Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Tablet PC For Christmas

Tablet PC For Christmas - According to research by, some 4 million consumers are planning to buy a tablet PC over the Christmas period – at over £350 per device that’s another high cost item.

Tablet computers have taken the gadget world by storm, spurred on by the iPad from Apple but with others from the likes of Blackberry, Dell, HP and Samsung with their Galaxy Tab, looking to take a piece fo the action.

Despite prices still being at a premium, it seems that consumers can’t wait much longer for their fix. While 4% are willing to hold off their purchase until the New Year’s sales, 4% plan to have a tablet in their hands by Christmas.

Tablet PC For Christmas

The majority intend to use their tablet for surfing the internet, even though 94% already own a laptop or computer. Others intend to use it to read books or newspapers or simply feel it will help to break up long journeys. Some 13% feel it will be useful for work.

Ernest Doku, mobiles expert at comments “battery life and cost are more important to consumers than the actual brand for shoppers looking to invest in these ultra-portable devices.

Tablet PC For Christmas

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Lalit said...

I definitely agree here that large number of people are looking to buy tablet pc during the coming days. Some of the hot models include Samsung's galaxy tablet and IMR's Blackberry. Although many new model's are also expected to come into the market during christmas so keep a watch and buy a tablet pc at an affordable rate. Thanks