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Health Care Reform Bill

Health Care Reform Bill - Sunday, a day that will live in infamy. The House is set to vote on the health care reform bill on Sunday afternoon/evening.

During the Hank Paulson bailout spending bill that was pushed through under the disguise of a troubled asset relief program, but later ended up being nothing more than a handout to the largest Wall street firms. I wrote, faxed, and sent emails to Congress urging them to stop the bailout bill. Washington was overrun by a massive load of opposition to the bill with some reports placing the opposition at 300 to 1. Yes, 300 opposed for every single individual who was in favor of it. Phone systems were overrun, email servers crashed under the load, and fax machines were even turned off in some cases because they were being inundated with messages from their constituents.

And here we are yet again. The communications director for the House of Representatives reports that the telephone systems have been overwhelmed, email systems bogged down, an…