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Motorola Defy Android Smartphone

Motorola Defy Android Smartphone - Motorola introduced its Android Smartphone mobile DEFY with the new advanced Motoblur. Motorola DEFY increased new edition of Motoblur.

Motorola DEFY Android Smartphone enrich with 3.7inch WVGA display screen with high resolution, running Android 2.1 version Operating System. It has a camera of 5.0MPs, USB 2.0, 512MB RAM, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi, 800 MHz Processor and 2GB memory card. Motorola DEFY Android Smartphone is protected by dustproof and is a water resistant and this will automatically modify the messages on screen.

Motorola DEFY has come up with with extra features. It adds Motoblur 1.5 increasing for messages, emails and providing latest browsing technology and also entertainment. Motorola Defy battery back-up stand by time is up to 400 hours.

Motorola Defy Android Smartphone

Jessica Fashano Commits Suicide

Jessica Fashano Commits Suicide - Yesterday morning, a 27-year-old woman apparently jumped to her death from a Trump Place building on the Upper West Side. The Daily News reports, "Police said Jessica Fashano... jumped from the top of the 40-story Trump Place tower on Riverside Blvd. at 8:15 a.m.," and the Post says she "landed face down in a third-floor courtyard just after 8 a.m." A resident told the News, "It was outside my window [and] it was a really bad sound - a boom... I'll never forget it."

Fashano, who worked at Citigroup as an analyst (she can be seen in a recruitment video), was not a resident of the building; she lived on West 53rd Street. According to the Daily News, it's unclear why she picked 180 Riverside Boulevard (between 68th and 69th Streets), but "friends said Fashano knew someone who lived there." No note was found.

In September, a man survived a 39-story fall from a West End Avenue building when a car broke his fa…

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide - Being that we are officially less than 10 days away from Christmas morning, it is probably a good idea to finish up, well ok, begin your shopping. Some folks have a knack for figuring out a perfect, thoughtful gift for each person on their list, while others of us just debate on what amount is appropriate to slap on gifts cards given the nature of each relationship. Either way it's a crucial move and one that if handle poorly, could haunt you long past Easter.

With that said, here is a buying guide for a few folks who may be on your list.

Brett Favre - A rotary phone.
Not only will he appreciate the old school nature of this gift, it will also help eliminate a few temptations. No way is he going to be able to send a pic through one of those beasts, it takes five minutes just to dial someone, especially if they've got nines in their number.

Christmas Gift Guide

Minnesota Viking fans - long flexible socks.
You going to need to go ahead and give this ear…

Europe Snow Storms

Europe Snow Storms - Deane Raseta is among hundreds of Australians stranded in Europe today.

She has been prevented from getting home for Christmas by ice and snow that have killed at least seven people and immobilised the biggest European airports, The Australian reported.

After spending 14 hours at Heathrow over the weekend, Ms Raseta managed to find her luggage and headed back to her flat in London last night.

She had been due to fly out on Saturday on a Cathay Pacific flight bound for Perth, where her family and friends are waiting to spend Christmas with her, but she never made it off the ground.

Europe Snow Storms

Instead, Ms Raseta, a 33-year-old communications manager for an asset management firm based in London, spent six hours sitting on board the plane after the British Airports Association, which owns Heathrow and Gatwick airports, cancelled all flights owing to the bombardment of snow that has hit Britain and paralysed its transport networks in recent days.

"Our pilo…

Kroger Pet Food Recall

Kroger Pet Food Recall - The Kroger Co. grocery chain is recalling select packages of pet food because the products may pose health risk to pets.

The Cincinnati-based company says customers who bought certain bags of Pet Pride Cat Food, Pet Pride Tasty Blend Poultry & Seafood Cat Food, Pet Pride Kitten Formula Food, Old Yeller Chunk Dog Food, Kroger Value Cat Food, Kroger Value Chunk Dog Food should return it for a refund or replacement.

The company says certain packages of these dog and cat foods may contain aflatoxin, a toxic chemical produced from the growth of fungus on corn and other crops.
States affected are Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.

