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Gwen Stefani and Son at Kingston Fashion Show

Gwen Stefani and Son at Kingston Fashion Show - The Gwen Stefani production, which kicked off way late Thursday, but was worth the wait, was more of a theater show than a runway show. The Fashion Week finale featured models grouped by race—black, white, Asian and well, platinum blonde babes that looked like Gwenbots—stomping out single file to a militaristic march. "There were so many looks, that was like six fashion shows," said celeb stylist Robert Verdi, who sat front row right near a seat reserved for one major A-lister who didn't show.

So who bailed on Gwen? And how did 4-year-old Kingston steal the spotlight?

There were two seats reserved for Matt Damon and wife Luciana Barroso, but the True Grit star pulled out last minute when his name began causing chaos. It was not clear if Damon was in the building, but one backstage source said security was told the star was there. And when photographers and other press began causing a near riot around his seat, everyone was …