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Roberta Mancino Model

Roberta Mancino Model - Roberta Mancino is an extreme athlete, and has been skydiving since 2001, at which point it chose her as her profession!

She does everything from skydiving to B.A.S.E. jumping, has logged over 4,000 jumps and is the Free Fly record holder. On top of all of that, she is absolutely gorgeous!

That explains why she is a favorite among Men’s Fitness readers. That and the fact that she has also done four jumps in the buff!

She just did an interview with the men’s magazine, where she talked about skydiving, training for competitions (I didn’t even know there were skydiving competitions, and her parachute failing. Yea, it’s happened five times! Zero is enough for me!

My favorite question was about training for skydiving. Who knew?! She says,

Roberta Mancino Model

Carnival Cruise Ship Splendor Stranded After Fire

Carnival Cruise Ship Stranded After Fire - Carnival's 113,000-ton cruise ship, Splendor, has been dead in the water since early morning, when a fire in the engine room left it stranded.

The cruise line announced that tugboats were en route to the scene and that the Coast Guard had sent cutters and aircraft 200 miles south of San Diego, where the vessel is located.

Still, the 3,299 guests and 1,167 crew members can't be very happy. Carnival said air conditioning is off and guests only have access to cold water and cold food.

That much Gerry Cahill, president and CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines, admitted in a statement.

"Conditions on board the ship are very challenging," he said. "And we sincerely apologize for the discomfort and inconvenience our guests are currently enduring."

We haven't been able to locate any reports from inside the cruise liner. The Navy did release a photograph of the ship out at sea.

Carnival Cruise Ship Stranded After Fire

Amazon MP3

Amazon MP3 -, Inc. announced a new method for sending Gift Cards to friends on Facebook.

According to a release, customers can now connect to their Facebook account on and create a personalized gift card that will be delivered on the recipient's Facebook Wall.

After connecting to his or her Facebook account on, the company noted, the sender can choose a gift card design, specify an amount up to $5,000 and provide an optional gift card message. The sender can also schedule the date for the gift card to appear on the recipient's Facebook Wall up to a year in advance.

"We think our customers who use Facebook will be thrilled that we've made gift-giving more social," said Michal Geller, director of ACI Gift Cards, Inc., the exclusive issuer of Gift Cards. "Sending gift cards has never been easier and we're excited to offer the Facebook option just in time for the holidays."

Amazon MP3

Carnival Splendor Fire

Carnival Splendor Fire - The crew of a Mexico-bound cruise ship battled an engine room fire for three hours which left the vessel adrift, officials said.

According to a statement from Carnival Cruise Lines, the blaze aboard the Carnival Splendor broke out Monday around 6 a.m. as the ship was about 55 miles off of the northern Baja coast.

The ship is carrying 3,299 guests and 1,167 crew members. The fire was extinguished by 9:10 a.m., the firm said. No one was hurt.

"Currently several key hotel systems, including air conditioning, hot food service, flushing toilets and telephones are not available," according to the statement on the cruise line's website. "The ship's crew is actively working to restore partial services."

Officials decided to terminate the cruise when power couldn't be fully restored.

The ship's crew first asked guests to move to the ship's upper deck, but later provided them with bottled water and food and allowed them to return …

Wiz Khalifa Has Been Arrested

Wiz Khalifa Has Been Arrested - Buzzing rapper Wiz Khalifa was arrested in Greenville, North Carolina during the early morning hours of Tuesday (November 9) for marijuana possession.

The Pittsburgh rapper was in town for a show at East Carolina University when his performance was cut short 45 minutes into the set, said reports.

Details are still sketchy, but sources say that authorities searched his tour bus ... and found an unspecified amount of marijuana.

Wiz was subsequently arrested as he attempted to board his tour bus.

A fan-filmed clip of the arrest was uploaded to Youtube shortly after, showing the rapper being cuffed outside his tour bus and being carted away by police.

The 23-year-old rapper (real name: Cameron Jibril Thomaz), whose current hit "Black and Yellow" is in heavy rotation around the country, is known for his love for weed. In a past interview, Wiz boasted about spending around $10,000 a month, just on marijuana.

Wiz Khalifa Has Been Arrested

Seth Rogen Is Engaged

Seth Rogen Is Engaged - During his appearance on “Conan” last night, Seth Rogen described how he got engaged a few months ago– and it’s not the kind of story that will make his kids beam with pride years from now! But he does beam when he talks about his fiance, Lauren Miller, whom he’s been dating for six years.

Miller is a writer who has also appeared in small roles in “Observe and Report” and her boyfriend’s films “Superbad” and “Zack and Miri Make A Porno.” Rogen (who’s looking pretty good after losing a lot of weight for “Green Hornet”) has described Miller as “a girlfriend who is far prettier than I should have.” Awww.

That may be why he fumbled a bit on the proposal. After he bought the ring, he told O’Brien, he got nervous he was going to let the surprise out too soon, and he did – he surprised himself and his girlfriend when he popped the question while she was half-naked and looking for something in their closet.

“I’d already kind of started, and I was like ‘Oh man, her [bre…