Kroger Pet Food Recall

Dillons and Gerbes stores in Kansas and Missouri; Baker's stores in Nebraska, Food 4 Less stores in Nebraska, Illinois and Indiana; and Jay C, Hilander, Owen's, Pay L…

Ground Zero Mosque May Move

Ground Zero Mosque May Move - A Manhattan lawyer with ties to the Saudi royal family is floating to officials and community leaders a potential plan to move the controversial Ground Zero mosque away from its proposed site near the World Trade Center to another Manhattan neighborhood.

Attorney Dudley Gaffin is claiming King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia might want to buy shuttered St. Vincent's Medical Center in the West Village and transfer the mosque to a new Islamic cultural center he would build on a plot at the site, say sources who have heard Gaffin's pitch.

The king, worth more than $20 billion, would also save the hospital, reopening most of the units that closed when St. Vincent's filed for bankruptcy on April 14, the sources said.

Ground Zero Mosque May Move

They say that Gaffin, who heads his own firm in lower Manhattan, is floating the idea to gauge what the reaction might be -- and to ready a bid to rival the Rudin Organization, which is trying to snap up St. Vince…

Eminem and Lil Wayne

Eminem and Lil Wayne - At the top of this week’s Saturday Night Live, host Jeff Bridges brought out Cookie Monster to sing a duet on “Silver Bells.” It was refreshingly sweet — how nice to see some unironic amusement.

Most of the time, however, Saturday Night Live seemed to start its holiday vacation early, with a show that consisted of fitful charm, familiar characters and targets, and a series of sketches whose punchlines were telegraphed by their titles.

SNL embraced the holiday season with a Hanukkah version of It’s a Wonderful Life titled This You Call a Wonderful Life?! Jason Sudeikis’ Jimmy Stewart was greeted with riotous arguments by the small town’s Jewish population, including Bridges as a rabbi. The sketch needed something — like a point, or Myron Cohen, perhaps.

Eminem and Lil Wayne

Eminem Cast As Boxer

Eminem Cast As Boxer - Eminem will star as a boxer in a new movie.

The rapper - real name Marshall Mathers - is set to play the lead role in 'Southpaw' which follows a fast-rising boxer who wins the welterweight world title, only to see his world come crashing down following a tragedy and his subsequent attempts to regain glory.

Kurt Sutter will pen the script, partly based on Eminem's struggles with prescription drug addiction, which he documented in his recent album 'Recovery'.

He told 'I took meetings with Marshall's producing partners over the past seven years, looking for something to do together.

Eminem Cast As Boxer

'I know he's very selective and doesn't do a lot. But he shared so much of his personal struggle in this raw and very honest album, one that I connected with on a lot of levels.

'He is very interested in the boxing genre, and it seemed like an apt metaphor, because his own life has been a brawl. In a way, thi…

Solar Eclipse December 2010

Solar Eclipse December 2010 - In the dark and very cold hours before dawn Tuesday, the brilliant full moon will slide into the long shadow the Earth casts into space, progressively dimming to what might become an eerie copper color.

It's a total lunar eclipse, the first visible anywhere since February 2008 and, if the weather cooperates, the last Marylanders will see until April 2014.

"There's something a bit magical about it," said Jim O'Leary, director of the Maryland Science Center's Davis Planetarium. "It's sort of the dance of the heavenly bodies. And to watch something we have absolutely no control over, we're fascinated by it, as people have been for centuries."

The eclipse will begin for Marylanders at 1:32 a.m., as the moon's sunlit disk begins to slide into the Earth's shadow. From the moon's lower left, the dark shadow will appear slowly to engulf the moon, finally swallowing it all at 2:41 a.m., as the eclipse becomes…

Knowshon Moreno Returns

Knowshon Moreno Returns - Knowshon Moreno has returned to the Broncos' sideline out of pads, and is out for the remainder of the game.
Moreno sustained an injury to his side/rib/abdominal area in the first quarter, and hasn't returned to the field since he got hurt. Lance Ball and Correll Buckhalter are toting the rock for the Broncos.

