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Ron Isley's New Album

Ron Isley's New Album - Available to buy from November 30th, Ron Isley‘s new album Mr. I now features only two guest features from T.I. on “Put Your Money On Me” [listen below] and Aretha Franklin on “You’ve Got A Friend”.
What a shame; here is a notable absence of his collaboration with Lauryn Hill covering the Burt Bacharach and Hal David penned classic leaked “(They Love To Be) Close To You“.
Mr. I is out next week via Def Jam – pre-order now available on Amazon. Check out the full album tracklist and Mr Isley’s collaboration with T.I. below.
Ron Isley ft. T.I. – “Put Your Money On Me”:

1. Take It How You Want It
2. No More
3. If I Lose My Woman
4. Put Your Money On Me (feat. T.I.)
5. Supposed To Do
6. Dance For Me
7. What I Miss The Most
8. I Need You
9. You’ve Got A Friend (feat. Aretha Franklin)
10. You Had Me At Hello

Ron Isley's New Album

Haiti Elections A Shambles

Haiti Elections A Shambles - Voters say they can't find their names at polling centers as allegations of ballot stuffing and other fraud abound. Twelve of 18 presidential candidates call for the elections to be canceled.

With the country reeling from the effects of January's earthquake and a devastating cholera epidemic, the general elections slid into chaos Sunday as thousands complained they could not cast ballots and a majority of presidential candidates accused the Haitian government of committing "massive fraud."

Twelve of the 18 presidential candidates issued a declaration saying the hastily prepared elections should be canceled and that the people should "mobilize" to reject the results. They accused President Rene Preval of conspiring with the country's electoral council to ensure that his party, Unity, was in control of Parliament, and its candidate, Jude Celestin, won the presidency.

Protests erupted in parts of the rubble-strewn capital, Port…

Comcast Outage Hits Boston

Comcast Outage Hits Boston - Comcast's cable Internet service on the U.S. east coast was hit with problems late Sunday that left many users unable to access the Internet.

The outage affected at least Boston, the company said, but comments on Twitter pointed to service being down in several other cities including Washington, D.C., and Baltimore.

"Our engineers are working very aggressively to fix the problem," said Doreen Vigue, a Boston-based spokeswoman for Comcast. She said she didn't have any specific information about the cause of the fault or the cities affected beyond Boston.

Twitter postings point to a DNS (domain name system) server problem.

DNS is the system that converts human-friendly Internet address like "" into a numeric Internet address, which are vital to Internet communications. If the DNS servers go down there's no way for a user's PC to address data correctly and so communication stops.

Several users said their conn…

Stewart Haverty Dies At Soldier Field

Stewart Haverty Dies At Soldier Field - A man in his 20s fell to his death at Soldier Field during Sunday's game between the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The fall occurred inside Soldier Field around 4:55 p.m., the Chicago Tribune reports, citing Chicago police and fire officials. Chicago Fire Department media affairs spokesman Joe Roccasalva said the victim fell and landed on a small rooftop on the west side of the stadium near Lake Shore Drive, the newspaper reports.

Witnesses told emergency personnel that they saw the man run up to a ledge and jump, Roccasalva said, according to the newspaper.

The man was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in critical condition, where he died about 30 minutes later.

Stewart Haverty Dies At Soldier Field

Man Dies At Soldier Field

Man Dies At Soldier Field - A man died Sunday afternoon after he fell out of Soldier Field and landed on a rooftop on the west side of the stadium, officials said.

The incident happened about 4:55 p.m. as the Bears and the Eagles were playing, according to Chicago police and fire department officials.

Stewart Haverty, 23, was pronounced dead at Northwestern Memorial Hospital at 5:24 p.m. The Cook County medical examiner's office did not know Haverty's hometown.

The victim fell about 20 feet and landed on a small rooftop on the west side of the stadium near Lake Shore Drive, fire spokesman Joe Roccasalva said.

Haverty was taken in critical condition to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, officials said. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

The fire department needed an aerial tower with a basket to get him down, Roccasalva said.

Witnesses told emergency personnel that they saw the man run up to the ledge and jump.

