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Top Signs you're About to be Dumped

Top Signs you're About to be Dumped - Many people involved in a relationship are blissfully unaware of signs they're relationship is in trouble. This usually happens when one partner is happy while the other secretly is not. Most of the time this happens when the relationship has been going on for a long time and complacency sets in.

Being dumped completely unaware is not a pleasant experience. There are certain signs that will indicate to you you're relationship is in trouble. At that point, you can either intervene to work on it with your partner, or prepare for the inevitable.

A big sign to look out for is time spent apart. If your partner is thinking of dumping you, they will start trying to avoid spending time together. This is for two reasons. The first is because he is not interested/attracted to you anymore. The second being they are feeling guilty about having thoughts of dumping you and feel like they are leading you on before they actually do it.

Another sign yo…

Study Offers Hope for Baldness Remedy

Study Offers Hope for Baldness Remedy - Common baldness could have its roots in a newly identified stem cell defect, a finding that could potentially lead to new hair-loss treatments down the road, a new study reveals.

Researchers say they discovered that a cellular malfunction short-circuits the process by which hair follicle stem cells turn into hair-producing progenitor cells. That defect, rather than any loss of stem cells themselves, sparks the onset of androgenetic alopecia, the medical term for a type of genetic hair loss that affects both men and women, they report.

In men, this hair loss is commonly known as male pattern baldness, marked by the familiar receding hairline and thinning hair on top of the head -- a condition that sometimes leads to complete baldness. In women, female-pattern hair loss causes the hair to get thinner all over but rarely leads to baldness.

The findings offer "a lot more hope that you could actually get hair to grow in a bald scalp," said …

Robert Pattinson to Present at Golden Globes

Robert Pattinson to Present at Golden Globes - Just when you thought yesterday's daily dose of Robert Pattinson news couldn't get any better, it does. Our friendly neighborhood vamp will not only be appearing at tonight's People's Choice Awards, he'll also be one of the many presenters at the 68th annual Golden Globes.

RPattz was one of the first three presenters announced by The Hollywood Foreign Press via Twitter last night. The other two celeb presenters so far are Jennifer Lopez and Matt Damon. Matt will present Robert De Niro with the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

Robert Pattinson to Present at Golden Globes

Though Rob wasn't nominated for any Golden Globes like he was People's Choice Awards, we're placing our dollars that he might have a shot at a Globe next year. His new film "Water for Elephants," hitting theaters April 22, looks like awards season bait for sure. And if Johnny Depp can earn two Best Actor nominations for two not-so-great mov…

Nancy Pelosi Minority Leader

Nancy Pelosi Minority Leader - The 112th Congress convened at noon today, and the first order of business was the election of the speaker of the House. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi finished second in the 241-173 vote, losing to her predecessor, John Boehner. Rep. Heath Shuler (D., N.C.) received 11 votes; Rep., John Lewis (D., Ga.), two; and five other Democrats, one apiece. One representative voted "present," and two, including Boehner, did not vote.

The Daily Caller reports that Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi changed her Twitter handle last night: "Pelosi dutifully ceded the use of @SpeakerPelosi in exchange for @NancyPelosi. Meanwhile, . . . @SpeakerBoehner became the Ohio congressman's active account Wednesday morning."

Pelosi "celebrated the occasion by declaring the two character shortening a victory for 'RTers,' " whatever those are. Obviously that's why she decided not to use @MinorityLeaderPelosi--still not spoken for at this writin…

Chinese Stealth Fighter

Chinese Stealth Fighter - The Ministry of National Defense (MND) indirectly confirmed Wednesday a lawmaker's assessment that China's research and development (R&D) capability as regards its the fifth-generation fighters is doubtful.

Pictures purporting to be of the prototype J-20 stealth fighter were posted on several websites after the U.S.-based Aviation Week magazine reported that the aircraft had been undergoing taxiing tests in late December at an airfield in Chengdu, western China.