Knowshon Moreno Returns

Unemployment Extension Update 4

Unemployment Extension Update 4 - US Congress has reinstated the previously approved extensions for Americans receiving unemployment benefits. The extension does not add to the 99 weeks that had been approved but does allow anyone who is unemployed to start receiving the remaining benefits that were stopped on November 30, 2010.

Hoosiers need to go to the Claimant Self Service Uplink and sign in to see what vouchers have been posted to their homepage. Starting December 19, 2010, vouchers will populate and should be filled out completely to start receiving unemployment benefits again. Hoosiers who qualify for retroactive benefits may begin filling out the missing vouchers for any weeks that were missing since unemployment benefits were halted on November 30, 2010.

Unemployment Extension Update 4

It is highly likely that this will be the final approved unemployment benefits that will exceed the normal unemployment benefits that are approved from base period earnings for someone who is l…

Ben Obomanu Laceration

Ben Obomanu Laceration - For the first time in many weeks, Seattle had its top two wide receivers on the practice field at the same time Wednesday.

Receivers Mike Williams and Ben Obomanu returned to practice Wednesday after both missed last week's game at San Francisco with injuries. Williams had a left ankle sprain that piggybacked on a left foot strain that caused him to miss a game against Kansas City on Nov. 28. Obomanu had a severe hand laceration suffered on Dec. 5 against Carolina. The injuries kept both out of last Sunday's 40-21 loss to San Francisco.

Both were full participants in practice on Wednesday.

Ben Obomanu Laceration

"I feel pretty good, first day back in a while. I did a lot of cardio, lot of bike stuff, lot of elliptical [and] I'm out here ready to go," Williams said. "It's been very frustrating the last few weeks. I was trying to get into my groove but hit a couple of bumps, but I'm excited to get back out here, and bring some …

Liz Hurley Dumps Two-Timing Shane Warne

Liz Hurley Dumps Two-Timing Shane Warne - Elizabeth Hurley has reportedly dumped Shane Warne just a week after their relationship was made public.

The former cricketer - who spent two nights with 45-year-old Elizabeth earlier this month while he was in London shooting for a television show - is believed to have infuriated the British beauty by sending sexy text messages to another woman at the same time he was romancing her, leading to her calling off their romance.

According to reports, Shane began texting married business owner Adele Angeleri after meeting her in Melbourne with the hope of using a jacket from her shop in an advertisement.

Liz Hurley Dumps Two-Timing Shane Warne

A source said: "They exchanged numbers then Shane kept coming into Adele's shop, chatting her up and texting her.

"At one point he asked if she was married and was told the truth. Shane made all the running but Adele was flattered by the attention. Soon the texts were coming in daily."

He t…

Freerealms Specials

Freerealms Specials - Ready or not, the holiday season is upon us. In addition to family, food, and frantic shopping trips, we also can't forget logging into our favorite MMOs and taking part in the Christmas celebrations. Free Realms is marking the occasion with a Snow Days Special Member Reward promotion for account holders in good standing (either an existing account or one created prior to December 15th).

The rewards will be gifted beginning on December 16th and will take the form of a new pack in your /claim window. What kind of presents are we talking about? Rest assured you're not getting socks or a tie, but the gifts do depend on your membership plan. Take a look at the full list of available goodies on the official Free Realms website.

Freerealms Specials

Eagles vs Giants Live

Eagles vs Giants Live - Welcome to the game that almost certainly will decide the winner of the NFC East this season. Giants. Eagles. New York. Philadelphia. Greatest city in the world. The place where July 4 became something more than a summer day. (Yes, that’s right: Philadelphia is home to our nation’s first backyard cookout.) Oh, yeah, and Cliff Lee lives there, too. Or at least, he will soon, now that he has instructed Brian Cashman and the Yankees to give their bags of money to players like Russell Martin. Cliff didn’t need the money. He liked the Phillies more than money, even though they traded him after the 2009 season, when he pitched them to the World Series. The trade was to Seattle, for a dozen beers. Now do you understand why Yankees fans are insulted?

