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Shania Twain Engaged

Shania Twain Engaged - Country singer Shania Twain is engaged. Twain’s manager, Jason Owen, confirmed yesterday that Twain is engaged to business executive Frederic Thiebaud. Twain first confirmed in August 2009 that she was dating Thiebaud after her divorce from Robert “Mutt’’ Lange, who had an affair with Twain’s best friend and Thiebaud’s wife, Marie-Anne Thiebaud. She reached out to Frederic Thiebaud in the aftermath, and wrote on her website last year that she had found “a dear friend and true gentleman.’’

Shania Twain Engaged

Word of the Year

Word of the Year - US dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster named "Austerity" as the word of the year on Monday, reflecting the cost-cutting ethos that has gripped the US economy and culture. "'Austerity' clearly resonates with many people," said Peter Sokolowski, editor at large at Merriam-Webster, who monitors

online dictionary searches. "We often hear it used in the context of government measures, but we also apply it to our own personal finances and what is sometimes called the new normal."
Second on the list was "pragmatic", a word that rose steadily in searches this year, and which the dictionary said "described a quality that people value highly, want to understand fully and are looking for in their leaders".

"Moratorium" was third on the list, reflecting the ban on offshore oil drilling that followed BP's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Other words in the top 10 included socialism, bigot, doppelganger, sh…

What Time is the Lunar Eclipse Tonight

What Time is the Lunar Eclipse Tonight - Skywatchers in North and Central America are in for a treat tonight: there will be a total lunar eclipse.

Time to break out the special eyeglasses to protect your vision? Experts say that's unnecessary.

Despite what some people think, lunar eclipses are safe to watch with the naked eye (though special precautions do need to be taken when viewing solar eclipses).

During a lunar eclipse, the full moon passes through the Earth's shadow. That darkens the moon and gives it a ghostly color. The effect may be even more spectacular than usual this time, given the tons of dust that have been sent into the atmosphere by recent volcanic eruptions around the world. The moon may glow red or brown instead of the usual orange-yellow tinge.

The eclipse will occur Monday night on the West Cost and in the early morning on the East Coast.

What Time is the Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Devin Hester Sets NFL Record

Devin Hester Sets NFL Record - The Chicago Bears' Devin Hester finally set the NFL record for combined return touchdowns when he scored on a 64-yard punt return in the third quarter against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday at TCF Bank Stadium.

Having entered the contest only one return touchdown away shy of Brian Mitchell's NFL record, Hester notched yet another "almost" score to his dossier when he fielded the opening kickoff of the second half from the 6, and zipped up the field for 79 yards only to be taken down by Heath Farwell at the Vikings' 15-yard line.

The return set up Robbie Gould's second field goal of the night.

Devin Hester Sets NFL Record

Hester made up for missed opportunity on his next chance, racing 64 yards up the home team's sideline for the score.

Hester tied the record with an 89-yard punt return in Week 6 against the Seattle Seahawks, but now moves into sole possession with 14 return TDs.

Hester broke the record in 73 games, while Mi…

Miranda Rights Technicality

Miranda Rights Technicality - A Contra Costa County judge said Tuesday that detectives violated the rights of one of the seven defendants in the October 2009 gang rape of a 16-year-old girl at Richmond High School and that he would not consider anything said in the interview.
Judge Gregory Caskey said that Richmond police Sgt. Lori Curran appears to have violated Cody Smith's Miranda rights during a police interview the Monday after the alleged attack.

Caskey also said that after watching the tape of Smith's three-hour interview, it is his opinion that it was more of an interrogation than a witness interview.

Curran testified earlier Tuesday that she picked Smith up at school Oct. 26 and brought him to the police station, where she interviewed him.

Curran testified that at one point in the interview when Smith asked if he could go home she told him no.

Miranda Rights Technicality

When he tried to invoke his right to remain silent, Curran continued to interview him, Caskey said…

Lufthansa Back in the Air

Lufthansa Back in the Air - German flagship carrier Deutsche Lufthansa AG (LHA.XE) expects to resume normal flight operations Wednesday, the company told Dow Jones Newswires Monday.

Until then, Lufthansa will continue to widen its special flight plan step-by-step until Wednesday, spokeswoman Claudia Lange said, adding that flights could be largely back to normal by Tuesday evening.

The special flight plan implemented Saturday only affects flights within Europe, Lange said. Long-haul flights are operating as normal.

Lange declined to comment on how many Lufthansa flights have been cancelled in the last three days. She said Lufthansa continues to urge passengers to switch to rail transportation when possible.

Lufthansa Back in the Air

Sara Bareilles Nominated for Grammy

Sara Bareilles Nominated for Grammy - Last year, platinum pop songstress Sara Bareilles was nominated for two Grammy Awards thanks to her effervescent debut album, “Little Voice.”

This month, she received another nomination for her infectious single “King of Anything” from “Kaleidoscope Heart,” her sophomore album.

“I think the news is still kind of sinking in, to be honest,” the Eureka-born keyboardist says. “It hasn’t been that long since the record came out, so it was quite a shock. But I had a blast the first time at the Grammys, so I’m excited just to go and run around there again.”

Sara Bareilles Nominated for Grammy

That is nothing compared to another honor recently bestowed on Bareilles, who hits The City in a sold-out show tonight. Hers is the first card flipped to in President Barack Obama’s Rolodex when he and the first lady are recruiting entertainers.

“I don’t know how it happens, but whenever it comes my way, I’ll take it!” she says of the coveted White House gigs, such …

Steve Landesberg Dies

Steve Landesberg Dies - Steve Landesberg, an actor and comedian with a friendly and often deadpan manner who appeared on television and in movies, including “Barney Miller,” “The Golden Girls,” “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Head Case,” died, his agent said Monday. He was 65.

Mr. Landesberg is probably best known for the role of Det. Sgt. Arthur P. Dietrich on the ’70s sitcom “Barney Miller.” The sitcom, which ran on ABC from 1975 to 1982, featured Mr. Landesberg playing an intellectual detective with a quiet manner who seemed to have an unrivaled knowledge of practically any topic that arose, much to the bemusement of his fellow detectives.

