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Glee On Oprah

Glee On Oprah - Today is Glee day on Oprah! The audience is happier than the ones at the Price at Right – and no one is even winning anything! Half the audience is in Glee T-shirts, waving mini pom poms and cheering over Oprah. The Big O started the show off by describing the show, then introducing (over video clips) the cast and what characters they play. Big cheers went for Sue Sylvester! “Somebody to Love” by Queen is what the cast sang as they walked onto the stage. They wore red and white (varied) tops with dark jeans and converse sneakers. Each variation on the outfit seemed to suit the character’s, I wonder if they were meant to suit the actors or their chars. glee on oprah

Oprah talked about how there are Gleeks of any age. One girl made custom Glee action figures. Another girl gave herserlf a slushie facial. And then they showed two girls singing in their bedroom, their walls covered not with Teen Beat hotties – but Glee images. Then Oprah introduced everyone sitting on stage …