But that’s baseball, and pre-pre-season at that. In football, Philadelphia has nothing on New York. The Eagles haven’t won a Super Bowl since, since – well, the Eagles have never won the Super Bowl. Who knew? They have, ho…

Microsoft Bing Gains on Google

Microsoft Bing Gains on Google - Microsoft Bing has gained some ground in the search engine war, according to the latest statistics from ComScore.
The figures show that Microsoft gained 0.3%, while Google and Yahoo each dropped 0.1%. AOL moved to the bottom of the most popular five engines, losing 0.1% to take 2% of the market.

"More than 16 billion explicit core searches were conducted in November," ComScore said in a statement. "Google sites ranked first with 10.6 billion searches, followed by Yahoo sites in second with 2.6 billion, and Microsoft sites in third with 1.9 billion."

But despite Bing's recent successes, it has a long way to go before it can challenge Google, which was introduced a variety of features including Google Instant to help increase traffic.

Microsoft Bing Gains on Google

Best Buy Reward Zone

Best Buy Reward Zone - Super Saturday deals going on today as part of the Christmas holiday rush. Many retailers today like Best Buy, Walmart, Toys R Us, and JC Penney’s all are having some impressive deals and savings to dive into as well as finish up your last-minute gift list.

Some of the Super Saturday deals you can expect: Best Buy members of their Reward Zone have a chance to take up some deals by shopping online. Some items include a Kodak Zi8 pocket video camera for $99.99 with free shipping, $200.00 off of a selection of flat-screen TVs. Also, laptops as low as $379.99 amongst many other items being slashed, reduced or having the free shipping option.

Best Buy Reward Zone

Walmart is offering Super Saturday deals up Sunday on electronics and toys. There’s 50% off on cookware and some purchases and packaged deals include gift cards.

Toys R Us is also extending Super Saturday deals through Sunday, Schwinn bikes for 25% off and for a steal of a deal, the Fisher Price Imaginext Di…

Peanut Butter Blossoms Recipe

Peanut Butter Blossoms Recipe - ‘Tis the season for delicious treats and festive gatherings. The fun of baking, sharing recipes and getting together for holiday parties such as a cookie exchange are what make the season extra-special.

Hershey’s baking expert Linda Stahl offers these tips for assembling your own cookie exchange gathering:

• Provide each guest with a sample recipe in their invitation for ideas to help them get baking.

• Set up an e-mail list allowing guests to share what cookies they will bring so duplicates aren’t an issue. If your guests prefer a surprise, have them RSVP with both their attendance response and the cookie they plan to bring to the exchange.

• Once you know how many guests are coming, let party attendees know how many cookies to bring.

• Since cookies are at the center of your gathering, offer simple refreshments like hot cocoa or warm apple cider.

• Provide containers or ask guests to bring festively decorated tins to ensure cookies can be brought hom…

Austin Collie Suffers Concussion

Austin Collie Suffers Concussion - Colts WR Austin Collie exited his team's key AFC South game against the Jaguars with 1:01 remaining in the first half after taking an awkward hit.

Collie, playing in his first game since a Nov. 21 loss to the Patriots, had a strong first half with eight catches for 87 yards and two touchdowns. Indianapolis, trailing Jacksonville by one game in the division, took a 14-10 lead into halftime.

Collie also suffered a concussion in Week 9 against the Eagles. The second-year WR has missed five games this season with concussion symptoms and his status for the final two regular-season games now appears questionable.

Against the Jaguars, Collie appeared to collide head-first with the leg of Jaguars' LB Daryl Smith while attempting to make a catch. Collie lay motionless on the field for a few minutes before being escorted to the locker room on his own power. -- Arin Karimian

Austin Collie Suffers Concussion

Mammoth Mountain Resort

Mammoth Mountain Resort - Mammoth Mountain are installing a new lift for the 07/08 season to replace the resort's legendary double chair that was built in 1969.

The new lift 'Chair 9' will be a high speed 6-seater that transports skiers and boarders from Eagles Lodge up to 10,371ft near Dragon's Back. From here, riders can make the most of the secluded eastern slopes of Mammoth, including Ricochet and Dragon's Back.