The incident is the second fatal fall in a week at …

Hollywood Christmas Parade 2010

Hollywood Christmas Parade 2010 - It is that time of the year again – Christmas Parade Time in Hollywood, California. The Hollywood Christmas Parade is to begin at 6:00 pm this evening, Sunday, November 28, 2010. Daytime traffic will be a mess due to road closures in preparation for the parade.

Larry King, host of “The Larry King Show” is the Grand Marshall. There will be a few other celebrities in the parade including comic Dick Van Dyke and actress Donna Mills.

When you get ready for a parade as famous as the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, you have to expect congestion, detours, traffic jams, short tempers and fines. Look at it as part of the doings; put a smile on your face and it won’t be so bad. If you are parked in the parade route, your vehicle will be towed.

Three of the main closures as reported in the LA times are:

Hollywood Blvd. from La Brea Ave. to Orange Drive; Hawthorn, De Longpre and Fountain Aves. between La Brea and Highland Aves; and El Cerrito Place betwee…

Leslie Nielsen Dies

Leslie Nielsen Dies - Leslie Nielsen, who made audiences laugh with his ridiculous seriousness and deadpan deliveries in the absurd scenes of comedy films like Airplane! and Naked Gun has died. He was 84.

His agent confirmed that the actor died Sunday near his home in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., surrounded by his "lovely wife and friends" at 5:34 p.m. ET, due to complications of pneumonia.

Nielsen had been hospitalized for nearly two weeks as a result of pneumonia, his agent said.

"Just in this last 48 hours, the infection has gotten too much," his nephew Doug Nielsen told Canadian radio station CKNW. "He just fell asleep and passed away."

Leslie Nielsen Dies

Cyber Monday Deals 2010 Gift Ideas

Cyber Monday Deals 2010 - Cyber Monday Deals 2010, which ones should you consider? It’s nice to look at Best Buy Cyber Monday or Walmart Cyber Monday deals but after I went through all the ads I realized something. Most of them cost you money. Wouldn’t it be better to get the Xbox 360 or iPad that you want for free or so cheap that it is practically free? The best Cyber Monday deals are not the ones that you are going to see advertised everywhere else. Although you can get great merchandise and gifts for ridiculously low prices, nothing beats a free offer. You can get a lot of the best deals by helping out companies market research teams and jumping through a few of their hoops. You may have to spend some time, like 20 minutes (big deal), but you’ll come out with a free gift. We’re not talking cheap gifts either. Check out the offers below and save yourself the hassle of price searching for the lowest Cyber Monday online deals at all the electronic stores out there. You can’t beat fre…

Spiderman The Musical On Broadway

Spiderman The Musical On Broadway - As the Spiderman franchise prepares for a fourth film (in 3D, no less), the superhero is about to hit another height – Spiderman will be on Broadway. Excited? You can find Spiderman the musical tickets right here. If you’re not excited yet, you can check out the Spiderman on Broadway preview video below.

Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark features music from U2′s Bono and The Edge, and is a $65 million production. Bringing Spiderman in a musical form to Broadway took a while, and the show was supposed to open in January. Although late, Spiderman is now on Broadway, and excitement is high.
Are you looking forward to seeing Spiderman in musical form? Will you be attending Spiderman on Broadway? Check out the Spiderman dates and let us know in the comments!

Spiderman The Musical On Broadway

iPhone 3G Unlock

iPhone 3G Unlock - iPhone Dev-Team has released new information on the free carrier unlock software package known as ultrasn0w. Now iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS devices running baseband versions 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01, 05.13.04, and 06.15.00 are unlockable after jailbreaking. iPhone Dev-Team includes detailed ultrasn0w information in their recent Ultra-recycle blog post.

Running iOS 4.2.1 on your iPhone 3G/3GS? Updating your iPhone baseband to 06.15.00 using iPad 3.2.2 firmware actually makes the device unlockable for use on carriers other than AT&T Mobility. Dev-Team has developed a PwnageTool 4.1.3 Unlock Edition that will update the 3G/3GS baseband, and the group is working on a new version of redsn0w that will add this functionality for Windows users.

iPhone 3G and 3GS models running basebands higher than 05.13.04 or lower than 06.15.00 are not unlockable with ultrasn0w at this time. Dev-Team made news this week by releasing an iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak immediately after Apple lau…

Eritrea Refugees

Eritrea Refugees - There was international concern Friday, November 26, over the situation of 80 Eritrean refugees who rights activists said have been held hostage by people smugglers on the Egypt-Israel border for about a month.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), a religious rights group, cited investigators as saying that smugglers are demanding payment of $8,000 per refugee before releasing them.