The debut of the J-20 was announced in November 2009, but Shen I-ming, deputy defense minister in charge of intelligence, anwering questions from Legislator Lin Yu-fang of the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) before the Legislative Yuan's Foreign and Defense Committee, said the authenticity of the photos was questionable.

Chinese Stealth Fighter

Shen confirmed that China has been developing its fifth-generation fighters but said the aircraft shown in the photos do not appear to be that system.

Father Killed Outside Daycare Center Atlanta

Father Killed Outside Daycare Center Atlanta - Police in Dunwoody, Georgia, have arrested a man in the killing of a father outside his 2-year-old son's day care center.

Hemy Zvi Neuman, 48, is charged with murder in the death of Russell "Rusty" Sneiderman on November 18. Sneiderman was shot multiple times in the parking lot of Dunwoody Prep after dropping off his son, in what police have described as an apparent "cold and calculated murder."
Neuman is scheduled to make his first court appearance Wednesday in DeKalb County Magistrates Court.

Police have not given a possible motive for Neuman nor said whether he and Sneiderman knew each other. The investigation is ongoing, police said.

Witnesses to the shooting told police a man came up from behind Sneiderman, opened fire, and shot him multiple times. They said the shooter then got away in a silver minivan that didn't have a license plate.

Sneiderman's killing shocked and perplexed many in the community. …

Omaha School Shooting

Omaha School Shooting - A high school student who was the son of a police detective shot two school officials at Millard South High School in Omaha today and then shot himself, police said.

The shooter was identified as Robert Butler Jr., son of Omaha Police Det. Robert Butler. He was a senior at the school.

The two people wounded in the shooting were the principal, Curtis Case, and an assistant principal, Vicki Kaspar. Kaspar is in critical condition and Case is in stable but serious condition at Creighton University Hospital, according to the hospital.

Students rushed into the school's kitchen when the gunman opened fire. Sixteen-year-old Laura Olson, a junior at Millard, said she was just beginning lunch when the principal rushed into the cafeteria.

"He was like yelling, 'Get in the kitchen! Get in the kitchen!' He was waving his arms. You knew something was wrong and it wasn't a drill," Olson told The Associated Press.

Omaha School Shooting

Elizabeth Edwards Will

Elizabeth Edwards Will - Elizabeth Edwards' will has been released - and it does not mention John Edwards' name once.

The document, obtained by Inside Edition, was released Wednesday. Edwards signed the will on Dec. 1, just six days before her death.

The former presidential candidate's estranged wife named the couple's eldest daughter, Catherine, as the executor of the will.

In the document, Edwards leaves everything to her children.

"All of my furniture, furnishings, household goods, jewelry, china, silverware and personal effects and any automobiles owned by me at the time of my death I give and bequeath to my children," the will states.

John Edwards' name is not mentioned in the will.

Elizabeth Edwards Will

Mega Millions Split Two Winners

Mega Millions Split Two Winners - Two tickets matched all six numbers in the huge Mega Millions US lottery, and will split the estimated 355 million dollar jackpot, lottery officials said Wednesday.

The January 4 drawing yielded two winning tickets, purchased in the western US states of Idaho and Washington, lottery officials said.

The huge jackpot was one of the biggest in US history.

Lottery officials said before Tuesday night's drawing that the odds of purchasing a winning ticket was about one in 176 million.

The Mega Millions lottery is played in 41 US states and the capital city of Washington.

Mega Millions Split Two Winners

Seattle Superhero Phoenix Jones

Seattle Superhero Phoenix Jones - When a Seattle-area man approached his car on Sunday night, he noticed someone trying to break into it. But then, suddenly, a mysterious masked man -- some are calling him a "superhero" -- stepped in and chased the crook off.

"From the right, this guy comes dashing in, wearing this skin-tight rubber, black and gold suit, and starts chasing him away," a man who asked to be only identified as Dan told a reporter with KIRO, Seattle's CBS affiliate.

