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Cracked Windshield Replacement

Cracked Windshield Replacement - A cracked windshield doesn't have to be a difficult job, nor does it have to be expensive. You can do it yourself if you're good with your hands and have some time to spare. First thing to do though, is to check whether the crack can be repaired without replacing the whole windshield. If it cannot then replacement is the only option.

You first need to remove the rear view mirror from the windshield. Then run a knife along the rubber edge of the windshield to free it from the body of the car. Once this is done, simply pull out the windshield (remember to lift the wipers first or risk breaking them). Once the windshield is free and clear clean off the remains of the gasket from the body of the car.

Now you need to add some liquid gasket to the frame of the car, then place the new windshield in it's place. Carefully add more of the rubber gasket along the outside of the windshield making sure to fill any hole between the body and the windshiel…

Indoor Soccer Shoes for Turf

Indoor Soccer Shoes for Turf - Indoor soccer shoes are different to regular soccer shoes or runners. They are specially made to provide maximum grip and flexibility when running on turf.

When choosing indoor soccer shoes, it's important to make sure they are the right fit with all other gear. For example, it's best to wear your shin-pads when trying them on as you will be wearing shin-pads whenever you wear the shoes. Some shin-pads can interfere with the fit of a shoe.

Price should not be the deciding factor. An expensive shoe may not be the best option for you. On the other hand, choosing a cheaper shoe that is not the right fit may cause you blisters, or even serious injury.

Once you buy the shoes, remember to break them in during practice before a game. This will ensure they are softer and more flexible, making them more comfortable.

Indoor Soccer Shoes for Turf

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum - Richard John “Rick” Santorum was a former United States Senator from Pennsylvania.He is a member of the republican party and was the chairman of the Senate Republican Conference.Currently, Santorum is considering running for the presidential office in 2012. He attended Pennsylvania State University,University Of Pittsburgh, and
The Dickinson School of Law.

Recently, Santorum became a new sexual neologism word which means the “frothy mixture of lube,fecal matter and occasionally blood that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex.”This word was first

used by American humorist and sex-advice columnist Dan Savage in 2003.

This sparked a Google bomb that made the definition website above the US Republican Senator’s website.

Rick Santorum

Borders Store Closing After Bankruptcy

Borders Store Closing After Bankruptcy - Borders has announced the closing of 200 of its stores across the United States due to poor performance by some of its locations. The announcement came along with Borders’ filing for bankruptcy due to $1.29 billion worth of debt the company has accrued.

The closings reflect a 30 percent downsizing from Borders’ more than 600 locations nationwide. According to the bankruptcy filing, Borders owes millions to several publishers.

Borders, a Michigan-based company, listed a $1.29 billion debt in it’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. The company’s assets were listed as $1.28 billion.

Borders Store Closing After Bankruptcy

Gas Prices 28 Month High

Gas Prices 28 Month High - Gasoline pump prices reached a 28-month high Wednesday even though oil and gas supplies in the U.S. continue to grow and demand for gas is weak.

The national average for regular gasoline rose to $3.133 a gallon. That's about $1.20 more than the price at the pump two years ago, according to AAA, Wright Express and the Oil Price Information Service.

Just eight states have average prices less than $3 a gallon. The cheapest is $2.94 a gallon is in Missouri. Hawaii has the highest average of $3.746 a gallon.

Tom Kloza, OPIS chief oil analyst, predicted gas prices will range from $3.50 to $3.75 a gallon this spring and then drift lower, to between $3 and $3.40 a gallon.

"I do believe that this year is front-end loaded," Kloza said. "I think that perhaps the first third of the year sees higher retail prices for gasoline and diesel . than the middle or final thirds."

Gas Prices 28 Month High