The new lift will take just 6 minutes to transport riders up the mountain, which is twice as fast as the original chair. It will also be a heavier and sturdier design, meaning it will be able to operate in high winds.

Mammoth Mountain Resort

Mammoth's Chairman, Rusty Gregory said, "While we anticipate increased usage of the terrain around Chair 9, the chair upgrade will also provide more convenient access to the other side of the mountain. On busy days twenty-five percent of our skiers start their day at Eagle Lodge. We believe many intermediat…

NYS Unemployment Extensions

NYS Unemployment Extensions - On Friday U.S. President Obama signed a new law to cut taxes. A thirteen month extension is included in the new legislation, allowing more time to apply for extended unemployment benefits. The bad news is that this will not help everyone who is currently out of a job.

If you live in a state where the unemployment rate is getting better, then the new law prohibits you from receiving jobless benefits longer than someone living in a state with worse unemployment rates.

NYS Unemployment Extensions

In a nutshell here is the new plan. After exhausting 26 weeks of state funded benefits, you then switch over to the Federal program. The Federal benefits last up to 53 weeks, then another 20 weeks of extensions.The maximum limit will be 99 weeks.

In all $40 million will go out to around 124,000 people in New York. If you already have 93 weeks of checks, then you will be unable to get another extension.

New York City unemployment was down, coming in at 9.1 percent in…

Brittanee Drexel Case

Brittanee Drexel Case - The search for Brittanee Drexel, the New York teen that made national news when she went missing from Myrtle Beach during Spring Break 2009, continued over the weekend in Charleston County,

South Carolina. As many as 75 people, led by the CUE Center for Missing Persons, participated in a search Sunday in a heavily wooded area in McClellanville, according to The Myrtle Beach Police Department, which is handling the investigation, were on hand, as was Brittanee Drexel's mother, Dawn.

Dawn Drexel said it was the 48th such search she had been involved in -- and she had been involved in every one since her daughter went missing.

"It's mentally exhausting," she said. "It's just very exhausting to come here and you know in these areas it's just all woods. You don't fathom your kid being out here, but it's just hard, very hard."

Brittanee Drexel Case

According to authorities, the CUE Center for Missing Persons ha…

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - Sit back and watch the legendary outlaws in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” in the next film in the Red Barn’s film series taking place Tuesday.

The 1969 classic western follows Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman) and the Sundance Kid (Robert Redford) display as they pull off heist after heist in this Academy Award-winning film from director George Roy Hill. To evade a relentless posse, the boys flee to Bolivia, thinking they’ll find easier pickings there. But trouble finds the charming desperadoes wherever they go, prompting yet another run.

The film begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Saugatuck Brewing Co., 2948 Blue Star Hwy., Saugatuck. Suggested donation is $5 that includes popcorn. Call (269) 857-5300 for more information. John Hardy will host the event.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Caitlin Beadles Hospitalized

Caitlin Beadles Hospitalized - Rumors are swirling today that Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Caitlin Beadles was attacked and stabbed by a crazed fan of the popstar. It is apparently true that the aspiring actress is hospitalized due to some breathing difficulties last night and not as the result of a stabbing. No details have been given so far for her ailment, but all signs point to it being a medical situation and not an attack by a fan.
Was Caitlin Beadles stabbed by a Justin Bieber fan?

Caitlin Beadles Hospitalized

It seems just the idea that Justin Bieber may have a significant girlfriend is too much for some fans of the popstar to handle. The fact that she may or may not have dated the singer shouldn’t make her a target for the star’s enthusiastic young fans. It’s time for the young girls to just settle down and accept the fact that the singer may just have a life off-stage.

While it appears that Caitlin Beadles is doing much better today after her medical scare, it’s time …

Christine Logan Found Dead

Christine Logan Found Dead - An attack on two women that left an American tourist dead and the other in hospital with several knife wounds appears to have been politically motivated, Israeli police said Sunday.

Police found the body of Christine Logan, 40, in a forest just outside Jerusalem, her hands bound behind her back and covered with blood from multiple stab wounds.

