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16 Year Old Sailing Around The World

16 Year Old Sailing Around The World - A teen sailor named Abby Sunderland/Abby Sutherland who is a 16 year old from Thousand Oaks may have accidentally sailed into a storm in the Southern Indian Ocean while attempting a solo sail around the world. During the course of the events, she lost contact with her family who was never able to re-establish communication with her after the storm was over. She had signaled an emergency beacon after her satellite phone was no longer able to contact her family.

She had left on a 40 foot, orange and yellow racing yacht named “Wild Eyes.” She had been out on the sea since January. She had found a lot of different criticisms on her journey from other sailors because her voyage was going to be taking her into the Indian Ocean at the onset of the winter storm session. It was dangerous, and she definitely knew that, but she was an experienced sailor who knew what she was doing on the ocean. She was in what was considered to be the most difficult part of …

Barbara Boxer's Hair Style

Barbara Boxer's Hair Style - Caught on an open mic as she was getting ready to go on CNN Wednesday, California's new Republican senatorial nominee, Carly Fiorina, may have set a new record for most catty remarks per minute. She repeatedly questioned her fellow Republican Meg Whitman's "bizarre" decision to be interviewed by Fox host Sean Hannity and cracked herself up by mocking the physical appearance of her Democratic opponent, incumbent Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Boxer's hairstyle, Fiorina laughed, is "so yesterday." But here's what's so yesterday: Fiorina's whole "Mean Girls" approach to female competition. Even as commentators across the country were saluting Fiorina as part of the unprecedented wave of female Republican candidates who'd prevailed at the polls on Tuesday night, she was behaving like a throwback, criticizing both her opponent's looks and her own party's gubernatorial nominee's judgment in terms that…

Chris Brown's New Girlfriend Jasmine Sanders

Chris Brown's New Girlfriend Jasmine Sanders - Twitpic-ed a snapshot of the 25-year-old model -- and his new girlfriend -- earlier this week with the simple caption "Chillin'" (outside an Urban Outfitters, no less).

According to her modeling specs, Jasmine is 5'9 with blue eyes, 34-24-33 measurements, wears a size 4 dress and size 11(!) shoe.

It also seems she has an ex-boyfriend who is eager to get her back. Yikes. So many potential recipes for disaster.

Wipeout TV Show

Wipeout TV Show - The newest season of the comedy TV show “Wipeout” is on air today on ABC. Wipeout Season 3 Episode 1 is also available in online streaming.

Wipeout is one of the best and funniest reality TV show today, and it will be broadcasted on ABC at 20:0 ET.

To be able to watch the online streaming of the Wipeout Season 3 Episode 1, you can access their official website. You can also access the online streaming of the Wipeout Season 3 Episode 1 here.

An episode of Wipeout lasts about 42 minutes which gives the audience laughter and enjoyment. SO don’t forget to watch the Wipeout Season 3 Episode 1 on ABC at 20:00 ET.