Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Top US Fishing Spots

Top US Fishing Spots - Kanetok River is known for their pink salmon and leopard strain rainbows. Salmon runs at various times from early June through September.

Lake Erie, Ohio

Anglers love to fish off boats here on the Erie Lake. Catfish can be found here ranging from 16 to 30 inches in length.

For more information call the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Fairport Harbor office at 440-352-4199

Carter Lake, Colorado

This 1,100 acre lake is home for trout.

Call Larimer County Parks and Open Lands at 970-679-4570 for more information.

Bay Springs Lake, Mississippi

This lake is located in Northeastern Mississippi and runs over 6,700 acres. It is known for its best bass waters for the numbers of fish, the size and the spots.

For more information on this lake call 662-327-2142

Top US Fishing Spots

Cameron Diaz Gambit

Cameron Diaz Gambit - Filming for the Coen Brothers' latest film truly got off to a flying start as its two stars shot scenes at Heathrow Airport.

Passengers tried to get a good view at Terminal 5 as Diaz strutted around in a pair of tiny shorts alongside her co-star Firth as they filmed the remake of 1960s crime caper Gambit.

Diaz dons the shorts in the role of a rodeo cowgirl who becomes involved in the scheme because she is the splitting image of the wealthy man's wife.

The part was played by Shirley Maclaine in the original, minus the Daisy Dukes.

Firth looked very much like Michael Caine did in the role wearing dark rimmed glasses and a sharp grey suit.

Luckily for Firth, he has the same acting chops as Caine, too.

Firth has described the journey to finally getting the film made as a 'tortuous process' - he has been on board the project for four years.

Diaz was last seen in superhero action flick Green Hornet, and will be next seen in adult comedy Bad Teacher.

Colin Firth won an Academy Award for Best Actor in historical drama, The King's Speech, as stuttering monarch George VI.

Cameron Diaz Gambit

Judgment Day May 21

Judgment Day May 21 - By now you've seen the billboards all over the county (all over the nation, in fact), including a couple along Highway 94 in Lemon Grove and Spring Valley. Maybe you've passed them and not given them a second thought. Maybe they've made you stop and re-evaluate things. But the message on the billboards is all too clear:

The world is going to end on Saturday, May 21.

(So much for that family trip to Disney World this summer.)

The Doomsday warning is being spewed by 89-year-old Harold Camping, who founded Christian group Family Radio and who has predicted—through careful study of the Bible—that May 21 is indeed Judgment Day.

In an interview with New York Magazine last week, Camping said, “God has given sooo much information in the Bible about this, and so many proofs, and so many signs, that we know it is absolutely going to happen without any question at all.”

Camping has incorrectly predicted the “end of days” before, for September 1994, but he chalked up that snafu to miscalculations and incomplete Biblical research. He is adamant that Saturday is the day. He told New York Magazine that he's not even thinking about the possibility that he could be wrong—again.

Judgment Day May 21

Gas Saving Driving Tips For Everyone

Gas Saving Driving Tips For Everyone - Slow down

Each 5 miles per hour your drive over 60 mph is like paying an extra 24 cents per gallon for gas, when gasoline is selling at $3.96 per gallon, according to the government's

"Think about sticking your hand out the window at 30 mph and sticking your hand out the window at 70 mph," said Ted Bohn, a research scientist at the Argonne National Laboratory in Lamont, Ill., and an adjunct engineering instructor at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. "There's a lot more force on your hand. That's the same force that your wheels have to push the car forward, and it goes up exponentially" at higher speeds.

Slowing down a bit also can keep an engine running at its most efficient level. Pushing it harder costs more. "The engine is working harder to maintain that faster speed so it's going to use more fuel to do that," said Mark Griffin, service adviser at Hands-On Garage in Milwaukee. "If you decrease your speed, you will save gas. That's pretty much just a given."

Check your tires

"An underinflated tire is going to have more rolling resistance," Griffin said. "If you have four tires that are severely underinflated and you air them up, you could save yourself quite a bit of fuel."

Varrelmann said he and the students in automotive classes push a lot of cars around. He can always tell when a car's tires are underinflated because pushing it becomes more difficult.

"If it's hard for me to push, it's going to be hard for the engine to push as well," he said.

Change the oil regularly

With today's computer-controlled engines, using the proper oil is important. "Each engine is designed to run on a designated oil," Griffin said. "Using the oil that is recommended is going to increase the efficiency of the engine, and in turn is going to increase your fuel efficiency. You might not see drastic numbers, but in watching fuel efficiency, every little bit is going to help."