Steve Landesberg Dies

The sitcom, set in a New York City police station, portrayed a group of wisecracking detectives who dealt with the oddball characters who would end up there. With most of the action in the squad room rather than out in the street, some police officers have said that the show often better represented the real life of th…

Million Dollar Money Drop

Million Dollar Money Drop - The key to a good TV game show is creating a concept that allows viewers to play along from their couches, and "Million Dollar Money Drop" does just that.

A good host helps, too, and Kevin Pollak is at the helm of "Million Dollar Money Drop." He knows when to step in with a joke to move the contest along.

The concept here is fairly simple: Two people play as a team. At the start, they're handed $1 million to lose. Really.

Over the course of the show, they'll face a series of multiple-choice questions. Each time, they must bet a chunk of the money on their answers.

What's left over at the end, they keep. But having anything left, of course, is easier said than done.

Million Dollar Money Drop

In the first show, viewers meet Brittany and Gabe, an outgoing pair of players.

"This million is yours," Pollak tells them, pointing to the stacks of cash.

"We can touch it?" Brittany asks. "We can feel it?"


Sony Yendo Walkman

Sony Yendo Walkman - Sony Ericsson is said to have delayed the launch of the Yendo Walkman handset, scheduled to reach the United Kingdom as well as other markets last month. The plans are now for a release in February, due to unspecified problems with the device’s software. Ben Padley, the representative of the company, confirmed this delay in an interview for the Dutch site NieuweMobiel.

The device is the first touchscreen-based phone from Sony Ericsson that uses the Walkman brand and will keep its focus on music. It uses the same four-corner user interface as the X10 mini and other Android devices. The entry-level hardware has a 2.6-inch LCD with a resolution of 320×240, EDGE connectivity and a two-megapixel camera.

Sony Ericsson is expected to announce its plans for a release of the Yendo in the United States. It is expected to launch the device in the United Kingdom and other markets in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Sony Yendo Walkman

Macintosh Computers App Store

Macintosh Computers App Store - Apple has announced an App Store coming in January for its computers. Yes, the same feature available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch will be available for Macintosh computers in January.

Seemingly as part of an OS upgrade Mac users will have to pay for. It's called Lion.

As an Apple user, a large part of me wants to say, "about fucking time." Another part of me wants to be pissed off at Apple for forcing me to say, "about fucking time." And another part of me wants to say, "I don't have the money for this shit anyways."

For the PC-elitists, yes, I own a Macintosh, but not a gaming computer, and I own every gaming console. Go eat a dick sandwich.

Macintosh Computers App Store

Melts in your Mouth not in Your Hand Slogan

Melts in your Mouth not in Your Hand Slogan - On the venerable prime-time game show Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, contestants earned their way toward the titular ton o' cash by answering a series of increasingly difficult multiple-choice questions.

Getting to the million was not easy; few contestants actually achieved the feat.

The new Fox series Million Dollar Money Drop (Mondays at 7 p.m.) comes at the acquisition-of-riches thing from the opposite direction -- everyone who walks onto the stage immediately becomes a millionaire by being handed a huge pile of cash (in neatly stacked $20,000 bundles). But that's when the tricky part starts, as each tandem of contestants is challenged to see how much of it they can hang onto during a white-knuckle sprint through seven multiple-choice puzzlers.

Melts in your Mouth not in Your Hand Slogan

Like Millionaire, the genius of this new Brit-import format lies in its simplicity. But its gut-grabbing and addictive appeal is found in the f…

Where's The Beef

Where's The Beef - The man who got Wendy's to ask "Where's the beef?" in its legendary 1980s marketing campaign has a new challenge: Helping Alexandria's public schools better sell themselves to potential donors and volunteers.

Alan Hilburg, the communications consultant whose work for Wendy's was followed by efforts to polish the reputations of Leona Helmsley and Don Imus during periods of controversy, is seeking to improve the image of a school district that is Northern Virginia's most diverse and, by some measures, its least successful. The federal government labeled the system's only high school, T.C. Williams, among the nation's "persistently lowest achieving" in March.

Where's The Beef

Developing marketing strategies are common for companies and colleges but rarely a priority for school districts. Superintendent Mort Sherman, who prefers the term "community outreach strategy," says he hopes the effort helps the di…

Stargate Universe Cancelled

Stargate Universe Cancelled - After all the cancellation dramas that periodically beset its older brothers in the franchise, Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, perhaps it's just as well SGU has been spared the trouble.

While it will air the balance of season 2 on schedule, Syfy has decided to not renew Stargate Universe for a third season. The series has 10 episodes remaining in its second season and Syfy will air these episodes as planned next Spring.

Stargate Universe Cancelled

As usual, it boiled down to the numbers for Syfy, which is a unit of NBC Universal. Stargate Universe has recently averaged a 0.5 in 18-49, below the averages for the Syfy series that have been renewed.

Creators Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright had planned a loose, five-year storyline for the series, starting with initial stories about simple survival -- progressing into more adrenaline-fueled conflicts first from home-galaxy enemies (the Lucian Alliance) followed by more alien threats in their own far…

Alberto Contador Under Scrutiny

Alberto Contador Under Scrutiny - Cycling in 2010 was struck by a series of crises that threatened to wipe out most of its efforts to fight doping, with the sport's two biggest names involved in scandals.

Seven-times Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong was embroiled in a U.S. federal investigation triggered by former team mate and disgraced 2006 champion Floyd Landis's allegations, while three-times winner Alberto Contador failed a test for the banned anabolic agent Clenbuterol.

The biological passport, a tool developed by the International Cycling Union (UCI) to help the fight against doping, showed its limitations when Italian Franco Pellizotti was eventually cleared to race even though his data suggested he had tampered with his blood.

Alberto Contador Under Scrutiny

Vuelta runner-up Ezequiel Mosquera failed a dope test, prompting UCI president Pat McQuaid to say that Spain was not doing enough to tackle the doping problem.

Elite cycling has been growing strongly in the…

Environmental Working Group

Environmental Working Group - An environmental group says laboratory tests show the presence of a toxic chemical in 31 of 35 cities, with Honolulu having the second to highest level.