It was believed there were Christians among the refugees. Eritrean officials have arrested thousands of Christians, holding them inside metal shipping containers, barracks and underground dungeons where at least several have died from torture and other harsh conditions, church groups and rights activists say.

Most of them are believed to be evangelical Christians as Eritrea only recognizes four religious groups including Islam, the Eritrean Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic Church and the Lutheran Evangelical Church of Eritrea. However, even members of recognized religions haven't…

November Christmas Preview

November Christmas Preview - Tonight CBS will air the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie “November Christmas,” starring John Corbett and Sam Elliott. This movie is guaranteed to be a tear jerker…I can tell just by watching the preview. I’m already covered in goose pimples and slightly choked up. John Corbett gets his town to help him create holidays for his dying little girl, so she can have them now…evidently it’s not likely that she will live long enough to have them when it’s actually time. As most of us have children, this movie is almost unbearably poignant, since none of us want to think about our kids being this sick. It is heart-warming to think of a whole town helping to create Christmas just for one little girl. Sam Elliott plays their neighbor farmer who helps out, and Sarah Paulson, Karen Allen, Elizabeth McLaughlin and Emily Alyn Lind also star in this not-to-be-missed movie.

November Christmas Preview

Russian Skater Ekaterina Gordeeva

Russian Skater Ekaterina Gordeeva - Champion figure skater Ekaterina Gordeeva and former hockey player Valeri Bure won the televised competition after scoring the most viewer votes with two dazzling dance routines that earned stellar praise from judges Sandra Bezic, Jeremy Roenick and guest judge Christopher Dean.

The duo, credited with raising the level of competition with tricky elements that included the show's first double throw — thanked each other and Canadian voters as the audience erupted into cheers at the announcement.

The honour included a crystal trophy for the pair, which Gordeeva promptly dropped onto the ice, shattering it into pieces. That sent her on a sheepish tour of the rink looking for tiny shards before joining Bure for a victory lap.

Backstage, Bure tried to cover up the gaffe by claiming it was actually an old Russian tradition.

"She broke it for luck," Bure insisted as Gordeeva smiled.

"In Russia, what we do, we break the plates and take a p…

Andre Johnson Cortland Finnegan Fight During Game

Andre Johnson Cortland Finnegan Fight During Game - Andre Johnson apologized to teammates after a fight with Tennessee Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan.

Johnson, the Texans' Pro Bowl wide receiver, was ejected from the Texans' 20-0 victory over the Titans at Reliant Stadium Sunday midway through the third quarter. He and Finnegan had exchanged shoves on the play before, and after Finnegan drove his hands to Johnson's face, Johnson retaliated by removing Finnegan's helmet and then punching the Pro Bowl cornerback three times.

Johnson apologized to teammates afterward.

"I really don't have anything to say about Cortland," Johnson said afterward. "I would like to apologize to the organization, our owner & my teammates. What happened out there today was not me. I just lost my cool and I wish that I could take back what happened, but I can't."

But Texans' owner Bob McNair didn't seem too upset, telling reporters, "I awarded (…

Andre Johnson Fight In Titans Game

Andre Johnson Fight In Titans Game - It was a fight more typical of a hockey game than an NFL game.

And, when it was over, Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson and Tennessee Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan were ejected from the game, which Houston won. Finnegan and Johnson had been pushing each other and exchanging pleasantries throughout the game and, in the fourth quarter, Finnegan hit Johnson in the mouth as they went to the line of scrimmage. Finnegan's helmet came off, Johnson threw him to the ground and managed to land a couple of blows to Finnegan's head.

Andre Johnson Fight In Titans Game

Swiss Legend Men's Commander Collection Watch

Swiss Legend Men's Commander Collection Watch - If you’re looking for an early Cyber Monday Deal this one is one of the best deals so far. The Swiss Legend Men’s Commander Collection Watch is quickly becoming an online sensation at only $99.99. You can get this early Cyber Monday deal right here FOR A SAVINGS OF 86%.