Bohn likens the situation to an exam in school.

"Is there anything I can do to get better than 100% on an exam? No. But every point that I miss, my score goes down," he said. "It's pretty certain that if you don't inflate your tires, you won't get expected fuel economy. If you drive aggressively and brake harshly and idle a lot and warm up your car for 5 minutes before you drive, you won't get the baseline fuel economy - the expected fuel economy. You'll get less than 100% on this quote-unquote 'exam.' "

Gas Saving Driving Tips For Everyone

Top Dividend Stocks for 2011

Top Dividend Stocks for 2011 - Here are 5 top dividend stocks for 2011 for investors.

Cinemark Holdings

Cinemark (CNK: 20.90 0.00%) is the highest yielding stock on this list a 4.4% dividend yield. However, there is more to this stock than just a nice yield. The theater operator is expected to grow earnings by 40% this year and Wall Street is looking for earnings to jump another 16% in 2011.

Despite the impressive growth rate, CNK trades at only 12x consensus 2011 earnings estimates. As a result Wall Street is bullish on the stock and analysts have an average $22 price target on the stock.


Merck (MRK: 37.27 0.00%) is going to end 2010 as one of the most disappointing stocks in the Dow Jones index. Despite the overall gains in the market, Merck will likely end 2010 in the red. Fortunately, investors can take solace in the stock’s impressive 4.2% dividend yield.

Wall Street analysts are expecting the pharmaceutical giant to get on track in 2011 with earnings climbing 13%. With the stock trading at less than 10x consensus 2011 estimates the stock looks attractive at these prices. And of course investors get a 4.2% dividend yield as well.

Dr Pepper Snapple

Dr. Pepper has millions of die-hard fans, but no bigger fans than their investors this year. DPS shares soared 27% in 2010 and beverage stock delivered an impressive 67% dividend increase in May.

We are looking for another strong year from Dr Pepper Snapple (DPS: 42.22 0.00%) in 2011 with earnings expected to increase by over 17%. Investors can likely expect another dividend increase next year on top of the stock’s current 2.5% dividend yield.


The holiday shopping season has shown that consumers are once again opening their wallets to buy toys (both for their children and themselves). No one is more thrilled to see this than #1 toy maker Hasbro (HAS: 46.93 0.00%). The stock has been on roll of late with the stock up 51% since the beginning of the year.

Wall Street expects Hasbro to continue its momentum into 2011 with earnings growth expected to accelerate to nearly 20% next year. Hasbro has been one of the best dividend stocks over the last 3 years and has the potential be a top dividend performer in 2011. We aren’t concerned about Hasbro’s 17x P/E multiple and expect to see the toy stock trading in the $50’s next year.

International Paper

International Paper (IP: 31.23 0.00%) stock price will finish the year deceivingly flat. However, the real story is that the stock is up over 25% since September. That impressive performance was largely fueled by International Paper’s stellar third quarter results. In fact, last quarter’s earnings results were the best since 1995.

The company’s strong financial results have investors bullish on International Paper in 2011. The company is expected to raise their dividend next year and Wall Street is looking for 24% earnings growth. However, the stock is still attractively priced at only 10x consensus 2011 earnings estimates.

Top Dividend Stocks for 2011

Office Posture Tips

Office Posture Tips - Office posture is very important as many people are spending almost half of their waking hours at their office desk. Here’s a quick round up of some products that can help prevent bad posture at work: -

ergonomic stand-up desks allow students to stand or sit while working – abby brown, the sixth grade teacher who designed the stand-up desks. from the hallway, abby brown’s sixth-grade classroom in a little school here about an hour northeast of minneapolis has the look of the usual one, with an american …

the unique ergonomic desk – sitting in front of your computer or laptop for a long time can crack your neck. it is really tiresome and makes your neck, back, and eye feel really bad. although the laptop is quite portable, but you can not type while you are lying …

mobile ergonomic workstation – agent digital mobile workstation. sitting on my desk for hours on end has helped me earn my bread and butter along with a slouched office posture and an aching back. working in an ergonomic setup is of prime importance, which many of us …

Tips on Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – – Occasionally, I feel tingling and numbness in my hand two possible early signs of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. This is not good news and I’ve begun to take some measures to prevent further complications. Carpal tunnel syndrome develops slowly over time and is believed to be caused by repetitive tasks such as typing (under debate) that compresses your carpal tunnel (located near your wrist on the inside of your hand).