The nonprofit Environmental Working Group said hexavalent chromium, the same chemical that led to a $333-million legal settlement described in the movie "Erin Brockovich," is present in higher than recommended levels in Honolulu's water supply.

Drinking water from one location that was tested in Honolulu had 2 parts per billion of hexavalent chromium, compared to .06 ppb proposed as a public health goal by the California Environmental Protection Agency, the group said.

Environmental Working Group

Rebecca Sutton, the group's lead investigator, said the Honolulu Board of Water Supply did not know the source of the hexavalent chromium. She said the chemical is a common industrial contaminant and can also originate from natural, geologic sources such as ground water.

"Regardless of the …

Android Tablet Preview

Android Tablet Preview - When my boss asks me what tablets I expect to see at CES, I have to laugh a little. It's a nervous laugh. Maybe I'm overreacting, but with the iPad's breakout success this year, I'm expecting a tidal wave of tablets at CES 2011.

There are the obvious elephants in the room. RIM will surely be making a fuss about its PlayBook. HP should have a WebOS tablet to show off (or risk humiliation, at this point). And as for Microsoft, if we don't see a branded tablet we should at least see a convincing strategy for how the company plans to compete.

But it's not the big guys that are giving me heartburn heading into CES--it's the rapidly expanding tribe of Android tablet manufacturers. With Google's tablet-optimized version of Android (aka, Honeycomb) slated for next year, any manufacturer not already invested in brewing its own tablet OS will be throwing its hat in the Android ring.

Android Tablet Preview

Joe Jonas out with Ashley Greene

Joe Jonas out with Ashley Greene - JOE Jonas and Ashley Greene are planning to take their romance to the next level — by living together.

Sources say Twilight star Ashley has invited Joe to move in to her two-bedroom condo at Hollywood’s Granville Towers.

“Joe has already bought loads of home accessories like linens, lights and new media center,” a source said.

“He says Ashley has really girly tastes, so he wanted to balance out the place.

Joe Jonas out with Ashley Greene

“Living with a woman is totally new to him, but he’s going all out to make it work.

“He wants them to last.”

Greene recently revealed she thinks she could be the first of her friends to marry.

“I’m indifferent about marriage,” she said. “I think sometimes people get married so they can say they have that person forever, but a ring doesn’t ensure that you’ll stay together.

Joe Jonas out with Ashley Greene

Moon Eclipse Today

Moon Eclipse Today - Staying up late tonight to witness tonight's eclipse? NASA is prepping for the event with several events, including Web chats, Flickr groups, and text campaigns.

Enthusiasts will have the opportunity to view the first total lunar eclipse in two years tonight. For those on the East Coast, it will last from 1:33am to 5:01am. The eclipse happens when the moon passes through the shadow of Earth, and the moon's appearance changes from bright orange to blood red to dark brown and perhaps gray, NASA said.

To kick things off, Marshall Center astronomer Rob Suggs will host a Web chat from 3-4pm Eastern time to discuss the best ways to view tonight's eclipse. From 12am to 5am, Marshall researcher Mitzi Adams will be on hand to answer questions as the eclipse passes across the continental United States. Both chats will be available on NASA's Web site.

Moon Eclipse Today

For those who can't see the eclipse, NASA will have a live video feed of the event fro…

Magnolia Shorty Murdered

Magnolia Shorty Murdered - In the last hour, we’ve been seeing tweets reporting that rapper Magnolia Shorty has been murdered. We’ve been unable to confirm this beyond tweets the word that Q93 is confirming it. We hope this is a rumor, but will follow up when we know more.

Magnolia Shorty Murdered

Phillip Ray Greaves Arrested

Phillip Ray Greaves Arrested - A Colorado man who wrote a how-to guide for pedophiles was arrested Monday and sent to Florida to face obscenity charges, after deputies there ordered a copy of the book that has generated online outrage.

Officers arrested Phillip R. Greaves at his home in Pueblo on a warrant that charges him with violating Florida's obscenity law. During a brief court appearance, Greaves waived his right to fight extradition and was transferred to Polk County, Fla.

The Pueblo County Sheriff's Department declined to release any details of Greaves' transfer.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said he claimed jurisdiction because Greaves sold and mailed his book directly to undercover deputies, who had written the author a letter requesting a copy. Judd said Greaves even signed the book.

Phillip Ray Greaves Arrested

"I was outraged by the content," Judd told The Associated Press. "It was clearly a manifesto on how to sexually batter children ... You …

Sarah Palin Michelle Obama

Sarah Palin Michelle Obama - Governor-turned-gadfly Sarah Palin goes after first lady Michelle Obama for encouraging Americans to -- gasp! -- eat healthier:

Sarah Palin is again taking aim at Michelle Obama over her anti-obesity campaign, taking the opportunity in Sunday's "Sarah Palin's Alaska" to land a diss against the first lady's efforts to improve nutrition. While making s'mores at one point during Sunday's episode, the former Alaska governor proclaims the marshmallow and chocolate treat is "in honor of Michelle Obama, who said the other day we should not have dessert."...

Palin's comments Sunday appear to be in reference to a speech Michelle Obama delivered in July, during which she described her own upbringing when it came to food and exercise.

"In the afternoon, there was no way we'd be allowed to lie around the house watching TV," she told the NAACP in a Kansas City speech. "Our parents made us get up and play ou…

Iran Earthquake Deaths

Iran Earthquake Deaths - Iran earthquake deaths in mountainous village areas. Iran was jolted by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake as more deaths are being reported. Initial reports indicate that several people were killed in villages and mountainous areas in the country.

The earthquake happened in southeastern Iran on Monday. "Rescue teams have been dispatched to the quake-hit area ... and are communicating via walkie-talkies," Hossein Baqeri, head of Iran's National Crisis Management unit, said in a statement. Mohammad Javad Kamyab, an employee of Kerman province governor's office, told Reuters there were 30 villages in the quake-hit area.

"These villages are not highly populated ... We are not expecting a high death toll and so far 25 people have been injured," he said. The U.S. Geological Survey put the quake's magnitude at 6.3. The official IRNA news agency said four mild quakes hit repeatedly.

