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Body Found On Mt Baldy

Body Found On Mt Baldy - After scouring Mt. Baldy for days, search crews Wednesday found a body believed to be that of a hiker who went missing over the weekend.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said a rescue team member spotted what authorities believe to be the body of Michelle Yu, an experienced 49-year-old hiker from Venice. Crews found the body northwest of the mountain, in a steep, cold and unforgiving area void of vegetation, said Jodi Miller, a public information officer with the Sheriff’s Department.

“The area is extremely treacherous,” Miller said. “It’s very, very steep.”

Body Found On Mt Baldy

Although authorities believe the body is Yu, officials are still waiting for positive identification. The identification and cause of death will be determined by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

Because of the terrain, crews could not remove the body Wednesday evening but plan to do so early Thursday.

Yu’s roommate reported her missing Sunday, when she failed to…

Meera Shankar Frisked At Airport

Meera Shankar Frisked At Airport - Indian Ambassador to the US Meera Shankar was recently patted down by an American security agent at the Jackson - Evers International Airport in Mississippi.

The incident took place on December 4 where Shankar was about to board a flight to Baltimore after attending the Mississippi State University's programme.

Those who witnessed the ambassador's screening said officers told her that she was singled out because of the way she was dressed. Shankar was wearing a sari.

Meera Shankar Frisked At Airport

She was taken to a VIP waiting room despite being told she was an ambassador. She was later pulled from a security line and patted down by a female Transportation Security Administration agent.

Shankar presented her diplomatic papers to officers and was escorted by a Mississippi Development Authority representative.

However, a Transportation Security Administration spokesman said diplomats are not exempt from the searches and that Shankar "wa…

Pete Sampras's Trophies Stolen

Pete Sampras's Trophies Stolen - During his legendary tennis career, Pete Sampras earned dozens of trophies, medals and plaques for his on-court achievements and acquired the treasure trove of memorabilia you'd expect from one of the most famous athletes in America.

Most of it is now gone, stolen from a storage unit in which Sampras had been keeping the objects. The 14-time Grand Slam champion told Bill Dwyre of the Los Angeles Times that he discovered the theft three weeks ago.

Pete Sampras's Trophies Stolen

The 14 Grand Slam trophies Sampras won are safe, with the exception of the award from the 1994 Australian Open. The other 13 are at his home or in Portland's NikeTown. Everything else, though -- the 64 trophies from non-majors, rewards from his two Davis Cup wins, an Olympic ring, his six year-end trophies for finishing No. 1 -- was stolen.

Sampras said he doesn't know whether the memorabilia was targeted or whether the thieves wanted to take his furniture (a…

CR-48 Chrome Notebook

CR-48 Chrome Notebook - Google announced its Chrome OS yesterday, and although unfinished, launched a pilot program that will hook select users up with the CR-48 notebook loaded with Chrome. The notebook represents the internet company’s first foray into designing hardware—but it is unbranded and unlabeled.

Google posted some images of the notebook on the Chrome OS website. And the notebook’s unwieldy name belies its other wise sleek design. It sports a 12” screen, and is reminiscent of the short-lived black MacBook that Apple once offered.

CR-48 Chrome Notebook

Zabernism Definition 2

Zabernism Definition - Zabernism is a term that often come up in World of Warcraft circles, but it is also used in other military realms as well. Check out the Zabernism definition below.

Zabernism is defined as abusive misuse of military authority; bullying (From the German name for Saverne, a town in Alsace. The term originated from an incident in 1912 involving an overzealous soldier who killed a cobbler for smiling at him.)

Term Usage: "He led his people to destroy the militarism of Zabern; and the army they rescued is busy in Cologne imprisoning every German who does not salute a British officer; whilst the government at home, asked whether it approves, replies that it does not propose even to discontinue this Zabernism when the Peace is concluded, but in effect looks forward to making Germans salute British officers until the end of the world." - Heartbreak House, George Bernard Shaw

We'll see how longer the term goes on to be used in the future. It's kind of a…

Carl Crawford 7 Year Contract

Carl Crawford 7 Year Contract - Carl Crawford has decided to remain in the AL East, agreeing Wednesday night to a a seven-year, $142 million contract with the Red Sox. The Associated Press reports the deal is pending a physical.

The contract is the 10th-largest in baseball history. It also is $16 million more than what the Nationals gave free-agent outfielder Jayson Werth prior to the winter meetings. reports Crawford will receive a partial no-trade clause.

The Boston Globe was first to report the agreement.

Crawford, 29 spent the first nine years of his major league career with the Rays, who have developed a bitter rivalry with the Sox. It was thought that Crawford would be hesitant to join a team he tried to beat.

It also was expected that Crawford would eventually land with the Angels, who had made him their top priority in the free-agent market. The New York Daily News reported that L.A. offered Crawford $108 million over seven years.