Her friend, Kaye Susan Wilson, a naturalized Israeli citizen originally from Britain, survived the attack by playing dead, then running to a nearby road and waving down a passing police car.

Wilson told Israeli media that she and Logan were hiking in the hills southwest of Jerusalem Saturday when they were approached by two Arab men. She said the men asked them for water, and then she and her friend walked away.

Christine Logan Found Dead

When the women headed back to the main trail, they were suddenly and brutally attacked.

"It all happened so fast. They came and attacked us," Wilson, 46, told reporters.


Sabrina Parker Loses Battle

Sabrina Parker Loses Battle - Sabrina Parker the 16 year old girl died on Tuesday surrounded by family and close friends at her home after a year-long battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS, commonly referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.”

Most people who develop ALS are between the ages of 40 and 70. Sabrina — who was diagnosed at 15 — was the youngest patient to be treated for the disease at Duke University Hospital.

Sabrina inspired all those in her life because of her courage and resilience. ALS is probably one of the worst of all the diseases and to hear or see such a young person battle this evil with so much dignity is simply unbelievable.

Sabrina Parker Loses Battle

Her grandfather Noland Parker said that Sabrina maintained a positive attitude and made the best of every moment.

“She enjoyed life the best she could, and we allowed her free reign on that … We didn’t try to hold her back because we were scared something might happen,” Noland said. “She liked her freedom …

Sportsbook Odds

Sportsbook Odds - Sportsbook Odds respect continues to grow for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they refuse to fold in their quest for a NFL betting post season spot.

Football gambling respect is also high for the Detroit Lions with sharp handicappers as they are proving to be one of the best values on the board in NFL gambling.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will host the Detroit Lions on Sunday with a telecast on FOX set to start at 1 PM ET. Brobury opened with Tampa Bay as a 6 point favorite and with a total of 42.
Detroit is coming off a major 7-3 upset win over Green Bay with the football betting odds as 7 point home dogs to improve their record to 3-10 straight up and 9-4 against the spread with 9 of their games going over the total. The Lions snapped a 5 game losing streak and continue to provide phenomenal board value to bargain hunting handicappers.

Sportsbook Odds

Detroit has also shown noticeable improvement on the field which has helped their value as they rank 16th overall for sc…

Seongnam 4th in FIFA World Cup

Seongnam 4th in FIFA World Cup - The K-League’s Seongnam Chunma ended its FIFA Club World Cup campaign ranking fourth with a 4-2 loss to Sports Club Internacional in the third place game, Sunday (KST).

The Asian champion finished with 10 men as Jang Suk-won was sent off in the first half, but forward Uribe Molina hit back after the break with two goals.

Things did not start well for Seongnam as they lost two regular starters. Cho Byung-kuk picked up a thigh injury and Jang was dismissed for a second bookable offense.

The Latin American champions took an early lead through midfielder Tinga’s header in the 15th followed by another goal by forward Alecsandro in the 27th.

Seongnam 4th in FIFA World Cup

The situation became more challenging for the Koreans as defender Jang Suk-won was given a second yellow card in the 32nd after an aggressive body check on Tinga. Substitute striker Dzenan Radoncic who came on the field in the 28th had to exit 15 minutes later after injuring his left knee.

Zanessa is Finished

Zanessa is Finished - Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are officially broken up. They’ve been together since High School Musical
was filmed in 2006, but it looks like the relationship ran its course.

There was no third party involved; it just seems that maybe distance was a factor. Efron, 23, has been in New Orleans shooting The Lucky One, while the almost-22-year-old Hudgens is finishing the movie Journey 2: The Mysterious Island in Hawaii.

Zanessa is Finished

It seems as though, because they’re both successful and their careers are expanding, maintaining a close relationship is not possible.

It looks like Hudgens will be celebrating her 22nd birthday without Efron in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

She deserves a few birthday, post-breakup drinks with close friends.

Zanessa is Finished

Zack Greinke Trade

Zack Greinke Trade - Multiple reports out of Milwaukee Saturday night have a Zack Greinke deal centered around Alcides Escobar and a package of prospects completed and awaiting announcement.