It turns out that the man who thwarted the jacking of Dan's car goes by the name of "Phoenix Jones"--and he, along with eight other members of the Rain City Superhero crime-fighting movement, patrol the streets looking to deter crimes in the making. He says that he carries a taser, mace, tear gas and a nightstick, and that his suit is equipped with a bullet-proof vest, "stab plates," and, well, a "ballistic cup."

Seattle Superhero Phoenix Jones

Toni Braxton Reality Series

Toni Braxton Reality Series - Toni Braxton is the latest celebrity to open her home to reality television cameras.

The 43-year-old Grammy-winning singer of "Un-Break My Heart" and "You're Makin' Me High" will appear in "Braxton Family Values" on the WE network starting in April. Braxton's sisters — Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar — are all aspiring singers.

The WE network appeals chiefly to women, and with Oprah Winfrey's new OWN network going on the air last weekend, it is looking to sharpen its focus for viewers. The network says it will emphasize programs that feature families.

WE executives said they will also renew the series "Downsized," about a family struggling through tough economic ties. "Staten Island Cakes" will debut this summer; the show is about a 21-year-old baker whose mother and sister work for him.

Toni Braxton Reality Series

Sherri Shepherd Engaged

Sherri Shepherd Engaged - The View co-host Sherri Shepherd is engaged!

The 43-year-old’s rep confirmed that television writer Lamar Sally proposed to Shepherd, and she accepted

The couple can be added to the growing list of celebrity weddings that will take place in 2011, reports Us Magazine.

Shepherd and Sally have been dating for over a year, and got engaged the day after Christmas – on December 26. Sally even asked Shepherd’s five-year-old son, Jeffrey, for permission.

Sally had a friend decorate the home for when they arrived from a trip in San Diego. There were lights, her dog had a Santa beard and hat on, and the ring was hidden in a bowl of M&Ms.

Sherri Shepherd Engaged

Manicures for Men

Manicures for Men - Manicures have long been considered to only be for females. But in a growing trend, more men are getting their nails done.

Well-groomed nails on a man not only look better, but they allow a man's hands to perform better. Any man who works with his hands can benefit from regular manicures. Manicures not only improve the appearance of the nails, but will keep the hands and cuticles in tip-top shape, which is a good idea for a guy who depends on his hands in order to make a living.

The manicure procedure for a man isn't much different than a manicure procedure for a woman. Unlike most women, who prefer their nails long, men usually opt for short and rounded nails. Men also prefer to stay away from heavily-fragranced creams and lotions. Other than these obvious differences, the manicuring procedure is virtually the same.

Manicures for Men

Hyundai Kia Sales Records 2010

Hyundai Kia Sales Records 2010 - Hyundai said it had its best year ever in the U.S. during as sales of its midsize Sonata, introduced in February, helped the Korean automaker sell 538,228 cars and trucks -- an increase of more than 100,000 from 2009.

The Korean automaker's total sales increased 32.3% in December compared with the same month in 2009 and 23.7% for the year.

"December was the capstone to a good year for Hyundai," Hyundai President and CEO John Krafcik said in a statement.

Sales of the Sonata increased 52% in December and sales of Hyundai's redesigned Elantra mid-size sedan increased 127% in December.

Hyundai Kia Sales Records 2010

Roseanne Barr Sarah Palin "Ripping Off My Act"

Roseanne Barr Sarah Palin "Ripping Off My Act" - "I understand a revolt by American taxpayers who are getting nothing for paying these huge taxes," Barr said. "But the solution is for the American public to have some say in how public money is spent. And I believe that public money needs to be spent on the American public, not these private contractors who Sarah Palin works for."

Barr said she doesn't like Palin, even though the two could both be described as brassy, blue-collar feminists.

"I feel she's ripping off my act," Barr said. "She's not even telling the truth to the American people. I think she took a lot from me and from my show, absolutely."