"That hurts my heart, man," A…

Toshiba Tablet In 2011

Toshiba Tablet In 2011 - Intel CEO Paul Otellini said today that its chips will be in more than 35 different tablet designs in 2011, while clarifying that two lines of Atom processors will be used in tablets.

"We're going to make sure we support all of the viable operating systems that are in the marketplace," Otellini said at the Barclays Capital 2010 Global Technology Conference. The conference audio was streamed live over the Internet.

Intel listed more than 15 brands, including upcoming consumer tablets from Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, and Motion Computing. "A number of them on Windows. A number of them on Android--both Froyo and Honeycomb [versions of Android]," Otellini said.

Toshiba Tablet In 2011

"We have two flavors of products," Otellini said, speaking about the two lines of Atom processors for tablets. "One carries our PC legacy, the codename is Oak Trail. This is for the Windows environment. That's important for people who …

Anna Ardin Assange Accuser

Anna Ardin Assange Accuser - Assange apparently has a weakness for women. Advisers have repeatedly warned him about this. He was warned that it was not a good idea to have casual sex while roaming about the world working to promote Wikileaks. The people at Wikileaks are aware as any agency dealing in intelligence knows. Sex traps are easily set up. Even if it is not a trap it can cause trouble. It has. I will just deal with one of Assange's accusers Anna Arden. In Sweden I could not even reveal her name. So perhaps you are performing an illegal act in reading this if you are Swedish. This is just a warning so I am not charged with seducing Swedish readers into an illicit act. Anna Ardin , is a feminist academic in her late thirties.

Anna Ardin Assange Accuser

She worked as an official with Sweden's Social Democratic Party. She was in regular contact with Mr Assange before his move to Sweden, helping to organise his appearances at lectures as well as agreeing to let him use he…

Pimco Total Return

Pimco Total Return - As Brian and Peter pointed out in a sister post, the Bill Gross-led Pimco Total Return Fund (PTTAX) took a fall Wednesday of 5.26%, or 60 cents, to $10.80 a share.

Interestingly, two rival bond funds barely skinned their knees.

The DoubleLine Total Return Fund (DBLTX), led by mortgage meltdown star manager Jeffrey Gundlach, slipped just 0.09% on the day.

At the same time, Gundlach’s old charge — the TCW Total Return Fund (TGLMX) — was down by only slightly more, some 0.20%.

Even the index-bound iShares Barclays Aggregate Bond ETF (AGG), a proxy for the benchmark that PTTAX aims to beat, lost just 0.48% on the day.

I’ve got a call into Pimco but probably won’t hear back until the morning. I’ll provide an update as more information becomes available.

Pimco Total Return

Infinity Blade For iOS

Infinity Blade For iOS - Opinions on Epic Games' Infinity Blade will likely be divided among two camps: those who played through Epic Citadel, and those who didn't. If you skipped out on Epic Citadel, then Epic Games' newest roleplaying game will likely blow you away. Infinity Blade has, hands down, the best graphics I've ever seen on an iPhone. However, if you played around with Epic Citadel a few months back, that demo may have given you expectations for what Infinity Blade would turn out to be... and depending on your expectations, Infinity Blade may be infinitely disappointing.

Before diving into the game's features, here's some broader info about it. For a cost of US$5.99, Infinity Blade will run on the 3rd and 4th generation iPod touch, the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4, and the iPad. Earlier iOS devices like the iPhone 3G, if they're even capable of running the game at all, will likely have such low frame rates that playing the game would be torture.


Orange County Deputy Shot

Orange County Deputy Shot - An Orange County deputy is in critical condition after a shooting at 45th Street and Orange Blossom Trail.

According to Capt. Angelo Nieves from the Orange County Sheriff's Office, the deputy was conducting a traffic stop.

Law enforcement sources tell News 13 the deputy was shot in the head.

The deputy was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center. News 13 has counted more than 20 police cruisers at the hospital.

Orange County Deputy Shot

We're told the suspect or suspects fled in their own car.

A second search is under way in the area of Texas Avenue and Americana Boulevard where Nieves said a man is down and they have a car in their possession. However, deputies are not saying if the person or vehicle is connected to this shooting.

Orlando police and the Florida Highway Patrol are aiding in the search.

Stay with News 13 and for more on this developing story.

Orange County Deputy Shot

Nobel Peace Prize 2010

Nobel Peace Prize 2010 - Chinese democracy activists say the Communist Party's campaign to discredit the Nobel Peace Prize award to a Chinese dissident is proving to the world why Liu Xiaobo deserves the accolade.
Beijing's efforts to stop nations from attending Friday's award ceremony are "stupid and harm China's image," Beijing legal scholar Xu Zhiyong said Wednesday.

"The Chinese people have won a prize," said Xu, a supporter of Liu. "Over the long term, this Nobel will push freedom and democracy in China."

Liu, 54, is serving an 11-year sentence for inciting subversion of state power. His crime was to be a founder of Charter 08, a statement that says it is wrong for a government to deny its citizens election of public officials and freedom of religion and expression. Liu was convicted Christmas Day 2009 after a two-hour trial.

