Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cracked Windshield Replacement

Cracked Windshield Replacement - A cracked windshield doesn't have to be a difficult job, nor does it have to be expensive. You can do it yourself if you're good with your hands and have some time to spare. First thing to do though, is to check whether the crack can be repaired without replacing the whole windshield. If it cannot then replacement is the only option.

You first need to remove the rear view mirror from the windshield. Then run a knife along the rubber edge of the windshield to free it from the body of the car. Once this is done, simply pull out the windshield (remember to lift the wipers first or risk breaking them). Once the windshield is free and clear clean off the remains of the gasket from the body of the car.

Now you need to add some liquid gasket to the frame of the car, then place the new windshield in it's place. Carefully add more of the rubber gasket along the outside of the windshield making sure to fill any hole between the body and the windshield. This part is important because if the gasket is not applied correctly the windshield can crack in future.

Once dried, put your rear view mirror back up.

Cracked Windshield Replacement

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