Barr had strong words for President Obama as well. "I didn't vote for him," she said. "I did NOT want Obama to be president of the United States."

Nor does she think highly of Obama's accomplishment on passing a health care law.

Roseanne Barr Sarah…

Gary Collins Arrested Dine and Dash

Gary Collins Arrested Dine and Dash - Police say they arrested former TV host and actor Gary Collins and charged him with a felony for allegedly leaving a restaurant without paying his $59.35 tab.

Rodney McGilvary, assistant chief of the Biloxi police department, confirmed that Collins was arrested Tuesday. He said Collins was being held early Wednesday on a $5,000 bond in a detention center in Gulfport.

McGilvary says he isn't sure if Collins has a lawyer.

In November, Collins was charged with a misdemeanor for leaving the scene of a minor auto accident in Jackson. He was fined $500. The attorney who represented him in that case didn't immediately respond Wednesday to a message left by The Associated Press.

Gary Collins Arrested Dine and Dash

Olivia Rae Clee-Barnett Swine Flu

Olivia Rae Clee-Barnett Swine Flu - Olivia Rae Clee-Barnett died in the early hours of 2 January at Arrowe Park Hospital.

Her family said they were devastated, saying Olivia was "an extremely beautiful and talented girl" who loved drama and music.

The hospital recently suspended visiting to try to reduce the risk of patients and staff catching flu.

The trust has begun an investigation to determine the cause of Olivia's death.

It said in a statement: "Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust can confirm that a 17-year-old person admitted to Arrowe Park Hospital died over the weekend period.

"The cause of death has not yet been confirmed. Because of patient confidentiality the trust is not in a position to release any further details."

Olivia Rae Clee-Barnett Swine Flu

Coffee Spill Diverts United Airlines flight

Coffee Spill Diverts United Airlines flight - The communications system malfunction that caused a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Frankfurt to divert to Toronto late Monday was caused by a pilot spilling coffee.

Reacting to the spill, the pilot changed the transponder code, and while turning the dial the Boeing 777 sent out a radio message indicating a hijacking, according to Canadian transportation authorities.

The crew was able to fix the faulty message, but the captain of Flight 940 decided to land the plane rather than fly across the Atlantic Ocean with a potential communications issue.

"During a period of light turbulence, a cockpit crew member's beverage spilled, causing issues with the airplane's communications equipment," United spokesman Rahsaan Johnson tells AOL Travel News.

"The plane never lost contact with air traffic control and followed standard operating procedures, landing safely in Toronto where we could begin to reaccommodate our custo…

Giant Tuna Fetches Record $396K in Tokyo

Giant Tuna Fetches Record $396K in Tokyo - The fish weighed in at 342 kg and was caught off the most northerly Japanese island of Hokkaido. The price far surpassed the previous record of Y20.3 million (£158,807) set in January 2001 for a 202-kg tuna.

The fish was reportedly purchased by a wholesaler and will be sold on to up-market sushi restaurants in Japan and Hong Kong at a price of Y95,000 (£743) per kilogramme.

The first sale of the New Year is traditionally an important day on the calendar of Japan's fishing industry, which has come under increasing pressure in recent years due to the global decline in tuna stocks.

Giant Tuna Fetches Record $396K in Tokyo

Most Common Foodborne Illness

Most Common Foodborne Illness - Foodborne illness (also foodborne disease and colloquially referred to as food poisoning) is any illness resulting from the consumption of contaminated food.

There are two types of food poisoning: infectious agent and toxic agent. Food infection refers to the presence of bacteria or other microbes which infect the body after consumption. Food intoxication refers to the ingestion of toxins contained within the food, including bacterially produced exotoxins, which can happen even when the microbe that produced the toxin is no longer present or able to cause infection. In spite of the common term food poisoning, most cases are caused by a variety of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, or parasites that contaminate food, rather than chemical or natural toxins.