In awarding him the peace prize, the Norwegian Nobel Committee said Liu was being recognized for "his lon…

Panama Canal Closes Due To Flooding

Panama Canal Closes Due To Flooding - Heavy rains and flooding Wednesday prompted the closing of the Panama Canal for only the third time in its storied 96-year history.

Officials closed the canal around noon and were hoping to reopen it by Wednesday evening, Fernando Lemos, spokesman for the Panama Canal administrator, said.

"The situation might get better in the next few hours," Lemos said, "but there is no exact time as to when the canal will open again."

Lemos said most of the heavy rain was in the Chagres River area, causing water behind the Gatun Dam -- which creates Lake Gatun, a significant part of the canal -- to rise.

Panama Canal Closes Due To Flooding

The last time the canal closed was in 1989, after the United States invaded Panama to topple strongman Manuel Noriega. Landslides forced the canal to close for several months from late 1915 to mid-1916, just months after it opened.

The 48-mile canal is a key conduit for shipping between the Pacific and Atl…

Numbers In Facebook Status

Numbers In Facebook Status - Strange numbers started appearing on people’s Facebook status yesterday. At first, people wondered what it was. Some even said it seemed to be some sort of new number code, but it isn’t that complex at all. It’s simply a new numbers game being played on Facebook.

This is how friends on Facebook are playing the numbers game: They send a number, any number they like, at the beginning of a message to a friend. The friend replies with something about the sender in front of the original number. Only the sender and receiver of the number knows about it and what it means.

Numbers In Facebook Status

Although it may not seem like much of a game, many Facebook users are playing it. Numbers are showing up in member status all across Facebook. It has even made its way into the world of Twitter. While some Facebook members are having fun with it, others simply despise it, complaining that their in-boxes are clogged with email containing numbers.

Only time will tell how…

Facebook Status Numbers

Facebook Status Numbers - Wondering what's up with all the numbers on Facebook? You're not alone.

Last week, users were replacing their profile pictures with images of cartoon characters. This week, it seems Facebook users are participating en masse in a new interactive online game.

The idea is simple: send a Facebook friend a number, then they'll write back in a status message that inclues that number what they really think of you.

Facebook Status Numbers

As The Number Game explains on its Facebook page, " Facebook users can ask their friends what they think about them by supplying them with a number. The friend then gives the answer, and attaches the number to their answer for identification purposes."

One user shared the rules for the "number game" in a status update, writing, "New facebook game! Send me three random numbers to my inbox and I'll tell you what I think about you in my status without saying your name."

Facebook Status Numb…

'Blue Valentine' Premiere In New York

'Blue Valentine' Premiere In New York - Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams had much to celebrate Tuesday night at the New York premiere of their new film, Blue Valentine.

As we mentioned in our Upcoming Events Calendar above, the stars attended the movie’s premiere at the Museum of Modern Art last night, just hours before it was announced that the film’s NC-17 rating had been overturned. The movie’s release had been in jeopardy due to the rating, but after the film’s producer, Harvey Weinstein, appeared in front of the board, the rating was overturned insuring Blue Valentine will open in theaters on Dec. 31 as planned.

'Blue Valentine' Premiere In New York

After the premiere, is being rumored that Ryan Gosling and Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively were spotted getting close at the Standard Hotel afterparty. “They weren’t obviously all over each other, but it seemed like they were together,” says a source. “There were times when they would be sitting down and he would kind of …

Pro Bowl Voting

Pro Bowl Voting - Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is chasing the ultimate prize this season as the Birds try to win it all and he tries to capture the league’s MVP award.
Right now Vick is leading all players in Pro Bowl voting. He’s got 729,838 votes, while the struggling Peyton Manning is second with 691,146 votes. New England quarterback Tom Brady follows Manning with 623,074 votes, Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson is fourth with 591,598 votes and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers rounds out the top five with 547,340 votes.
I think Vick’s number one competitor for the MVP award will be Brady, who is having an amazing year for a 10-2 squad. The Hall of Fame bound quarterback has thrown for 3029 yards with 27 touchdowns, only 4 interceptions and a 109 quarterback rating.

Vick has thrown for 2243 yards with 15 touchdowns, only 2 interceptions and a 105 quarterback rating. The Eagles quarterback has also run 467 yards and 6 touchdowns.

Pro Bowl Voting

Brady’s Patriots lead…

Jerry Lawson Is Back

Jerry Lawson Is Back - All right, folks ... you know that on these shows where people vote (at least eventually), I tend to stay pretty neutral. I mean, I always give my opinions on performances, but I wouldn't say I exactly root for people. But another thing that has gone on here is my oft-mentioned University of Oregon fandom. (Go Ducks!)

Well, as The Sing-Off returns, this presents a bit of a conundrum because one of the groups this season is from UO, On the Rocks, and I'm aware of them already. (Actually, you probably are, too.) So I guess the point here is, I might not be all that neutral this time around. You've been forewarned.