Office Posture Tips

Leonardo Dicaprio and Blake Lively

Leonardo Dicaprio and Blake Lively - The Oscar-nominee, 36, was snapped aboard a French yacht embracing the 23-year-old actress after the pair were reportedly introduced at a dinner hosted by Baz Luhrmann.

The NY Post also reported the pair were seen around the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc, in the resort town of Antibes, in the south of France.

"They walked around the grounds together," a source told the newspaper.

"It looked like they were a couple."

Lively had reportedly auditioned for a role in Luhrmann's upcoming The Great Gatsby, which ultimately went to Carey Mulligan.

Meanwhile, Refaeli has been causing a stir of her own in the nearby town of Cannes, making a stunning appearance on the red carpet at the famed film festival.

The 25-year-old, who had been dating DiCaprio on-and-off for five years, split from the star earlier this month.

Leonardo Dicaprio and Blake Lively

Trade Salad for Drugs

Trade Salad for Drugs - A 33-year-old woman was charged Monday with trying to trade an undercover police officer $2 and a box of salad from the Salt Lake City Olive Garden for $10 worth of cocaine.

On April 28, the woman told the undercover officer, outside the restaurant near 200 South and 300 West, that she would also return later with more money or Olive Garden gift cards in exchange for the cocaine, charging documents state.

Police arrested the woman and found a glass pipe in her jacket pocket inside a cigarette pack.

She is charged in 3rd District Court with attempted possession or use of a controlled substance, a third degree felony, and possession of drug paraphernalia, a class A misdemeanor.

Trade Salad for Drugs

Coffee Lowers Prostate Cancer Risk

Coffee Lowers Prostate Cancer Risk - For a long time scientists have wondered whether coffee might lower the risk of prostate cancer.

Previous studies have been relatively small and have shown mixed results.

But now we've got results from a Harvard study that followed almost 50,000 male health professionals for more than two decades. A lot of them drank a lot of coffee, which seems to have helped.

More than 5,000 of them got prostate cancer 642 of them the most lethal form. "For the men who drank the most coffee their risk of getting this bad form of prostate cancer was about 60 percent lower compared to the men who drank almost no coffee at all," says Lorelei Mucci, an epidemiologist at the Harvard School of Public Health and an author of the study.

When they saw the results, Mucci says she and her colleagues said, "Wow, that's a lot!"

"Among risk factors that people have studied for lethal prostate cancer, this is one of the strongest," she told Shots.

The same group reported about a 50 percent reduced risk of dying from prostate cancer among men who exercised regularly two or three brisk walks a week was enough.

The new study shows that getting a 60 percent reduction in risk of aggressive prostate cancer requires a lot of coffee at least six cups a day. However, men who drank three cups a day had a 30 percent lower chance of getting a lethal prostate cancer, and that's not bad.

Coffee Lowers Prostate Cancer Risk

The Rapture May 21

The Rapture May 21 - One evangelist's doomsday prediction has the world ending on Saturday, May 21. His followers and his radio network are running hundreds of billboards across the country, extolling that the apocalypse is nigh.

If it doesn't happen, though, there's an Oakland-based atheist's group ready to help disappointed/unfulfilled believers with a party on Sunday. They've also raised their own counter-billboards to point at what they see as "nonsense."

The American Atheists' 68-foot billboard near the Bay Bridge in San Francisco reads: The Rapture: You Know It's Nonsense: 2000 Years of "Any Day Now!" Similar signs are in Houston, Wichita, Kan., and Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The party goes down May 21-22 -- dates chosen specifically to highlight the "insanity" of this event, according to Larry Hicock, California Director of American Atheists.

There's also societal danger involved when people sell their belongings or liquidate their assets to support apocalyptic crusades, like Howard Camping's at Family Radio Network -- not to mention being the world's ultimate downer.

"We feel that Camping's well-intentioned rapture campaign is indicative of the problems with religion," Larry Hicock, California Director of American Atheists, told NBC Bay Area in an email.

"Instead of focusing on how to solve the many social, political, economic and environmental problems we face today, he appeals to fear and a sense of defeatism. Life is about living, not about having an eternity of bliss in an imaginary afterlife for which there is no evidence."

Should things go like they always do, Mr Hicock's group will have another media blitz to counter on Dec. 21, 2012, too.

The Rapture May 21