Iran Earthquake Deaths

"In some ... villages in mountain…

Santa Orange County Marriage Proposal

Santa Orange County Marriage Proposal - Santa has conspired with a love-struck California man by lending a knee for a surprise marriage proposal.

Jenny Hoang took a friend's boys to see Santa at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa on Sunday, and she was helping the kids off Santa's lap when Old St. Nick waved her back. Santa told the 27-year-old she's been very good and there's a special gift for her.

Her boyfriend of nine years, Jonathan Nguyen, suddenly emerged, got down on a knee and proposed.

She said yes, then slid off Santa's lap and kneeled down so Jonathan could slip a ring on her finger.

The groom-to-be, who is also 27, told the Orange County Register he secretly enlisted the help of the shopping mall and Santa to pull off the surprise.

Santa Orange County Marriage Proposal

Marvel vs Capcom 3

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Capcom and Marvel Entertainment have released a new video from Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, the sequel to Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes scheduled for February 15th (North America and February 18th 2010 (Europe), for Xbox 360 and PS3. Powered by an advanced version of MT Framework, the engine used in Resident Evil 5 and Lost Planet 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds features wild over-the-top gameplay complete with signature aerial combos, hyper combos and other original systems. Players build their own perfect team and use Assist Attacks and each character's special moves to create their own unique fighting style.

Marvel vs Capcom 3

Call of Duty Black Ops Map Pack

Call of Duty Black Ops Map Pack - To no one's surprise, Call of Duty: Black Ops will be getting downloadable content. The first map pack, entitled "First Strike," will be released through Xbox Live on February 1st.

"First Strike" costs 1200 MS Points ($15) and adds five maps to the game. Four of these - Berlin Wall, Discovery, Kowloon, and Stadium - are for the normal competitive multiplayer. The fifth, called Ascension, is for the zombie co-op mode.

Call of Duty Black Ops Map Pack

"We learned a lot of lessons in the development and design of the maps on the shipped game," said Treyarch's Dan Bunting on the Major Nelson Radio podcast. "For DLC we really wanted to go bigger with some of the things we learned that people liked. We focused a lot more on providing variety of weaponry, variety of engagement types, variety of verticality--a lot more verticality, bringing some sniper opportunities into it."

The timed Xbox 360 exclusivity for…

Pope Benedict XVI Talks of Humiliation

Pope Benedict XVI Talks of Humiliation - Pope Benedict XVI conceded yesterday that 2010 had been a year sullied by the child sex abuse crisis which has plagued the Catholic Church for the last 12 months.

Making his traditional Christmas address to the Roman Curia, the pope argued that 2010, the Year For Priests, had begun with “great joy” only for it to unfold “so differently from the way we expected”.

“We were all the more dismayed, then,” he said, “when in this year of all years and to a degree we could not have imagined, we came to know of abuse of minors committed by priests who twist the sacrament into its anti-thesis, and under the mantle of the sacred profoundly wound human persons in their childhood, damaging them for a whole lifetime.”

Quoting the vision of the 12th-century saint Hildegard of Bingen, the pope said that “the face of the church is stained with dust”, adding: “We must accept this humiliation as an exhortation to truth and a call to renewal . . . We must ask ours…

AFL Photo Scandal on FaceBook

AFL Photo Scandal on FaceBook - AFL St Kilda captain Nick Riewoldt says he is shocked and hurt that a photo of him naked, taken by a teammate in Miami, has appeared on Facebook.

Riewoldt told a press conference in Melbourne he did not know the teenager who posted the photo of him and fellow players Zac Dawson and Nick Dal Santo on the internet, and found her action incomprehensible and distressing.

The Federal Court yesterday issued an order restraining the unnamed teenager from posting photos on Facebook until a second hearing on December 23.

However she said today she would post more photos once she opens a new Facebook page.

“Yeah definitely, once I make a new Facebook page ... who's going to stop me?” she told ABC radio.

AFL Photo Scandal on FaceBook

Riewoldt said the photo was taken by teammate Sam Gilbert as Riewoldt got out of bed while on holidays in Miami 12 months ago.

Riewoldt said he had asked Gilbert to delete the photograph and was disappointed he hadn’t.

The photo r…

Mary Lou Henner 60 Minutes

Mary Lou Henner 60 Minutes - Actress Marilu Henner, who is also known as Mary Lou Henner, appeared on the CBS show "60 Minutes" tonight to discuss her amazing memory. Marilu Henner, who is best known for hit TV series "Taxi", has a rare attribute called Superior Autobiographical Memory.Through this special quality, Marilu Henner can remember each and every day of her life. Leslie Stahl is not only interviewing people having such great ability including Marilu Henner, and Louise Owen, but also talking to scientist Dr. James McGaugh.On "60 Minutes" tonight, the entire show will be dedicated to Marilu Henner as one of only six people known to have superior autobiographical memory.On the CBS show, five of these people will be brought onscreen together for the first time to discuss their similar experiences and feelings.According to medical research, people with this memory trait have a comparatively larger than temporal lobe and caudate nucleus.

Mary Lou Henn…

What is Superior Autobiographical Memory

What is Superior Autobiographical Memory - Actress Marilu Henner is best known for her turn on "Taxi" and a 2008 stint on "Celebrity Apprentice." But her brain is far more remarkable than her IMDB credits.

As "60 Minutes" reported last night, Henner is one of just six Americans diagnosed with "superior autobiographical memory," or hyperthymesia. People with the condition have the incredible ability to recall exactly what happened each day of their lives, starting at a very young age. Ask Henner what happened on, say, May 18, 1993, and she can tell you about the weather, news headlines, and personal happenings.

What is Superior Autobiographical Memory

Intrigued? Here are five more facts about superior autobiographical memory.

1. It was first announced in 2006.
In 2006, neurobiologist James McGaugh discussed the first known case of superior autobiographical memory in the medical journal "Neurocase." The woman had reached out to McGaugh i…

Bank of America Stops Wikileaks Transactions

Bank of America Stops Wikileaks Transactions - Bank of America stops processing WikiLeaks payments, which could pose a problem for the infamous website. It actually decided that it will no longer handle any WikiLeaks transactions, which they are quite within their rights to do. Of course, the controversial site has fired back at them on Twitter.

