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Aston Martin

aston martin - Aston Martin, which is the only genuine James Bond car, has been bought by Harry Yeaggy , an American classic cars collector, who has a private museum in Ohio, for a whopping $4.1 million. Its unique features include ejector seats, machine guns, swiveling license plates and other spy devices. It was initially expected to fetch $5.5 million. The proud owner said he intended to drive it around London that night.

Mr. Yeaggy feels that the fact that this car has never appeared for sale on the market, is its main attraction. He opines that this classic might become the centerpiece of a posh official complex at New York or Moscow. Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming, had preferred a Bentley for Bond initially, but film makers opted for an Aston Martin.

This silves Aston Martin is a fusion of Italian design and British engineering, and was driven by Connery in his highly successful films “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball”. Connery era Bond films were preferred by movie buffs to Bond films b…

Internet On Mount Everest

Internet On Mount Everest - Climbers at the top of Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, will now be able to make video calls and surf the internet on their mobile phones, a Nepalese telecom group claims.

Ncell, a subsidiary of Swedish phone giant TeliaSonera, said on Thursday it had set up a high-speed third-generation (3G) phone base station at an altitude of 5200 metres near Gorakshep village in the Everest region.

"Today we made the (world’s) highest video call from Mount Everest base camp successfully. The coverage of the network will reach up to the peak of the Everest," Ncell Nepal chief Pasi Koistinen told reporters in Kathmandu.

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The installation will also help tens of thousands of tourists and trekkers who visit the world’s highest mountain every year.

Climbers who reached its 8848-metre peak previously depended on expensive and erratic satellite phone coverage and a voice-only network set up by China Mobile in 2007 on the Chinese …

Pumpkin Seed Recipes

Pumpkin Seed Recipes - After gutting and carving your pumpkin though, you usually end up with lots of pumpkin guts. Why not cook those pumpkin extras to make a cool Halloween treat for yourself?
Many may not know how to cook pumpkin seeds in the oven, but let me tell you, the roasted pumpkin seed recipe is an easy and very quick Halloween dish to make.
All you need to do is get a few ingredients for your roasted pumpkin seed recipe. Let me show you how to cook pumpkin seeds in the oven.

To make roasted pumpkin seeds you need:
1 1/2 cup of raw whole pumpkin seeds
2 teaspoons of melted butter
1 pinch of salt

Directions on how to cook pumpkin seeds in the oven:
Preheat oven to 300 degrees F (150 degrees C).
Toss seeds in a bowl with the melted butter and salt. Spread the seeds in a single layer on a baking sheet and bake for about 45 minutes or until golden brown; stir occasionally.

Pumpkin Seed Recipes

Kanye West To Make Movie

Kanye West To Make Movie - Even though his fifth album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, is just weeks away from landing on shelves, Kanye West is still cranking out gratis G.O.O.D. Music joints. Although cutting-edge spitters Kid Cudi and Jay-Z appear on the track, the Chicago MC's newest offering, "The Joy," is a nod to the past, featuring nude '70s vixen Pam Grier on the MP3 art, buttery production courtesy of beat kingpin Pete Rock, vocals from Charlie Wilson and a contribution from soul icon Curtis Mayfield.

"Joy" is centered around Mayfield's vocals from "The Makings of You," a cut from his 1970 debut Curtis. (Yeezy has turned to Mayfield's catalogue in the past, sampling "Move On Up" for West's Late Registration single "Touch The Sky.") West helms the first two verses, using his bars to reflect upon love making, child bearing and getting out of his own way.

"I never understood Planned Parenthood/ 'Ca…

Evil Dead 2

Evil Dead 2 - Many people have been glued to AMC Fearfest this year and tonight one of the horror films shown during the event is Evil Dead 2.

Evil Dead 2 followed up the original quite well and stands on its own as a classic in the horror genre.

The hero 'Ash' (Bruce Campbell) is stranded in a cabin in the woods. In the first one his girlfriend accidentally used a summoning spell to raise the Evil Dead. He is now the lone survivor and he is up against hordes of Evil Dead.

Director Sam Raimi, who would go on to direct Spider-Man movies, and star Bruce Campbell are able to put together a bizarre, funny and scary movie that might be demented in places but is a lot of fun.

Evil Dead 2

Halloween History

Halloween History - Halloween’s history can be traced back to the Celtic festival Samhain, which means “summer’s end.” Samhain celebrates the end of what is considered the “lighter half” of the year (spring and summer) and the beginning of the “darker half” of the year (fall and winter).

Halloween’s history and connection to ghosts, goblins and whatnot stems from the Celtic belief that during Samhain, the separation between our world and the Otherworld (the realm of the dead) became almost non-existant, allowing all sorts of spirits to pass from the Otherworld to our world. Both good and bad spirits were capable of coming to our world, so to ward the evil ones off, people would ware costumes and masks. By doing this, only the good spirits, believed to be of deceased loved ones, could come to the Celts’ homes.

What about the actual word “Halloween?” Halloween is a variant of All Hallows Evening, which, on Oct. 31, is the day before All Hallows Day on Nov. 1. This was shortened to All Hal…

Denise Borino Quinn Dies

Denise Borino Quinn Dies - Borino-Quinn died Wednesday after succumbing to a long battle with liver cancer, according to the Farmer Funeral Home in Roseland. She grew up in the Essex County borough, and lived part of her adult life in Bordentown Township in an apartment complex near Route 130.

The final year for the part-time actress, who also worked as a legal secretary, was a tragic one.

He husband, Luke Quinn Jr., died suddenly of a heart attack in March. Her mother also died a few months earlier, according to attorney Marc Gaffrey, her friend and former boss.

"The world has lost a wonderful, wonderful woman," Gaffney said Saturday. "A lot of people went to her funeral, and that wasn't because she was a TV star. She touched a lot of people in our office."

Borino-Quinn won the role on the popular HBO show unexpectedly after attending an open casting call to support a childhood friend who was auditioning. She has said she was shocked when hired for the recurring r…

Time Change Fall 2010

Time Change Fall 2010 - When Do We Turn The Clocks Back in 2010? There are a lot of people asking about the Daylight savings Time and the Fall Change Time. here we have the updates for those who are confused. People in the Unites States and in Canada always does this always happens in Halloween. The last program of daylight savings time was changed in 2007. The first sunday of Novemebr is actually the first sunday of Halloween. This US Time Change Fall 2010 and Daylight Savings Time 2010 is done every six months, because the weather changes every six months.

This Sunday November 7, 2010 at 19:30 EST (6:00 PST), Clcoks will be reveerted back into the standart time, and this is when winter will come in. Giving us 60 extra minutes of Sleep or party.

These Daylight savings time was actually started in 1975, it was when the world first experiences the oil crisis. It was later decided that everony will change there time once a year with countries in different time zones so that less energy wi…