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Showing posts from April 7, 2008

Cell Phones on Planes

"The skies over Europe may be getting chattier after the European Union opened the way for travelers to talk, text or send emails on mobile devices using European GSM technology while in the air.

Air France-KLM's Air France unit said is has run successful trials in which customers could send text messages and emails, but not talk, on phones. Now, along with partner OnAir, a unit of plane maker Airbus, Air France is running a trial of in-flight voice calling on an Airbus A318 operating on routes in Europe. Customers are informed about the service via seat-back leaflets and cabin crew announcements."

This is a good idea to a degree. I would limit the use of mobile phones to only text messaging and emails. I cannot imagine anything worse than sitting next to someone speaking on a mobile phone at the top of their voice for 3 hours straight. This would be unbearable.

Text messaging and emailing is sufficient to communicate with anyone really. Nearly every person on the planet ha…