The show opens with a big group number that reveals that there are more groups (10) and the talent level is really high. Host Nick Lachey explains after this that each group will sing "a signature number" and that two groups will be going home tonight.

Jerry Lawson Is Back

Eleventh Hour from Fairmont High School in Kettering, Ohio, …

Zabernism Definition

Zabernism Definition - From the German name for Saverne, a town in Alsace. Originated from an incident in 1913 involving an overzealous soldier who wounded a cobbler for smiling at him. Event which ultimately triggered an intervention from the army who took over the power from local authorities.

The misuse or abuse of military authority; bullying.

Zabernism Definition

'The Tourist' Movie

'The Tourist' Movie - Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie are two of Hollywood's biggest stars, A-listers who owe their popularity largely to action comedies such as "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." On Friday, the actors will sail into very different territory with "The Tourist," an embezzlement drama with far less action and comedy than most of Depp and Jolie's previous hits.

That kind of departure certainly isn't unprecedented — prominent actors are forever jumping into roles that are miles from their most successful blockbusters. George Clooney, for example, moved from the "Ocean's Eleven" movies to the art films " Michael Clayton," "The Men Who Stare at Goats" and "The American." But it's much rarer that two high-profile actors of the caliber of Depp and Jolie — both of whom have made their share of highbrow fare — make a comparable switch in the same movie, especially …

Kyrie Irving Sidelined

Kyrie Irving Sidelined - Duke freshman point guard Kyrie Irving, an early favorite for national freshman of the year, is out indefinitely with a right toe injury, suffered in the second half of Saturday's win against Butler.

No timetable has been set for his return. According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Irving didn't break a bone in his toe, but the injury involves ligaments.

The source said Duke is not going to rush Irving back, with his health and long-term future as a likely top-five NBA draft pick in the balance.

Irving told after the game Saturday that he had sprained his toe, and was noticeably limping when he left the locker room. This came after Irving scored 17 of his 21 points in the second half.

Kyrie Irving Sidelined

Irving injured the toe on a drive to the basket opposite Duke's bench during the 82-70 win. He hobbled and grimaced as he went to the bench. He did return, but only briefly.

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said in a statement: …

Snow Closes Paris Airport

Snow Closes Paris Airport - Heavy snow in Paris Wednesday forced the closure of the city's main airport to travelers and the Eiffel Tower to tourists, police said.

Radio France Internationale reported all incoming and outgoing planes were grounded at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport and flights from Paris Orly International Airport were delayed for at least 90 minutes.

Most of the city's buses had stopped running and auto traffic was clogged by the heaviest snowfall Parisians have experienced in years, RFI said. Drivers were being warned to exercise "extreme caution" if they dared go out in the snowy and icy conditions.

Paris wasn't alone, as about 27 regions of the country were under an orange alert due to snow, ice and cold, RFI said.

Snow Closes Paris Airport

Transformers 3

Transformers 3 - The first teaser trailer for the third entry in Michael Bay's 'Transformers' trilogy has just debuted on (with a quick embed below) and ... well, it's not all that unlike the Mars-only teaser for the first in the series. Sorry to everyone who was hoping to see what kind of chemistry Shia LaBeouf has with his new female co-star, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley; neither of them appear here. Instead what fans are treated to is a rather cryptic (but still rather cool) look at what happened when Apollo 11 landed on the moon in the alternate universe of 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon.'

Transformers 3

Intellectual Ventures Files Lawsuit

Intellectual Ventures Files Lawsuit - For years, Intellectual Ventures has avoided suing companies directly, while building up a portfolio of tens of thousands of patents (mostly bought -- though it likes to get PR from the wacky and usually useless patents it files directly). Its business model, to date, has been about shaking down giant tech companies for hundreds of millions of dollars in exchange for letting those companies use IV's patent portfolio either defensively or offensively against others. However, as part of an attempt to avoid the dreaded "troll" label, the company had avoided suing others directly for quite some time -- though, it's always hinted that it would eventually. About a year ago, we started to see IV patents showing up in lawsuits, but they had been licensed to other companies first. The notoriously secretive company would never comment on whether or not it had any stake in the results of such lawsuits.

Intellectual Ventures Files Lawsuit


Barbara Walters Special

Barbara Walters Special - In late September Justin Bieber was snapped kissing his tour opener and "Baby" co-star Jasmine Villegas. The two never confirmed a romance, but they were spotted a number of times hanging out together. So it's no surprise that when Barbara Walters sat Bieber down for her "10 Most Fascinating People of 2010" special, airing Thursday, she asked him about the photos.

"I was kissing her," he said when asked by Walters what exactly was happening in the photos, in a preview that aired on "The View" on Wednesday (December 8). "Well, I was just, I don't know, I was just kissing her. That's about it."