Upon learning the news, WikiLeaks posted on Twitter “Does your business do business with Bank of America? Our advice [sic] is to place your funds somewhere safer.” This seems to be odd reasoning. How would this decision mean that money is not safe? It really makes no sense, and in fact it is not really logical at all. Their other tweet about this topic did make more sense though. They also tweeted “We ask that all people who love freedom close out their accounts at Bank of America.”

Bank of America Stops Wikileaks Transactions

The reason the bank made the decision is because it believes that WikiLeaks “may be engaged in activities that are, am…

Crysis 2 Be The Weapon Trailer

Crysis 2 Be The Weapon Trailer - Upon watching the Crysis 2 Be The Weapon trailer it’s easy to imagine the Nanosuit 2 akin to G.I.Joe’s suit in the movie that helped accentuate the user’s natural ability. Like that suit, this one can speed up the player, make them jump higher than imagined and gives them unparalleled strength. Indeed one shot of the Crysis 2 Be The Weapon trailer shows the player shoving a car backwards as easily as kicking over a chair.

There are high hopes for Crysis 2 and EA have delayed the game a little to allow further refining as well as giving it breathing space from Call of Duty: Black Ops. However with Black Ops on the PC and PS3 being plagued by bugs, poor frame rates and connection issues it seems EA could have released Crysis 2 earlier and it might have stood up to or even surpassed Activision’s juggernaut.

Crysis 2 Be The Weapon Trailer

The Crysis 2 Be The Weapon trailer shows how hard Crytek have worked on the graphics for the game. The previous Crysis …

Blu Griffith

Blu Griffith - Blu Griffith is the ex-boyfriend of missing Vegas showgirl Debbie Flores-Narvaez, and reportedly the last person to see her before she disappeared on December 12. Authorities are actively investigating the case after finding her abandoned car last week.

Apparently Debbie sent her mother, who lives in Georgia, a strange text less than 2 weeks before she went missing. The text read (via "In case there is ever an emergency with me, contact Blu Griffith in Vegas. My ex-boyfriend. Not my best friend."

Debbie's mother asked her what the text meant, and she received this reply: "Never mind, mommy. Just keep it for your records."

Blu Griffith

Lisa Robin Kelly in Trouble Again

Lisa Robin Kelly in Trouble Again - Lisa Robin Kelly, more known to all of us as Eric Forman’s sister on That 70′s Show, was busted for DUI in North Carolina.

She has pleaded guilty to driving under the influence after getting arrested on August 21st.

Police officers suspected she was driving under the influence of alcohol. After getting busted for DUI, she was taken to a local jail where she spent the night.

Last month, she pleaded guilty to one count of DUI and received twelve months of probation and a fine.

So she basically went from stardom to obscurity and now, to notoriety. Poor thing. She looks so jacked up, too.

Lisa Robin Kelly in Trouble Again

Latvia to Strengthen Ties with Russia

Latvia to Strengthen Ties with Russia - President Dmitry Medvedev believes the Latvian President’s visit to Russia will help strengthen bilateral ties.

“It’s a sign of political goodwill that will foster dialogue between our countries,” - the President wrote on Twitter.

The meeting by the two leaders in Latvia resulted in the signing of agreements on joint fight against crime, cooperation in prevention of and dealing with emergencies, culture and tourism and also environmental protection.

The two sides also pledged to simplify trips for border residents.

Latvia to Strengthen Ties with Russia

Mexico Pipeline Blast

Mexico Pipeline Blast - In the wake of an oil pipeline explosion in Mexico that killed 28 people and sent hundreds fleeing their homes after thieves tried to siphon crude oil, oil safety experts said a similar disaster is unlikely but could nevertheless happen in the United States.

They said that if thieves were determined to steal oil from a pipeline in the United States, it would be nearly impossible to stop them.

"Anything could happen. We have pipelines everywhere and no one is watching after them. And it's a tremendous amount of pipeline," Theo Theofanous, a professor of chemical and mechanical engineering at the University of California at Santa Barbara and the director of the Center for Risk Studies and Safety, told AOL News today in a phone interview.

Mexico Pipeline Blast

With more than 165,000 miles of pipeline in the United States, it could be difficult to prevent an incident such as the one in Mexico, where authorities say thieves -- likely members of one of …

Betty White: Entertainer of the Year

Betty White: Entertainer of the Year - Betty White, 88, has been voted the "AP Entertainer of the Year" by the Associated Press after enjoying a pop culture comeback in 2010, especially among younger fans.

The actress beat the cast of the FOX musical sitcom "Glee", former "Tonight Show" host Conan O'Brien, "Avatar" director James Cameron, Apple's iPad device and "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart. U.S. news organizations that make up the Associated Press' membership submitted 102 ballots during this year's contest, the news wire said.

"It's ridiculous," White told the Associated Press regarding the honor. "They haven't caught on to me, and I hope they never do. It's been phenomenal, but everybody keeps congratulating me on my resurgence and my big comeback. I haven't been away, guys. I've been working steadily for the last 63 years."

Betty White: Entertainer of the Year

White, know…

Travel Insurance Warns Passengers

Travel Insurance Warns Passengers - British Airways (BA) has issued a statement that suggests anyone looking to fly today (December 20th) should consider cancelling their fare and applying for a refund.

This is a result of severe weather causing disruption in the UK and particularly at BAA-operated Heathrow Airport, where just a few flights are expected to depart.

Travel insurance customers looking to jet off over the next few days have been advised to contact their airline to determine whether arriving at the airport is the correct course of action.

Travel Insurance Warns Passengers

BA states: "We would urge customers not to travel to the airport unless they have a confirmed booking on one of the flights that is operating."

The situation has been attributed to a large amount of snowfall over the weekend, as well as plummeting temperatures that have seen ice form on runways.

Meanwhile, the Met Office has predicted some 20 cm of snow could fall over south-west England and sou…

Bill Cowher may Return

Bill Cowher may Return - According to reports, former Steelers head coach Bill Cowher is interested in returning to coach in the NFL. The Super Bowl winning coach recently expressed interest in the possibly soon-to-be vacant coaching positions in Houston, Miami and New York.