The most common foodborne illness would have to be salmonella. Salmonella is a bacteria and occurs in the intestines of birds. Salmonella causes fever and abdominal cramps. It is only life threatening if th…

What to Expect from Consumer Electronics Show

What to Expect from Consumer Electronics Show - By the end of this year, American consumers will be able to enjoy broadcasting’s mobile DTV service in all the major TV markets.

As executive director of the Open Mobile Video Coalition, the industry group dedicated to promoting mobile DTV, Anne Schelle believes in it and this week she will be doing her best to convince the rest of the consumer electronics world at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to believe it, too.

What to Expect from Consumer Electronics Show

The OMVC will release more encouraging results from its consumer trial on mobile DTV service. And it will open up its ranks to non-broadcasters — device manufacturers, app developers, content providers and others hoping to exploit the new platform. The charter members of the OMVC Mobile DTV Forum: LG Electronics, Samsung, Dell and Harris.

“There are huge opportunities to develop for this platform,” said Schelle. “You’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg on what can be do…

Global Food Prices Hit Record High

Global Food Prices Hit Record High - Global food prices rose to a fresh high in December, according to the UN's Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO).

Its Food Price Index went above the previous record of 2008 that saw prices spark riots in several countries.

Soaring sugar, cereal and oil prices had driven the rise, the report said.

The index, which measures monthly price changes for a food basket composed of dairy, meat and sugar, cereals and oilseeds, averaged 214.7 points last month, up from 206 points in November.

Global Food Prices Hit Record High

It stood at 213.5 points at the high of June 2008.

However, despite high prices, FAO economist Abdolreza Abbassian said that many of the factors that triggered food riots in 2007 and 2008 - such as weak production in poor countries - were not currently present, reducing the risk of more turmoil.

But he added that "unpredictable weather" meant that grain prices could go much higher, which was "a concern".


Live to Dance Premiere

Live to Dance Premiere - “Live to Dance,” Paula Abdul’s big return to television (well, unless you count that odd Bravo reality show) premiered tonight on CBS — and the show had more in common with “American Idol” than one of its former judges. Episode one was set up much like the annual “Idol” auditions shows — there were screaming crowds, clueless rejects and a Seacrest-esque emcee (Andrew Gunsberg, who actually used to host “Australian Idol”).

So yeah, it’s a bit of a ripoff — but it seems like it has the potential to be a fun one. The best thing about the show is the variety — there are soloists and enormous groups, preteens and senior citizens, break dancers and ballerinas. Strangely enough, broadness is also the biggest thing working against it; the wide range of acts makes the show’s standards feel sort of random and the judges’ criticisms are often vague. The other judges, by the way, are choreographer Travis Payne and Pussycat Dolls “founding member” Kimberly Wyatt (hey, we’r…

The Biggest Loser Premiere

The Biggest Loser Premiere - Biggest Loser season 11 kicked off with a look at some of the most compelling characters this season: Arthur, who at 507 pounds, is the largest contestant ever. Not the heaviest – that was season 9 winner Michael Ventrella – but the largest in size. Courtney actually lost 100 pounds to qualify for the show – producers said she was too unhealthy at first. And of course there’s Rulon, the Olympic gold medal wrestler.

This year we will see some big heavyweights.

We also got a shadowy glimpse of the two mystery trainers. Who are the Biggest Loser new trainers? Maybe we'll find out for sure next week. (But we think we know who one of them is.)

The Biggest Loser Premiere

IRS Deadline Extended April 18

IRS Deadline Extended April 18 - Tax payers will get three extra days to file their federal tax returns this year as the IRS announced that the tax deadline is extended to April 18.

The extension comes not because of a delay in the ability to for those itemizing their returns, but because of Emancipation Day, a holiday observed in the District of Columbia, that falls this year on Friday, April 15. By law, District of Columbia holidays impact tax deadlines in the same way that federal holidays do; therefore, all taxpayers will have three extra days to file this year.

IRS Deadline Extended April 18

By the way, if you're unemployed, there are a few things you need to keep in mind as you think about taxes.