Walters pressed the heartthrob further about the incident and asked him if he was at all surprised that the photos hit the Web. "I don't know. I didn't even know anyone was taking pictures," he said. "It just kind of happened and I don't know. It's not really weird. Is it weird? …

Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos

Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos - The rep tells TMZ the pictures -- which show Aguilera wearing nothing but pasties and a few strands of fabric -- were "taken in the privacy of Ms. Aguilera's home and were used only in a personal exchange between the star and her stylist."

The rep continues, "We find the actions of the hackers and the press who purchased and/or obtained these photos to be irresponsible and actionable."

According to the rep, they are now "attempting to determine the identity of the hackers and will pursue them aggressively."

Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos

Reid Poker Bill

Reid Poker Bill - The Las Vegas Sun’s earlier report that Harry Reid has removed online poker legislation from his agenda for the lame duck session was incorrect. The online poker legislation is still on Reid’s agenda, with a possible announcement Thursday morning.

As noted last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is attempting to include an online poker-only bill into a piece of must-pass legislation during Congress’ lame-duck session. However, his attempts have run into problems from both sides of the aisle, while the online poker community have conflicting opinions about how the bill will affect online poker in the US.

The legislation, the most recent draft made available December 7 here, currently states that online poker licenses will be made available to eligible casinos, racetracks and slot machine manufacturers 15 months after the bill is passed. Conflicting opinions and drafts of the bill lead people to believe that sites such as PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker may (or may…

Transformers Dark Of The Moon

Transformers Dark Of The Moon - First of all, this does confirm that the trailer description we ran a few days ago was accurate, even if it wasn’t that detailed. But this teaser seems to actually be stuff from the movie, not a totally independent story like the teaser for the first movie.

It’s July 20, 1969. The Apollo 11 moon landing, one of the most famous events in the history of mankind. However, Transformers: Dark of the Moon surmises that the trip held ulterior motives. During the mission, the astronauts end up on the far side of the moon or “dark on the rock,” as it were and they have 21 minutes to investigate what seems to be a crashed ship. The hull has been breached. Extensive damage. We are not alone in the universe.

Just then the camera goes deep within the ship to reveal a Transformers fans are already calling “Robot Gandalf.” We go through his eye, see all his moving parts, and then get our title card.

Transformers Dark Of The Moon

Most agree that the Transformer who cra…

Dream Act 2010 Vote Status

Dream Act 2010 Status Vote Status - The House is expected to vote Wednesday evening on the Dream Act, a measure that would grant legal residency to undocumented college students and members of the armed forces.

It was only a procedural vote about whether to bring the Dream Act to the House floor for debate and a vote. But US Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) argued that it was the wrong measure and the wrong time.

"We need to secure our borders," she said, "and once we secure the borders, then we can deal with all the other issues related to those who are here illegally."

Dream Act 2010 Vote Status

But US Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) said it makes no sense to punish children whose parents illegally brought them into this country.

"If you’re pulled over for a speeding ticket and you have a child in a car seat next to you," he said, "that 2-year-old doesn’t get a speeding ticket. If there’s a bank robber who robs it with a toddler on their back, that toddler d…

Elizabeth Edwards Funeral Service

Elizabeth Edwards Funeral Service - Elizabeth Edwards died yesterday after her six-year battle with cancer. A spokesperson from the Brown-Wynne funeral home in Raleigh, North Carolina said there would be no public visitation at the United Methodist Church.

Edwards, 61, will be buried in a private ceremony at Oakwood Cemetery alongside Wade, her teenage son who was killed in a car accident.

Elizabeth Edwards Funeral Service

She was diagnosed with breast cancer six years ago while campaigning for her husband, Senator John Edwards, as he ran for president. She continued to battle her cancer as she learned that her husband had been unfaithful and fathered a child with videographer Rielle Hunter. The couple did separate, but never officially divorced.

Elizabeth Edwards Funeral Service

Warped Tour 2011

Warped Tour 2011 - The Vans Warped Tour has announced the first round of bands that will perform on next year's 40-plus date traveling festival, which starts June 24 at the Center in Dallas.

Rock acts Go Radio, We Came As Romans, Dance Gavin Dance, Every Avenue and the Word Alive will be among the numerous acts to perform at the 2011 Vans Warped Tour, according to the festival's website. The next lineup announcement will take place Dec. 15. Main stage bands will be revealed on March 26.

Warped Tour 2011

Through Dec. 10, the Vans Warped Tour is offering a $45 holiday gift package that includes a general admission ticket for one show, a pair of Warped-branded crew socks and a collectible holiday ornament stocking stuffer.

The 2011 Vans Warped Tour is scheduled to wrap Aug. 14 at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Hillsboro, Ore.

Warped Tour 2011

Pancreatic Cancer Strikes Aretha Franklin

Pancreatic Cancer Strikes Aretha Franklin - Aretha Franklin is battling pancreatic cancer, according to a family friend.

