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Showing posts from April 22, 2008

Death By Peanut

"An eighth-grader was charged with wanton endangerment after allegedly putting crumbled peanut butter cookies in the lunchbox of another student with a severe allergy to peanuts.

The allergic student, also an eighth-grader, did not eat the cookies and did not suffer a reaction."

What is the world coming to when eighth graders are virtually trying to kill each other. This may have been the act of an immature mind but it is shocking none the same. The student obviously knew that the student would have had a violent reaction to the peanuts, else he wouldn't have put them in his lunch box.

It boils down to premeditated malice. This child should be severely punished and made an example of. With the amount of violence occurring in high schools and colleges this kind of thing needs to be curbed as soon as possible.

This can be attributed to a lack of discipline at home. This child was obviously never taught the important lesson of right and wrong. The parents should be punished ju…