Jim Breen first reported a deal involving Alcides Escobar, Jeremy Jeffress and Lorenzo Cain.

I had been told that the Milwaukee Brewers were originally informed that they had “no chance” of landing Greinke during the Winter Meetings, but that could have changed significantly once Greinke went public with his demands to leave the Royals.

Zack Greinke Trade

If the reports are true, the Rangers have missed out on a second high profile starting pitching target to a late surfacing suitor. Escobar fits a Royals need as a high end defensive short stop, and Odorizzi is a quality pitching prospect, rivaling anyone in the Texas organization outside of Martin Perez. While Cain may be less of a sure hole-filler in center field, he matches a second positional need of the Royals. Jeffress is the sort of hard th…

Airtel Call Home

Airtel Call Home - Government has asked three telecom service providers - Airtel, Tata and Reliance - to put on hold their video calling services on 3G until interception facilities are cleared by security agencies.

In a letter sent to these companies, the Telecom Department (DoT) said the shortcomings in interception facilities of video calling on 3G services for the agencies need to be addressed before their launch.

The three companies were to start the video call facilities by the end of this year.

Airtel Call Home

According to an exhaustive note sent by the union home ministry to the DoT, a demonstration was organised by Reliance, Tata Teleservices and Bharti during which the law enforcement agencies pointed out that online delivery of video call intercepts “in real time” could not be carried out by any of the telecom operators.

The contents of such calls were displayed only after five minutes of the completion of these calls as against the requirement of the agencies which want s…

Stagg Bowl Title

Stagg Bowl Title - These four words have been in the minds of the UW-Whitewater players and coaches since Day 1 of training camp in August.

After four months of hard work and preparation, the team is Division III national champions once again.

With a 31-21 victory over the Mount Union Purple Raiders in the Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl Saturday at Salem Stadium, the 'Hawks capped a second straight perfect season with their third national championship in four years and second straight.

Stagg Bowl Title

"It goes back to the philosophy of worrying about what you can control," head coach Lance Leipold said. "On Monday and Tuesday during game weeks, the workmen mentality that our assistant coaches have instilled in this group week by week is tremendous … [the players] stayed grounded throughout this thing and that's what has really carried them."

Junior defensive back Steve McCollom echoed Leipold's sentiments.

"Our coaches do a great job of giving us a busine…

Mount Union Football

Mount Union Football - There are main division series football games being held today but there are also worthwhile non-Division I series football games that are being players. Today, the Stagg Bowl 2010 national championship game for the Division III series championship between Mount Union Football and Wisconsin-Whitewater Football was concluded. for the second year in a row Wisconsin-Whitewater defeated Mount Union Football, 31-28. This is the same margin by which they were also defeated last year, 38-28.

Mount Union Football is still the best team in Division III with 10 Stagg Football wins which include 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, and 2008. Wisconsin-Whitewater’s win today ranks 4th in the best teams with 3 championships (2007, 2009, 2010). This is the sixth consecutive year and the 14th time in Mount Union Football history that they have faced Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Mount Union Football

DADT Repeal

DADT Repeal - The United States senate repealed the 'Don’t ask Don’t tell' (DADT) policy allowing gay men and women in the military to be open about their sexual preferences.

This has prompted a slew of celebrities taking to Twitter to announce their happiness over the announcement.

Lady Gaga who has been most vociferous against the draconian law tweeted: "Can't hold back the tears+pride. We did it!i Our voice was heard + today the Senate REPEALED DADT. A triumph for equality after 17 YEARS."

Ellen DeGeneres posted: "Thank you Senators for pushing us one step closer towards full equality."

DADT Repeal

Ricky Martin wrote: "One step closer to #equality!! #DADT is gone!Historical! #lgbt."

Adam Shankman, the So You Think You Can Dance judge, said: Don't ask don't tell repealed!!! This a great Xmas!"

Cyndi Lauper tweeted: "Historic day. 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' repealed. It's about time. Step by step we're h…