A tax break last year that exempted the first $2,400 of unemployment insurance from income tax has expired and all income from unemployment insurance is now subject to federal taxes.

Also, check with an accountant if you were forced to tap your IRA or 401K to make ends meet. Dependi…

Tailhook Scandal Captain Fired

Tailhook Scandal Captain Fired - Captain Owen Honors was fired from the USS Enterprise on Tuesday. He had been captain of the Navy vessel for over three years. His firing came after he made lewd videos, intended to boost the morale of crew members.

The Navy has been pressured to explain why it acted only after Honors’ videos became public. Can military leaders behave poorly as long as no one finds out?

Many of his former crew members have come to Honors’ defense. During the recent wars, they were at sea for long deployments.

Tailhook Scandal Captain Fired

They appreciated the morale boost.

Senior officials thought differently, stating that Honors showed a disturbing lack of judgment. Admiral John Harvey, head of U.S. Fleet Forces Command, stated that he had lost confidence in Honors’ ability to lead effectively.

The videos featured the Captain using gay slurs and simulating masturbation with his hand.

The videos, which were made three or four years ago, were made public after they we…

How to Give a Foot Massage

How to Give a Foot Massage - Foot massages can be both relaxing and therapeutic when done correctly. Most people simply squish the feet like they are kneading dough but there are different techniques that can be much better.

Soaking the feet in warm water is a good start. Like any other muscle in the body, and the feet do have many muscles, heat will relax the foot muscles. You can also add bath salts or soaps just for fun.

A proper foot massage can only be done with some sort of oil. The oil is needed to reduce friction and allow for smooth motions. Be careful to choose an oil that will not be absorbed into the skin or you will be constantly applying more.

When massaging around the ankles and the top of the foot, circular motions are the most relaxing. Running your fingers in between the toes is also a must.

How to Give a Foot Massage

Boron and other Vitamins Men Need

Boron and other Vitamins Men Need - Boron is one of the essential vitamins in a mans diet. It promotes testosterone production and therefore encourages muscle growth. It also activates several functions in the body that sustain life. In other words, you can't do without it.

Boron is an important supplement, but there are many others. For example, zinc and magnesium is also essential for men and deficiencies can cause low testosterone production. The combination of both zinc and magnesium appear to have an amplified effect.

When taking boron, zinc and magnesium, you can expect to get a better, sounder nights sleep, have better moods and feel more energetic. But not everyone may experience these effects. Only those that are deficient in the minerals will benefit from supplements.

Boron and other Vitamins Men Need

Exercise While you Drive

Exercise While you Drive - Long drives are usually associated with sore backs, sore legs and fatigue. Exercising while driving can help time go past and keep you alert.

Due to the room restraint, and the fact you are operating a motor vehicle, exercises are limited but there are a few. Breathing exercises are a popular one. Squeezing your abdominal area while holding your breath in 5 second blocks is good for the abs. After doing this for a while you will notice your abdominal muscles getting sore.

Exercise While you Drive

Buttock clenches are another good one. Squeezing your buttocks together in 10 second block will also give you a good work out.

No matter what exercise you do, be sure to always keep your concentration on the road to avoid any accidents.

Exercise While you Drive

Home Remedies for Migraines

Home Remedies for Migraines - Most will reach for painkillers at the fist sign of a migraine. Although it is a quick fix, it is not healthy to keep popping them. Some people even build up an immunity to them and need to take more and more each time.

Migraines can be caused by many things. Stress is a major contributor. With stress, the blood pressure increases and so does anxiety. Smoking or ingesting too much caffeine can also be a cause.

Home Remedies for Migraines

Before you reach for the painkillers, there are a home remedies you can try to alleviate the pain of a migraine. Wrapping an ice pack in a towel and applying it to the temples will constrict blood vessels and take away some of the pain.

Chamomile tea can also help. Although this is more of a preventative measure. When you feel the onset of a migraine, drinking chamomile tea can limit the severity of the pain.

