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Toshiba and Samsung are Environmentally Friendly

"Toshiba and Samsung top the latest Greenpeace environmental ranking of consumer electronics companies.The ranking, which was published on Tuesday, scores the world's largest consumer electronics companies based on their recycling policies and the toxic content of their products.Toshiba climbed six ranks to tie at the top with previous leader Samsung, thanks to moves towards taking care of the electronic waste generated when its customers discard its products."It's about time the big electronics companies started taking care of the environment. They sell so many electronics products to so many people that they are in a good position to make a huge on our environment for the better.The fact that Toshiba moved six ranks up is a good indication that these big corporations are starting to think about how they can better look after the earth. After all if they don't, there won't be anyone left to sell plasma tv's and laptops too.