a price. Let's pray for the millions of people in Mexico and California who have had to deal with the spikes of fear as a result of these recent earthquakes.

San Diego Earthquake

Key Bank

Key Bank - KeyBank is in the midst of an aggressive growth push in the Portland area in hopes of increasing its market share to 10 percent by 2012.

It currently holds 8.2 percent of the market’s deposits, making it the area’s fifth-largest bank, trailing U.S. Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase.

Key believes that by building more branches it can reach its goal. Since kicking off a building spree in late 2008, it’s built seven new branches between Oregon and Vancouver, Wash.

And at a time when many of its competitors are pulling back, the Cleveland, Ohio-based bank plans to open six more branches in greater Portland this year. It plans to open another seven in 2011, said Brian Rice, Key’s Oregon and Southwest Washington region president.

Key Bank

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday - For Christians, today is Holy Saturday -- the day of the tomb. It is a quiet day, a day to reflect on all that has just happened.

That first Good Friday must have been a loud and raucous affair, with residents and pilgrims in Jerusalem rushing around to get everything ready, for a festival was at hand. In the middle of it all was that curious carpenter's son from Nazareth, who created such a stir wherever he went. He had fed the 5,000, and some reported that he had even raised a man from the dead in a nearby village. But on Good Friday morning, things were not going well for him. He was on trial before the Romans and his life was on the line. The Jerusalem crowd had turned against him and were calling for his death. The order was given and soon he was carrying his cross throughout the narrow streets, amidst the heckling crowds.

Holy Saturday

Manchester United VS Chelsea

Manchester United VS Chelsea - This is really a very interesting game as Manchester United tries to extend the gap from the second placer Chelsea. Can they do it? Or will Chelsea grab back the lead?

Manchester United vs vs Chelsea Live Stream update. Two giant team players will be looking to make history with the next Barclays Premier League match. Yes, the upcoming Man Utd vs Chelsea Live Stream match is scheduled to air on Saturday, 3rd April 2010 kick off at 12:45 GMT.

Man Utd vs Chelsea Live Stream is no ordinary match as it is very important for both the teams to perform well. When looked back at the games, Team Man Utd have won three and has not lost any games against Chelsea in the last four home games. It is actually five years since Chelsea have won at Old Trafford and now manager Carlo Ancelotti needs his team to win it at any cost. The Blues need to perform well and high expectations are been set with the players John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba, also Florent Malou…

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt - Several area groups are putting on Easter egg hunts this weekend:

• The Lions Club in Townsend is holding an Easter egg hunt today at 10 a.m. for children 12 and under at the Broadwater County Courthouse lawn.

Each child also will be given a bag of candy by the club.

• And in Boulder today at noon, Kiwanis Club members also will hold their annual Easter egg hunt on the Courthouse lawn for kids from preschool to third grade.

• On Sunday, Eagles Aerie No.16 will hold its annual hunt on the front lawn of the state Capitol for the 80th year in a row. The action begins at 1 p.m. for children from 1 to 10.

• Also on Sunday, the V.F.W. Easter Egg Hunt for children under 10 starts at 1 p.m. at Main Street Park in East Helena.

• West Valley Volunteer Fire Department is holding its annual Easter egg hunt on Sunday at 1 p.m. at the Masonic Home.

• The Montana City Volunteer Fire Department’s Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for Sunday at 1 p.m, at Montana City School. Children ages 10 and…


Guggenheim - Bank of Ireland, headed by Richie Boucher, made a loss on the sale of its Iridian asset management and Guggenheim fund management businesses in the US, which had cost a combined $380m (€281m) to acquire.

The group's preliminary results, unveiled during the week, show that the group booked a €3m net loss from the disposals of its majority interests in both last summer as it pulled off a major retrenchment from international fund management.

BoI posted an underlying pre-tax loss of €2.9bn for the nine months to December, after setting aside more than €4bn to cover bad-loan losses during the period.

In 2002, when under the leadership of Mike Soden, Bank of Ireland bought Iridian, paying $196m for a 61pc stake in the US institutional fund manager. The group was looking at the time to build upon the then huge success of its Bank of Ireland Asset Management (BIAM) in North America.

Three years later, his successor Brian Goggin stumped up $184m to take a 71pc holding in Gugge…

iPad 3G

iPad 3G - The price of a new 3G-connected iPad just dropped.

That version of the iPad isn’t due out for about a month, but new discounting by Palm means you could have a 3G-connected iPad sooner and a lot cheaper.

The first iteration of the iPad, available Saturday, will connect to the Internet only by Wi-Fi. The other version, due later this month, will connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi and the AT&T mobile phone network providing a nearly ubiquitous connection (assuming you can get an AT&T connection). Two AT&T cell plans are offered, neither requiring a contract. The $15 one-month plan is capped at 250 megabytes. The $30 one-month plan is unlimited. It also cost $130 more.

The Verizon Palm Pre Plus acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot to make Wi-Fi-only iPads act like 3G iPads.

If you are in the market for a phone and an iPad you can save money.

Buy any one of a number of cell devices that work as Wi-Fi hot spots so you have the same nearly ubiquitous connection you’d have with the iPad …

Arena Football

Arena Football - The start of the Arena Football League season may not be big news in Canada, but it’s very big deal to a former CFL defensive back who is suiting up with the Iowa Barnstormers in a game broadcast Friday night on the NFL Network.

Former Toronto Argonaut and Montreal Alouette Khalil Carter spent last season in Canada waiting for the phone to ring with a chance to extend his playing career.

When it didn’t, this past winter he jumped at the chance to play in the re-born Arena League for former CFL head coach John Gregory as a player-coach.

“I work with the defensive back coaches to put forth a game plan,” said Carter, 33. “There’s a lot of responsibility on me because I have more experience than anyone but coach Gregory.”

His experience comes from his years in the Arena League before he came to the CFL, part of a football journey that has taken him in all sorts of different directions.

Arena Football

Epic Google

Epic Google - EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) is reported to have filed a complaint with the FTC claiming that Google Buzz, Google’s real time collaboration tool, engaged in unfair and deceptive practices.

The EPIC filed complaint goes on to read – and perhaps makes the most profound statement in the complaint – that Google has in fact violated federal wiretap laws.

That’s not good!

Even if you are Google – the last thing in the world you need to do is have someone file an official complaint against you for violating federal wiretap laws.

EPIC has opened up a big can worms with Google, and it’s unclear right now how this situation is going to unfold.

When Google Buzz launched back in February, Google was instantly criticized for involuntarily sharing personal profile information of Gmail users.

Epic Google

iPad Lines

iPad Lines - Apple iPad Forms are need to buy the most awaited iPad in the United States today. As we all know, many sites are posting repeated keywords like iPad Lines Form, Form iPad Lines, and Lines iPad Form which is completely nonsense.

These are methods to drag users to their websites looking for Apple iPad Lines form. After clicking the link and going to the website, you’ll find nothing but a bunch of repeated keywords and phrases about iPad Lines Form. Yeah, it’s completely useless, trust me. These are guys who wants to waste our time by pretending they have what you’re looking for, but they don’t.

There are also news sites that pretends to be a reputable news source, but the truth is, they are just making money out of you, yes you! You who are reading this post that I’m writing right now. They are just making money that’s why they lure you to their website and read their useless articles, then because it’s useless, you’ll tend to click those nasty Adsense ads.

I think that’s all…