The best preventative measure is finding the causes of the migraines and stopping them before they start.

Home Rem…

Rushing Birth Even A Little Can Hurt Babies' Health

Rushing Birth Even A Little Can Hurt Babies' Health - Babies born even a little shy of the full 39-week mark for gestation may still suffer health trouble, including breathing and feeding problems. A 2005 estimate put the U.S. cost of premature births at $26 billion.

You can't be just a little bit pregnant, but you can have a baby who's born just a little bit too early. Too often, however, women who decide to induce labor a week or two before they reach full term don’t realize that rushing the delivery date by even a few weeks may hurt their newborns and, possibly, their pocketbooks.

Rushing Birth Even A Little Can Hurt Babies' Health

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released data recently showing that in 2009 the preterm birth rate declined, for the third year in a row, to 12.18 percent of all births. Still, preterm birth is one of the reasons the infant mortality rate in the United States exceeds other developed countries.

But the preterm birth rate—def…

Charges Filed Against Sen. Levin Pie-Thrower

Charges Filed Against Sen. Levin Pie-Thrower - When liberals try and pie conservatives at public events, it’s explained away as harmless expressions of free speech. When they pie their own, they get the book thrown back.

Two people were indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly hitting Michigan US Senator Carl Levin with a pie in the face in Big Rapids in August. Ahlam Mohsen and Max Kantar, each 23, are accused of working together to assault Levin while he met with constituents at a cafe.

The pair were indicted for forcible assault and for aiding and abetting each other in assaulting the senator.

With a pie….

It’s too bad this kind of childish activity is condoned and encouraged by the left, but they really shouldn’t complain when they pie the wrong liberal and find out just how much they really despise free speech.

Charges Filed Against Sen. Levin Pie-Thrower

Man Strips at Va. Airport Checkpoint in Protest

Man Strips at Va. Airport Checkpoint in Protest - A 21-year-old man stripped down to his underwear and socks at an airport in Richmond, Virginia to protest the new security measures, including a pat down at American aerodromes, a media report said on Friday. "Police responded to an incident outside of Security Checkpoint B when a man reportedly
stripped down to his underwear and socks," CBS 6 news reported on the incident that occurred on Thursday afternoon at the Richmond International Airport.

Quoting a report filed by airport officials, it said a 21-year-old Charlottesville man, Aaron Tobey, was spotted "absent of pants and shirt in full public view, exposing language regarding the 4th Amendment written on his chest and abdomen with marker or crayon."

Man Strips at Va. Airport Checkpoint in Protest

The report also quoted Richmond Airport spokesperson Troy Bell as saying that the demonstration took place shortly after 2pm.

The 4th Amendment to the US Constitution…

Ohio Man Blames Ozzy Osbourne for Traffic Arrest

Ohio Man Blames Ozzy Osbourne for Traffic Arrest - The prince of darkness may have had a lot of accusations thrown at him over the course of his career, but this one is not only balderdash, but a very poor excuse for a Cleveland area man had for drinking and driving. Solon police reported that 33-year-old William Liston, of Aurora, was arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence, he told the officer, "Ozzy Osbourne and his music made me do it"

.Solon police report at one point, Liston ran an SUV off the road; fortunately the driver was not hurt. Police were able to catch up with Liston and charged him. Solon Police have also reported that they found a bottle containing four different types of prescription pills in Liston's pocket, and those who saw him on the road that night believe the drugs are more to blame than Ozzy Osbourne.

Just earlier this month Ozzy Osbourne performed was in Cleveland, performing downtown and Quicken loans arena.

Ohio Man Blames Oz…

Easy Ways to Update your Kitchen

Easy Ways to Update your Kitchen - Updating your kitchen doesn't have to be hard, or expensive for that matter. There are many simple, and other more complicated, ways to update your kitchen and make it look like new.