The makers of Swiss Legend have built a solid reputation by offering their customers quality timepieces steeped in tradition, design and versatility.

The Swiss Legend Men’s Commander Collection Watch features a large, easy to read circular dial, is water resistant to 330 feet (100 meters) It is also equipped with precision Swiss quartz movement.
There are three inner subdials, and a date display at the 4 o’clock position. It features a stainless steel bezel that is indexed from zero to sixty. The lens is made from a scratch resistant mineral crystal material.

Swiss Legend Men's Commander Collection Watch

New Wiki Leaks Documents

New Wiki Leaks Documents - After days of anticipation and unheeded warnings from the Obama administration, the huge and controversial data dump from whistle-blower website WikiLeaks is being published and broadcast.

As reported by the New York Times (which, along with the British newspaper the Guardian and the German news magazine Der Spiegel, began revealing the data Sunday afternoon), the cache of a quarter-million confidential American diplomatic cables “provides an unprecedented look at backroom bargaining by embassies around the world, brutally candid views of foreign leaders and frank assessments of nuclear and terrorist threats.”

The Guardian reports the leaked information as including: Arab leaders privately urging an air strike on Iran, US officials being instructed to spy on the United Nation's leadership, alleged links between the Russian government and organized crime, “devastating criticism” of British military operations in Afghanistan, and claims of “inappropriate b…

Notre Dame USC

Notre Dame USC - It had all the makings of a storybook finish.

USC trailed late in the fourth quarter Saturday night against Notre Dame, needing a touchdown to win at the Coliseum.

Quarterback Mitch Mustain, a patient fifth-year senior making his first start for the Trojans, converted a fourth-down pass as his team drove toward a come-from-behind victory.

But Mustain's final attempt was intercepted at the goal line, giving Notre Dame a 20-16 win that ended the Trojans' near-decade of domination in the intersectional series.

The loss was USC's first in the last nine games against the Fighting Irish and dropped the Trojans to 7-5.

A few weeks ago, USC was considering the possibility of a 10-win season.

Now after losses to Oregon State and the Irish, Coach Lane Kiffin will try to salvage his first season with a victory next week over UCLA.

"That was a tough locker room," Kiffin said on his way out of the stadium. "We had a chance to send off the seniors having …

Best Buy Cyber Monday

Best Buy Cyber Monday - One of the most anticipated Cyber Monday sales is the one coming up at Best Buy. But, like Walmart, Best Buy is starting their Cyber Monday one day early…on Sunday. This sale includes appliances, computers, video games and, of course, TV. Check out a sneak peek of the big Best Buy sales right here!

65” HDTV Mitsubishi Home Cinema $799.99
46” HDTV Insignia 550 Series – $649.99
40” Sharp Aquos LCD HDTV $599.99
32” HDTV Toshiba $349.99
Acer 21.5″ LCD Monitor For $129.99.
Samsung Netbook with 250GB Hard Drive – $279.99
Samsung Hi-Def camcorder – $249.99
ZuneHD 32GB Bundle for $209.99
Velocity Micro Cruz Digital Reader For $159.99
$1,380 Off Sony BRAVIA 55” Class 3D-ready LED-LCD HDTV and PlayStation 3 Package.
50% off Select Wii Games
15% off select Major Appliances

Will you be checking out the Best Buy Cyber Sunday/Monday Sale?

Best Buy Cyber Monday

Debt Management Plan

Debt Management Plan - A debt management plan is a popular method for dealing with personal debt which cannot be repaid. However a common concern is the effect this solution will have on the family home. We investigate how it will affect your property.

If you have debts which you are struggling to repay, a debt management plan (DMP) will help you reduce your monthly payments to an amount that you can afford.

Having said that, only unsecured debt such as personal loans, credit cards and catalogue debt can be included in a DMP.

You must continue to pay any secured debts such as your mortgage, any secured loans or a car HP. As long as you continue to pay your mortgage, your home is not at risk and you will be able to keep it.

Mortgage payments protected

Your debt management plan will actually help you maintain your mortgage payments.

This is because your mortgage is a priority debt and included in your monthly living expenditure budget which you are allowed to maintain while you are in a…