ABC affiliate WXYZ Action News in Detroit, Mich. reported today that a family friend of Franklin's is suffering from the disease. A family friend also told WJBK FOX 2 News in Detroit that Franklin is doing "okay," though her family and friends are "very concerned" and have asked fans of the Queen of Soul to send prayers and well wishes.

A week after Franklin underwent surgery for a mysterious illness, a tabloid report said the 68-year-old singer was battling incurable pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer Strikes Aretha Franklin

Last Thursday, Franklin released a statement to The Associated Press, saying: "God is still in control. I had superb doctors and nurses whom were blessed by all the prayers of the city and the country."

But neither she nor her publicist said what's was ailing her. Franklin's publicist also declined to…

Matt Cassel Undergoes Appendectomy

Matt Cassel Undergoes Appendectomy - The mystery of Matt Cassel missing practice Wednesday coupled with the Kansas City Chiefs promoting quarterback Tyler Palko has been solved.

The team has announced that Cassel underwent an appendectomy on Wednesday morning. The Chiefs say they expect Cassel to return to work this week. Returning to work and being ready to perform well in the team’s biggest game of the season on Sunday against San Diego are two different things. ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting the Chiefs are viewing Cassel as being questionable to play in the game.

Clearly, this is terrible timing. The Chiefs are 8-4 and would take a major step toward the playoffs with a win over the Chargers. Cassel has played very well for the past two months. If he can’t play, the brittle Brodie Croyle would face the Chiefs in his first action of the season. Croyle last played in Week 13 of the 2009 season.

Matt Cassel Undergoes Appendectomy

Cassel’s availability will come down to whether he…

Urban Meyer Stepping Down

Urban Meyer Stepping Down - Well, it appears as if it’s deja vu all over again.

Less than 12 months after retiring and then un-retiring, Urban Meyer is apparently stepping down as Florida’s head coach. There’s no word on if he will be stepping back up tomorrow.

Urban Meyer Stepping Down

According to Todd Wright of Sporting News radio, and AOL Fanhouse‘s Brett McMurphy Meyer will announce at a 5 p.m. ET press conference Wednesday that he is resigning/retiring as the Gators’ head coach. There are no further details available at this time, other than GatorUpdates reporting over the weekend that Meyer checked into a hospital the week of the UGA game and has been undergoing tests since.

Obviously, we’ll have more on this story throughout the day and well into the night…

Urban Meyer Stepping Down

Aretha Franklin Has Cancer

Aretha Franklin Has Cancer - Aretha Franklin has cancer, according to multiple reports.

A relative has confirmed to Detroit's Fox 2 news station that the iconic songstress is battling the disease, while The Detroit News reports that Franklin is suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Franklin was recently forced to cancel all her upcoming concert dates through May and underwent surgery last Thursday while fans helmed a prayer vigil in her native Detroit. Although she did not disclose the nature of her illness, the soul great released a statement saying the procedure was "highly successful."

"God is still in control. I had superb doctors and nurses whom were blessed by all the prayers of the city and the country," Franklin said. "God bless you all for your prayers!"

Aretha Franklin Has Cancer

The reports cropped up the same day that civil-rights leader the Reverend Jesse Jackson gave an update about the singer's condition. "She's conscious, comm…

Urban Meyer Resigns From Florida Gators

Urban Meyer Resigns From Florida Gators - When Urban Meyer "retired" for 24 hours last winter, we wondered whether Florida football could survive without its two-time national championship coach. One 7-5 season later, we already know the answer.

It may sound cold, what with the ink barely dry on Florida's Wednesday press release announcing Meyer's latest resignation (presumably permanent this time). But if the events of the past 12 months taught us anything, it's that Florida's program is no different from any other: susceptible to staff turnover, talent dropoff and, it now seems, the mindset of its head coach. We wondered last December whether the notoriously high-strung coach could achieve the same success with a more hands-off approach. The answer, apparently, was no.

Urban Meyer Resigns From Florida Gators

Meyer stepped down Wednesday, citing many of the same factors he did the first time. "At this time in my life, I fully grasp the sacrifices my 24/…

Falcon 9 Rocket Takes Off

Falcon 9 Rocket Takes Off - The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket roared successfully into the sky from Cape Canaveral this morning, carrying a stubby spacecraft called Dragon. Three hours later, Dragon splashed down in the Pacific Ocean -- the first privately-owned ship ever to return safely from earth orbit.

"It was just mind-blowingly awesome," said Elon Musk, the Internet entrepreneur who founded SpaceX with money he made from the sale of PayPal.

Amid the plaudits -- Bill Nye, the head of the Planetary Society, said, "Falcon 9 nailed it!" -- there was a humbling reality: SpaceX managed to replicate a feat NASA's Mercury program first accomplished back in 1961. But today's NASA, searching for a clear mission and worried about its budget in a tough economy, badly needs for companies like SpaceX to succeed.

