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Winterfresh 2010

Winterfresh 2010 - This year, make this delicious Winterfresh fudge. Make the holidays in 2010 memorable by making this easy dessert for your family. You could make a real event out of cooking this treat by having the whole family participate. Family cooking is so important, especially during the holidays. Just turn on some Christmas music, and enjoy cooking. This is a decadent fudge filled with creamy mint filling. It is topped with a chocolate mint frosting and garnished with candy canes. Every year, my family purchases fudge when we go to the mountains from the cutest little quaint shop. It just isn’t the holidays for us without getting some fudge. Well, this year I am going to make my own Christmas fudge. This recipe is very easy, and sure to impress even my family of picky eaters.

Winterfresh 2010

Windows Phone 7 Sales Slow

Windows Phone 7 Sales Slow - Windows Phone 7 has been out nearly a month in the US and almost twice as long in much of Europe and we've not heard any official numbers on what the sales figures are. What little we have heard from unofficial sources doesn't sound too good.

The first indication of any volumes came from The Street via a market research report. It claimed that only 40,000 units moved the first day it was on sale in the US. I've not seen anything since to substantiate or refute that claim, so I take it with a grain of salt right now.

Next up comes some anecdotal evidence from a mobile phone retail location in the UK. Mobilesplease claims that they have been selling Android devices over Windows Phone 7 devices 15:1 since the later's launch. What we don't know is how many models of each platform they sell, the comparative price points or any other detailed information. That said, this is still a negative indicator for Microsoft's latest platform.

What …

Vancouver Canucks Beat Hawks

Vancouver Canucks Beat Hawks - There were no champagne bottles, no excited high-fives or hugs and no boisterous trash talk about the Chicago Blackhawks inside the Vancouver Canucks' locker room Friday night.

There were just a few smiles and pats on the back while the team busily packed equipment for a return trip to Vancouver. It was as if the Canucks' impressive 3-0 win at the United Center against the rival Blackhawks was just another game -- which most know wasn't really the case.

It wasn't just another game for Vancouver (14-7-3), which had to be feeling a bit like Charlie Brown trying to boot a football held by Lucie Van Pelt lately where the Hawks are concerned.

It was the Hawks who booted the Canucks from the playoffs two straight years. It was the Hawks who'd beaten the Canucks in the first two meetings this season -- including a 7-1 drubbing at Rogers Arena on Nov. 20 that Vancouver coach Alain Vigneault found to be a bit excessive.

Just another win? Not l…

Madrid Airport Closed

Madrid Airport Closed - A sudden walkout by air traffic controllers on Friday afternoon has halted all air travel in Madrid and along the Balearic Islands at the start of what is a holiday weekend in Spain, according to CNN.

Hundreds of flights were delayed and thousands were stranded in Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza. The country's airport operator, AENA, told the BBC that it was forced to close airspace after workers refused to work or did not show up for work at all.

"The air traffic controllers are massively abandoning their posts," an AENA spokeswoman told CNN. Apparently an air traffic controller shift change was due to happen late Friday and AENA is hopeful the next batch of controllers will show up to work.

Madrid Airport Closed

Macbook Air Performs Poorly

Macbook Air Performs Poorly - Recently, after testing two MacBook Air models running Windows 7, we published results that showed the thin and light Apple laptops outperformed most Windows-based netbooks and ultraportable notebooks. Hundreds of readers commented on the article, with many of the comments going something like this: “The MacBook Air costs far more than many of the laptops you’ve compared it against. How does it do against similarly priced notebooks?”

It’s a reasonable question, so we went back and did the comparison. (Our results are illustrated in the charts below.) The numbers show that many Windows notebooks that carry a similar price tag outperform the 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air models we tested. Other differences show up, too. Many of the better-performing Windows laptops are bigger and heavier than the Air, and some have poorer battery life. But if you’re interested in getting the most pop possible for your buck, it’s clear that the MacBook Air isn’t the best w…