While it’s entirely probable that the trio of Gary Kubiak, Tony Sparano and Tom Coughlin will all find themselves jobless at season’s end, I don’t think these are worthwhile job opportunities that should lure Cowher out of retirement.

Only a year ago, Cowher shot down rumors that he would return to coaching by saying, “I’m not going anywhere.” The 1992 NFL Coach of the Year would be wise to heed his own words

Bill Cowher may Return

Vince Vaughn Welcomes Baby Girl

Vince Vaughn Welcomes Baby Girl - Vince Vaughn has something new to smile about — the actor is officially a dad.

Vaughn and his bride of 11 months, Kyla Weber, said hello to little lady Locklyn Kyla on Saturday. She clocked in at 7 pounds, according to People.

"Both of them couldn't be happier to welcome their sweet little girl into their family," a source told the mag, which also confirmed the news with Vaughn's rep. Weber and the "Couples Retreat" star married in January in Chicago, with a weekend of activities for friends and family over New Year's 2010. Six months later, rumors of her pregnancy surfaced.

Little Locklyn is in for pretty luxurious digs. Her mom and dad have a penthouse in Chicago's swanky Palmolive building.

Vince Vaughn Welcomes Baby Girl

Sunny Oglesby

Sunny Oglesby - Levi Johnston is off the market.

Bristol Palin's ex has reportedly been dating day-care instructor Sunny Oglesby.

A source told E! News that Johnston, 20, has been dating Oglesby for two months, and that the pair met through a mutual friend. The two are listed as being in a relationship on Facebook.

Palin told the website that she's pleased with the developments in her ex's love life.

"I have to be happy for Levi's new relationship because it sounds like his new girlfriend is influencing him to want to actually spend time with Tripp, she said.

Sunny Oglesby

"I sincerely appreciate her influence because [Levi] hasn't asked to see Tripp in over five months, so I'm happy for this new development!" she added.

Oglesby, 19, can't wait to meet Johnston's son with Palin, the source added.

"She said she's so excited to meet Tripp," the source says. "He's been in Los Angeles with Bristol for the past few month…

Total Lunar Eclipse December 2010

Total Lunar Eclipse December 2010 - 2010 total lunar eclipse will be visible on most of eastern Asia, Australia, the Pacific Ocean, the Americas, and Europe. After midnight, people in North and South America will also have the opportunity to catch the moon eclipse. Watch Lunar Eclipse Worldwide Live streaming in News Channels.

Winter Solstice 2010 is the shortest day of the year since it will be a day where the sun will appear for the least amount of time. It is also the longest night of the year. We will also be experiencing a sort of “dark day” since the tilt of the planet and shape of the orbit around the sun will produce that effect as seen in the image below. Solstice came from a Latin word and means “sun stand”, referring to the appearance that the sun’s noontime elevation change stops its progress, either northerly or southerly.

Ursids meteor shower is rarely seen due to the fact that compared to other meteor showers, this one is less bright, however, due to the total lunar ecl…

Hexavalent Chromium Found in Tap Water

Hexavalent Chromium Found in Tap Water - In 25 of 35 U.S. cities where tap water supplies were tested for hexavalent chromium -- deemed likely to cause cancer in humans in a U.S. EPA draft review this year -- levels of the chemical exceeded the minimum set by the state of California to protect public health, according to a report released today by an environmental group.

The Environmental Working Group's (EWG) new findings mark a public flare-up in the behind-the-scenes battle over estimating the carcinogenicity of oral exposure to hexavalent chromium, also referred to as chromium-6. The draft EPA assessment released in September could pave the way for a national drinking-water standard for the chemical, best known for polluting groundwater in Hinkley, Calif., where activist Erin Brockovich won a multimillion-dollar settlement for locals and became a household name.

Hexavalent Chromium Found in Tap Water

The outcry over cancer cases in Hinkley helped push California to set a tap-w…

Yellowstone National Park to Protect Trout

Yellowstone National Park to Protect Trout - Netting and removing nonnative fish is one of the proposals for protecting native fish in Yellowstone National Park.

The park has released a plan for public comment. The park's preferred option would conserve Yellowstone cutthroat trout by removing nonnative fish from Yellowstone lake, some streams and release native fish in some areas.

Nonnative lake trout eat the smaller cutthroat trout, threatening the native fish and other species that eat it. The park's sport fishery is another casualty.

Public meetings on the environmental assessment of the fish plan are planned Jan. 5 at the Comfort Inn in Bozeman, Mont., and Jan. 6 at the Holiday Inn in Cody.

Yellowstone National Park to Protect Trout

Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Lunar Eclipse Tonight - Skywatchers across North America will be able to see a total lunar eclipse on Monday night until early Tuesday.
The rare event occurs when Earth lies between the sun and moon, causing the full moon to be totally engulfed in Earth's shadow. February 2008 was the last time there was a total lunar eclipse.

However, the moon will not turn completely dark because Earth's atmosphere filters and bends sunlight, allowing the light to indirectly pass onto the moon. As the moon moves deeper into Earth's shadow, it will appear more orange and red.

The eclipse will last approximately 3.5 hours. In a rare turnout, it also coincides with Tuesday's northern winter solstice, the beginning of winter in the hemisphere. This places the moon high in the sky.

Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Beginning stages of the eclipse will also be visible in Europe, West Africa and South America before it's interrupted by moonset and sunrise; later stages of the eclipse will be visibl…

Kyla Weber Gives Birth

Kyla Weber Gives Birth - Over the weekend, Vince Vaughn and his wife, Kyla Weber, welcomed their first child into the world. The couple had a daughter, Locklyn Kyla Vaughn, on Saturday, reports.

Little Locklyn was born in Chicago, the actor's hometown, weighing in at 7 pounds and measured 20 inches long, Vaughn's rep tells the website.

"Both of them couldn't be happier to welcome their sweet little girl into their family!" a family friend said of the new bundle of joy.

Kyla Weber Gives Birth

Last year, Vaughn opened up to about fatherhood, saying, "It's the first time that I really want to have kids. I've been very fortunate in my career, and my life has been about that for so long that you get bored of it. You're ready for your life to be about other people and other things."