Falcon 9 Rocket Takes Off

If everything goes well, cargo ships like the Dragon will take the place of NASA's own ships in ferrying supplies to and from the In…

John Lennon Quotes

John Lennon Quotes - Time goes by in the blink of an eye, and one of the best John Lennon Quotes rings a similar tone "Living is easy with eyes closed". It's been almost 3 decades since the death of John Lennon and it seems like yesterday he was making history with his music and free spirit.

Lennon was the father of two children and husband of Yoko Ono. He brought a message of peace to all and is remembered as one of the most influential musicians of all time.

Check out a few of our favorite John Lennon quotes below. We're sure you have a bunch of your own.

“Living is easy with eyes closed.”

“One thing you can’t hide – is when you’re crippled inside.”

“God is a concept by which we measure our pain.”

“War is over … If you want it.”

“I get by with a little help from my friends.”

John Lennon will continue to bring his message of peace through his music for all to hear.

John Lennon Quotes

Hackers In Operation Payback

Hackers In Operation Payback - Online hacktivist collective Anonymous, operating under the banners Operation:Payback and "Operation Avenge Assange" have launched a series of DDoS attacks against organisations and people seen as being opposed to Wikileaks and its spokesman Julian Assange.

Meanwhile, Operation:Payback itself has been subjected to counter-DDoS attacks thought to originate with US "patriotic" contra-hacktivistas.

Sites attacked by the Anonymous group have included, belonging to the Swiss bank which recently froze an account controlled by Assange, and also - the main blog operated by PayPal, targeted for refusing to process Wikileaks contributions. DNS outfit EveryDNS has also come into the Operation:Payback gunsights for cutting off Wikileaks' DNS service, saying that online attacks targeted at the leak site were crippling its other customers.

Hackers In Operation Payback

Over the last couple of days, other sites ha…

Clelia II Cruise Ship Breaks Down In Antarctica

Clelia II Cruise Ship Breaks Down In Antarctica - A CRUISE ship carrying 160 people on a return trip from Antarctica lost power in one of its engines today in rough weather, the Argentine navy said.

Crews were later able to fix the problem and the ship was sailing to the world's southernmost city Ushuaia in high seas with its passengers unharmed, it added in a statement.

One of the cruise ship's engines had broken down and caused what the navy termed as "serious ... handling limitations," but causing no risks to its passengers and crew.

Clelia II Cruise Ship Breaks Down In Antarctica

The vessel, described on the Polar Cruises website as a refurbished, ice-strengthened, all-suite luxury cruise ship, telephoned its emergency to a search and rescue coordination center in Ushuaia, 3200km south of Buenos Aires.

The engine failure occurred midday on Tuesday (local time) about 845km south of Ushuaia in the Drake Passage, where the ship faced stormy conditions including wind…

Internet Explorer 9 Adds Tracking Feature

Internet Explorer 9 Adds Tracking Feature - Right on the dot, Microsoft has launched a new Security feature through Internet Explorer 9. It will enable the users to restrict sites from tracking them. A few days back, we covered a San Francisco based report that talked about different online websites that store your personal information. Those websites act on a “History Sniffing” phenomenon, which was said to be quite possible by security experts.

Those websites are able to track down your entire online history, browsing data and the sort of websites that you visit. Microsoft released the “Do Not Track” feature, in order to cull the issues that have been circulating online. However, some people say that the company’s security perk is not totally fool proof.

Internet Explorer 9 Adds Tracking Feature

The FTC, a few weeks back, issued a scathing report on the state of online consumer privacy. Prior to the “Do Not Track” feature, some telecommunication companies launched a “Do Not Call” fe…

81 Killed In Chile Prison Fire

81 Killed In Chile Prison Fire - A prison fire in Chile killed at least 81 inmates Wednesday and injured an unspecified number of others, officials said.

The fire at the San Miguel prison, southeast of the capital, broke out before dawn, prison police official Jaime Concha Soto said. The blaze was under investigation, but there were no reports of a riot before or after it started.

Relatives of inmates told state television that prison police had closed the gates to the prison, impeding access for firemen.

81 Killed In Chile Prison Fire

19 Dead In Bangladesh Train Collision

19 Dead In Bangladesh Train Collision - At least 19 people were killed in a collision between 2 passenger trains in Bangladesh's Narsingdi district, 51 km northeast of capital Dhaka on Wednesday.

Witnesses on the spot told Xinhua by phone 19 bodies have been recovered so far and more casualties are expected from the accident.

According to the local police the accident took place at around 5 p.m. local time and more than 300 people were injured.

19 Dead In Bangladesh Train Collision

High Tech HTC Desire

High Tech HTC Desire - HTC Desire HD is no doubt the best pick because of its special inbuilt Flash support feature which took it to some other level. It is a dream come true mobile phone with amazing features and tools. This mobile phone offers features such as touch screen facility, high resolution display with superb colours. The screen also has all the latest navigation features such as Multi-Touch, Accelerometer, and Proximity sensor. The 5 mega pixel camera is another superb feature along with GPS navigation facility and Internet multimedia.

