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Carmelo Anthony Knicks Jersey

Carmelo Anthony Knicks Jersey - Carmelo Anthony is New York bound after the Knicks and Denver Nuggets finalized a mega-trade on Monday evening. Once in New York, however, Anthony will have to find a new jersey. The No. 15 he wore in his time with the Nuggets was retired by the Knicks, honoring Dick McGuire, elected to the Knicks Hall of Fame in 1993.

We've seen one Photoshop attempt at Anthony in a Knicks jersey already, but what other options does he have. In high school, Anthony wore No. 22. Unfortunately, that number, worn by Dave DeBusschere, was also retired by the Knicks in 1983. Seeing as how 22 and 15 were the only two numbers he wore -- 22 in high school, 15 at Syracuse and in Denver -- it looks like Anthony will be branching out when he gets to New York.

Luckily, with almost half of the Knicks' roster leaving town after the trade, at least Anthony will have his pick of available numbers without having to fight a returning veteran.

Carmelo Anthony Knicks Jersey

New Zealand Earthquake Magnitude 6.3

New Zealand Earthquake Magnitude 6.3 - For the second time in five months, New Zealand's south island city of Christchurch was rocked by a major earthquake on Tuesday afternoon local time.

Initial reports from Reuters news agency indicated that there were no reports of casualties, from the magnitude 6.3 temblor.

But the New Zealand Herald is reporting casualties and major damage to downtown buildings, including the Christchurch Cathedral.

In it's live blog, the Herald reports phone lines down, water running through the streets, and several buildings with serious damage.

One blog entry says New Zealand's TV3 is reporting the Pyne Gould financial services building has collapsed. Another, unsubstantiated report claims that the cathedral has collapsed.The New Zealand Press Association reported that the TVNZ building in Christchurch had collapsed. And there's an entry that a facade of a building in downtown Christchurch has collapsed on a bus, injuring passengers. NZTV is r…

Did Tony Soprano Die in the Last Episode

Did Tony Soprano Die in the Last Episode - According to Alessandra Stanley, writing in the New York Times during the final season of The Sopranos: “The series lowered the bar on permissible violence, sex and profanity at the same time that it elevated viewers’ taste, cultivating an appetite for complexity, wit and cinematic stylishness on a serial drama in which psychological themes flickered and built and faded and reappeared. The best episodes had equal amounts of high and low appeal, an alchemy of artistry and gutter-level blood and gore, all of it leavened with humor.” As Stanley recounts, critics and pop-culture observers were often hyperbolic in their praise for the show, calling it Dickensian or Shakespearian; the author Norman Mailer, for one, called The Sopranos the closest thing to the Great American Novel in today’s culture. Fans loved it as well: The show’s audience reached a peak of some 18 million viewers during its fourth season. The show’s breakout success, along with …

Mark Jackson's Brother Dead

Mark Jackson's Brother Dead - Troy Jackson, brother of Mark Jackson, is dead at 35. Troy Jackson died Saturday while visiting for NBA All Star Weekend in Los Angeles. Jackson’s cause of death is still unknown; an autopsy has been scheduled.

Troy “Escalade” Jackson was a member of 2002’s “And 1 Mixtape Tour”. The Queens native that stood at 6′10” and 400 lbs had previously entertained fans on the streetball tour that brought Jackson across the country. He later joined the Harlem Globetrotters.

Jackson had lost his older brother to AIDS nearly twenty years earlier; he drew attention to the fight against AIDS with a 2005 Sports Illustrated Cover.

His nephew, Mark Jackson Jr, a walk-on with the Cardinals, tweeted the following message this weekend. “2day we lost a great man of God in my Uncle @Escalade53 but it consoles my heart to know that he is in a better place WE WILL ALL MISS YOU!” Shaquille O’Neal also tweeted “My heart goes out to Mark Jackson and his family who lost his broth…

Rihanna at NBA All Star Game

Rihanna at NBA All Star Game - Over the weekend Justin Bieber was spotted sitting courtside with singer Rihanna at the 2011 NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles, California. The duo looked like they had a great, relaxed time together at the game. They were seen joking with each other and sharing excitement over plays in the game.

We all know Justin has a crush on Rihanna! We wonder if his rumored girlfriend Selena Gomez minds?

Rihanna at NBA All Star Game