Vaughn and Weber, a Canadian real-estate agent, announced they were expecting a baby in July. The couple married in January of this year in Chica…

Frederic Thiebaud Engaged to Shania Twain

Frederic Thiebaud Engaged to Shania Twain - In an add turn of events, country sex pot Shania Twain will marry the ex-husband of her one-time best friend. As if that’s not weird enough, it’s the same best friend that Twain’s former husband left her for back in ’08.

Twain is engaged to Frederic Thiebaud, an executive for Swiss Nestle and former husband to old BFF Marie-Ann Thiebaud…the same gal Shania’s ex-husband, Robert Lange, left her for.

Shania and “Mutt” Lange were married for 14 years.

Maybe it makes sense. During the tumultuous period, both Twain and Thiebaud found comfort with each other which eventually led to the formation of their own relationship. In 2009, the couple were spotted vacationing together Florida and New York.

Now Shania has been seen sporting a huge diamond engagement ring with gallivanting with Frederic at a swanky restaurant in New York.

Frederic Thiebaud Engaged to Shania Twain

Obamacare Legal Challenge

Obamacare Legal Challenge - This week on the "Journal Editorial Report," Obama-care legal challenges gain steam. A Virginia court rules against the individual mandate as another suit advances in Florida. We'll talk to the lead attorney in that case.

Plus, call it a pre-Christmas miracle. The House passes the tax cut deal and Harry Reid is forced to pull his omnibus spending monster in the face of certain defeat. Could things really be changing in Washington?

And governors wage war on public-sector unions as bloated pay, pensions, and benefits threaten to bankrupt struggling states.

Welcome to the "Journal Editorial Report." I'm Paul Gigot.

Obama-care suffered a major setback this week when a Virginia court ruled that the law's lynchpin, that the Americans purchase insurance, or pay a penalty, is unconstitutional. A federal district court judge, Henry Hudson, declared that the so-called individual mandate exceeds the authority granted to Congress under t…

Caitlin Beadles Stabbed

Caitlin Beadles Stabbed - Rumors are swirling today that Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Caitlin Beadles was attacked and stabbed by a crazed fan of the popstar. It is apparently true that the aspiring actress is hospitalized due to some breathing difficulties last night and not as the result of a stabbing. No details have been given so far for her ailment, but all signs point to it being a medical situation and not an attack by a fan.

Was Caitlin Beadles stabbed by a Justin Bieber fan?

Caitlin Beadles Stabbed

It seems just the idea that Justin Bieber may have a significant girlfriend is too much for some fans of the popstar to handle. The fact that she may or may not have dated the singer shouldn’t make her a target for the star’s enthusiastic young fans. It’s time for the young girls to just settle down and accept the fact that the singer may just have a life off-stage.

While it appears that Caitlin Beadles is doing much better today after her medical scare, it’s time that we st…

Superior Autobiographical Memory

Superior Autobiographical Memory - It is often said that we are our memories - that web of experiences, relationships, thoughts, and feelings that make us who we are. We don't remember it all of course. That would be impossible. Or would it?

There has been a discovery in the field of memory recently, so new you won't find it in any textbook. It's so hard to fathom, there are some who remain unconvinced.

For the moment, the scientists studying it are simply calling it "superior autobiographical memory." And unless you happen to know one of the handful of people discovered so far who have it, get ready to be amazed.

Superior Autobiographical Memory

Louise Owen is 37 years old and a professional violinist living in New York City. But she has another gift too, one that is far more rare.

When correspondent Lesley Stahl mentioned a date, Jan. 2, 1990, Owen told her, "Right now, I'm remembering the jogging class that I started that morning."

Superior Auto…

Winter Solstice with Lunar Eclipse

Winter Solstice with Lunar Eclipse - After a wait of 372 years, sky gazers are in for a special celestial treat as winter solstice coincides with total lunar eclipse on Tuesday.

The last time the two astronomical events coincided was on December 21, 1638, Geoff Chester of U.S. Naval Observatory said.

The eclipse cannot be seen in India as it will occur during day time but astro-lovers can see the full moon turning into a delightful shade of coppery-red from Europe, west Africa, the Americas, the Pacific Ocean, eastern Australia, the Philippines and eastern and northern Asia.

Winter Solstice with Lunar Eclipse

Also, Tuesday (December 21) is the shortest day of the year as people living on the northern side of the equator will celebrate winter solstice.

“It is a day when the Earth’s axis tilts the farthest from the sun and is called winter solstice, a term derived from Latin words ‘sol’ (sun) and ‘sistere’ (to stand still),” Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educat…

Debbie Flores Narvaez

Debbie Flores Narvaez - Debbie Flores-Narvaez is the Las Vegas showgirl and dancer who disappeared into thin air. Family and friends fear the worst as the intense search continues.

The story of a Vegas performer who has been missing for nearly a week is seeping into the web news cycle tonight. Narvaez, who is a dancer at the Luxor and Palms Casinos, was last seen back on the evening of December 12th. Things turned decidedly worse a few days ago when her Chevrolet Prism was recovered.

Authorities would not confirm where the vehicle was found, but the discovery was made last Thursday. So far, police will not say whether or not they suspect foul play.

Her family is understandably shaken by her disappearance. Debbie’s sister told the press: “I can’t make anything of this right now. It’s not her. It’s not her to go missing. It’s not her to take a small vacation like this…”

Debbie Flores Narvaez

I guess we can all agree that we hope it is simply a ‘small vacation.’

The last person to see he…

Jud Birza Fabio Survivor

Jud Birza Fabio Survivor - Who won Survivor Nicaragua season 22? Fabio!!! Jud Birza, is now the youngest winner of Survivor.

Survivor Nicaragua season 22 was one heck of a season. The young VS old tribes dwindled to just three young men, and one unsuspected winner.

I am a true Survivor fan. I watch every episode, every season, so I get very involved and opinioned!

As I watched the season unfold, I was thinking what many were thinking – Fabio is a ditz! He is just in lala land! Well perhaps that is where others should go, if they want to win Survivor!

There were so many times that I wanted Fabio to unleash – like when NaOnka stole his socks, and eh just sat there while SHE went off on HIM! I would have freaked, but it probably kept him in the game. That is why I don’t play Survivor. That and I don’t do rain, cold, lack of food, bugs, snakes – you get the idea.