HTC Desire HD deals are not only attractive but also financially convenient. Buying HTC Desire from online markets you can get free gifts and other offers that are surely to give you extra value for your money. HTC Desire is an Android powered handset, works in both 2G and 3G connectivity. Users love all the handsets from HTC as they are manufactured to provide absolute comfort and satisfaction. This handset come up with features like emaili…

Bowe Bergdahl Is Alive

Bowe Bergdahl Is Alive - New pictures of a U.S. soldier who has been held in captivity in Afghanistan for 18 months have been released today.

Private Bowe Bergdahl, 24, has converted to Islam and adopted the Muslim name Abdullah, according to his captors.

But he appeared without a beard in the latest footage and is seen with a quite significant wound on his left cheek.

The serviceman is looking thin but otherwise healthy alongside Taliban commander Maulawi Sangin who has previously threatened to kill him.

Bowe Bergdahl Is Alive

It remains unclear how when the video was shot or where he is being held.

Pte Bergdahl disappeared in June 2009 while on duty in the eastern part of the country when he was aged 23 and is thought to be the only U.S. soldier in captivity.

Spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Marsano confirmed the serviceman's family had seen the new video and said it was him.

The footage lasts for almost 45 minutes and Bergdahl can be seen wearing an open-necked tan shirt an…

Tablet PC For Christmas

Tablet PC For Christmas - According to research by, some 4 million consumers are planning to buy a tablet PC over the Christmas period – at over £350 per device that’s another high cost item.

Tablet computers have taken the gadget world by storm, spurred on by the iPad from Apple but with others from the likes of Blackberry, Dell, HP and Samsung with their Galaxy Tab, looking to take a piece fo the action.

Despite prices still being at a premium, it seems that consumers can’t wait much longer for their fix. While 4% are willing to hold off their purchase until the New Year’s sales, 4% plan to have a tablet in their hands by Christmas.

Tablet PC For Christmas

The majority intend to use their tablet for surfing the internet, even though 94% already own a laptop or computer. Others intend to use it to read books or newspapers or simply feel it will help to break up long journeys. Some 13% feel it will be useful for work.

Ernest Doku, mobiles expert at comments “ba…

Numbers On Facebook

Numbers On Facebook - After the cartoon characters on Facebook profile photos a new viral thing is happening in the biggest social networking site Facebook. Facebook users are seeing number in recent Facebook status updates. “#708 I am in love,” 2349 It is a new day and I love my new job.” Statuses like these are pumping out on Facebook and when new things hit Facebook, users seems to ride on the trend and also adopt it. Although there are rumors that the cartoon characters on Facebook profile photos was a hoax done by some people, the thing remains that Facebook users stood up against child abuse.

The numbers on Facebook status is part of the “Facebook Number Game” which started last night. Many users are still baffled about the trend and what do the numbers mean. So how do the “Facebook Number Game” work? All you have to do is ask your friends what they thing about you and then supplying them with a number. The friend then gives the answer, and attaches the number to their answer fo…

Mastercard And VISA Cut Off Wikileaks

Mastercard And VISA Cut Off Wikileaks - Last week, WikiLeaks was evicted from Amazon cloud-based servers, reportedly under pressure from US politicians. A couple days later, PayPal followed suit – effectively depriving WikiLeaks of a flood of micro-donations from supporters around the globe. Now reps for MasterCard and Visa have said the companies will halt payments to WikiLeaks until a full investigation into the practices of the site has been completed.

In an interview with the BBC, a Visa Europe spokesperson said the investigation would determine whether the nature of WikiLeaks business "contravenes Visa operating rules." Meanwhile, MasterCard said in a statement that it was "in the process of working to suspend the acceptance of MasterCard cards on Wikileaks until the situation is resolved."

Mastercard And VISA Cut Off Wikileaks

The snub from Visa and MasterCard could be incredibly costly for WikiLeaks, which relies on credit card donations to keep its site up…

Nvidia GTX 570 Video Card

Nvidia GTX 570 Video Card - After the successful launch of the GTX 580, Nvidia has revealed the GTX 570 which is the successor to the GTX 470. This new graphics card is targeted at the enthusiast segment and is based on the same re-worked Fermi core, GF110 like the GTX 580. The card will be available starting today (at least in U.S.) and consumers will have a choice from all Nvidia board partners like ZOTAC, Asus, MSI, Sparkle, PNY, Leadtek, Galaxy, ECS, EVGA, etc.

Nvidia GTX 570 Video Card

Looking at the specifications of the card, you can think of the GTX 570 as a hybrid between the GTX 480 ad the GTX 470. The new card packs in the same shader count that the GTX 480 had but runs on a slightly stripped down memory bus of 320-bit that the GTX 470 ran on. Due to this, the pixel and texture fill rate have increased by roughly 20 percent and thanks to the new and improved Fermi core, Nvidia has been able to bump up the clock speeds of the core and memory which should ring out even more …