Jud Birza Fabio Survivor

So when Fabio, aka Jud, made it to final five, then four and was winning the immunity challenges to do…

Marilu Henner 60 Minutes

Marilu Henner 60 Minutes - Do you know someone who can remember nearly every day of his or her life?

CBS’ “60 Minutes” this weekend examines what is known as superior autobiographical memory.

Lesley Stahl realized that one of her friends, “Taxi” star Marilu Henner, had the ability and introduces her to others who have it.

“It’s like putting in a DVD and it cues up to certain places. I am there again … seeing things visually as I would have that day,” Henner says.

Marilu Henner 60 Minutes

Dr. James McGaugh, a professor of neurobiology at the University of California, Irvine, tested Henner and announced that she is the sixth person known to the scientific world to have the ability.

“They can do with their memories what you and I can do about yesterday … and they can do it every day,” McGaugh tells Stahl. “It could be a new chapter. … These people come and display a kind of memory we’ve never seen before, and we have to say, ‘Woo, what is that about?’ So we’re going to take a look and se…

Hyundai Equus

Hyundai Equus - Playboy Magazine has selected 10 best cars of 2010 according to the categories set forth. Korean car, Hyundai Equus, has been named as Most Likely to Succeed Car of 2011 and ranked number 10. Luxury sedan made by Hyundai Motors Corp., South Korea is currently still in the form of concept cars. Equus is said to be able to compete with the BMW 7 series and Mercedes Benz S550. Equus still holds the current machine, that is 4600 cc. The machine is still considered qualified to support the performance of Equus. And the sedan will be equipped with 5000 cc V8 engine.

The statement of the magazine was reported by The Auto Channel. Ken Gross, Playboy Automotive Editor claimed to have conducted a series of selection of different brands and types of four-wheeled vehicles from all over the world. Not only that. The team also has the magazine tested by driving a car that entered in nomination. Gross calls, 10 best cars of 2010 will be displayed at the adult magazine in the January…

Survivor Redemption Island

Survivor Redemption Island - Jeff Probst announced a big "Survivor 22" twist on Sunday (Dec. 19) night, but it was only half the twist many passionate fans were anticipating.

At the conclusion of the "Survivor: Nicaragua" finale live reunion show, Probst revealed that the show's spring installment will be "Survivor: Redemption Island."

The big shift in gameplay: When contestants are voted off, they will be sent to Redemption Island, where they'll receive meager rations and spend the time alone. At the next elimination, the new bootee and the previous bootee will face off in some sort of "Survivor"-style gladiatorial combat and the winner will get to remain in the game or reenter the game.

Survivor Redemption Island

Certain aspects of the twist are still a bit unclear (at least to this writer). If the previously eliminated contestant loses to the new bootee, are they done and is nobody left on Redemption Island? If the new bootee loses, …

Who Won Survivor Nicaragua

Who Won Survivor Nicaragua - There sure is a lot of muss and fuss when it comes to survivor. Every years it seems to get a little bit crazier. I don’t know if it is just me but I am already excited about the next season. Who won survivor Nicaragua though?

If you want to know who won survivor Nicaragua then here you go. The survivor winner was Jud “Fabio” Birza. Birza is actually now the youngest person to ever win survivor. He is who won survivor Nicaragua and who walks away 1 million dollars richer, minus taxes of course.

There were a lot of people betting on who the survivor winner would be. At the end a lot of people were going for the male winner. It looks like the people’s guts were right. You now know who won survivor Nicaragua.

Who Won Survivor Nicaragua

John Madden 2011

John Madden 2011 - There are a lot of great presents that you could have under the tree but what do you really want? There are a lot of different answers that come out but there is a certain video game that has come out that you are sure to love if you are a football fan. There are many different people that you may want to buy it for or check it out for the future. John Madden is a legend and his sports video game is no different whatsoever.

John Madden 2011

When it comes to this John Madden game it seems like everyone is flocking to buy. The sales were up by 26% and analysts believe that they know why. The word or mouth promotion for number 10 seemed to be very favorable. The sales of John Madden 11 seems to reflect directly on that truth.

There are a lot of different deals that you can get out there right now. I know that Amazon and Walmart have some different promotions going on. You may want to check into the deals that they have. John Madden and the games are a great addition to…

Knowshon Moreno Injury

Knowshon Moreno Injury - The Denver Broncos Knowshon Moreno took a nasty hit to his abdomen area in the first quarter of the game against the Oakland Raiders and never returned. Knowshon spent the rest of the game on the sidelines out of his pads. The Broncos went on to lose to the Raiders 39 to 23 and you could tell Moreno wasn’t in the game as the Broncos only touchdowns were scored in the first quarter. The Raiders dominated the game today and limited the Broncos to a single field goal in each of the last three quarters. Denver did manage to hold off the Raiders offense in the second quarter by limiting them to a single field goal. The third quarter was nothing but a kicking match as Oakland and Denver both never saw the end zone. Oakland kicker Sebastian Janikowski managed two field goals in the third and Broncos kicker Steve Hauschka kicked one. CMR Talked o an insider at the Broncos camp and he told us that Knowshon Moreno will be ok and they just took him out of the game as a p…

Mary Lou Henner CBS Show

Mary Lou Henner CBS Show - Marilu Henner (often mistakenly written as Mary Lou Henner), an actress on the hit TV series Taxi, appeared on the CBS show 60 Minutes tonight to discuss her amazing memory.

Henner has a rare trait called superior autobiographical memory. She can remember each day of her life as if it was yesterday. In people with the trait, the memories usually go back to their youth.

Taxi’s Marilu Henner is one of only six people known to have superior autobiographical memory. According to Wikipedia, the condition is also know as Hyperthymesia, piking or hyperthymestic syndrome. A study of the first person identified with this super memory was published in 2008.

Mary Lou Henner CBS Show

60 Minutes brought five of these people together for the first time. On the show they discussed their similar experiences and feelings. The discussion included both of some of the benefits, and some of the drawbacks, to remembering everything. They agreed that sometimes it amazed them what …