Simple things like changing the light fittings can make a big difference. A new pot plant, some new cushions for the seats at the dining table or some new blinds can spruce things up.

Easy Ways to Update your Kitchen

There are other easy ways for those that are good with their hands. A good coat of paint always makes any room glow. Painting is easy and all you need is some paint, a roller and a brush. If you want to mix things up a bit you can add a feature wall when painting. A feature wall is a wall in the room that is a different color to the rest. Most people use a dark brown or some shade of green for a feature wall.

Changing the handles on the cupboards can change the look of your kitchen. They are usually held in place by only two screws and new ones can be fo…

Stan Lee gets Hollywood Star

Stan Lee gets Hollywood Star - Comics legend Stan Lee has helped build iconic characters out of stone, sand and the mythical adamantium. Now, at last, the Marvel mastermind has also conquered California concrete.

Lee received a star on the Walk of Fame sidewalk Tuesday in front of the Live Nation Building on Hollywood Boulevard - the 2,428th star so enshrined.

"Wouldja believe I'm on the same block as Paul Newman and Sophia Loren?" Lee, 88, says with his trademark ebullience during an interview.

On hand to help celebrate were Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and POW! Entertainment President Gill Champion, as well as Lee's wife, Joan.

Stan Lee gets Hollywood Star

"I really still can't believe it," says Lee, the POW! founder who created or co-created such Marvel characters as Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, X-Men and Iron Man. "I think they have me confused with someone else, but I'm not gonna tell them!"

The keepers of Hollywood's palm-tree…

'Black Swan,' 'Social Network' Nominated for WGA Award

'Black Swan,' 'Social Network' Nominated for WGA Award - The Producers Guild of America and Writers Guild of America have announced the nominees for their own 2011 awards. It comes out as no surprise anymore that such movies as "Inception" and "Black Swan", which have received a lot of praises during 2010, land nods at both prize-giving events.

The two films along with "The Fighter" and "The Kids Are All Right" are mentioned at The Darryl F. Zanuck Award for Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures category. All of them will also compete for Best Original Screenplay at Writers Guild Awards.

'Black Swan,' 'Social Network' Nominated for WGA Award

Meanwhile, Adapted Screenplay category at Writers Guild Awards has the likes of "127 Hours", "The Social Network", "The Town" and "True Grit" as contenders. These four films are up against each other and a bunch of other fil…

How to Reduce Trans Fat

How to Reduce Trans Fat - Too much trans fat is not healthy for any diet. Trans fat is the main cause of heart attacks in the western world. Many people find it hard to reduce their daily intake as it is found in some of the best tasting foods.

Fast food is the major contributor. Regardless of the variety, fast food usually contains a lot of trans fat. Steering clear of fast food is a very good first step. The second step is to pay attention next time you do your grocery shopping. All items are obliged to list the amount of trans fat they contain. Read the labels carefully before you throw the products in to your shopping trolley.

There are a long list of ailments that can come as a result of too much trans fat consumption. Diabetes, hearth disease, liver dysfunction and cancer just to name a few.

How to Reduce Trans Fat

Protein Smoothies are a Great Diet Tool

Protein Smoothies are a Great Diet Tool - Protein diets play a great role in both weight loss and a healthy diet. Many scientific studies have proven the weight loss benefits of a diet high in protein.

The beauty of protein smoothies is they are so easy to make. They can be made in many different flavors to suit anyone. Below are a couple of recipes.

Protein Smoothie Recipe for Muscle Builders

If you are looking to build muscle, you have to have protein in your diet. There are many good sources of protein but if you do not have the time to cook and eat every time you need proteins, than protein smoothies are a great, easy source. Most protein smoothie recipes take a few minutes to get ingredients, add protein powder, and blend all together.

Fruit Medley Protein Smoothie Recipe

1 tbsp pf protein powder(or recommended amount) 4 strawberries 8 cherries without seeds 5 peach slices 1/2 a banana 1 cup of nonfat milk

Directions: Blend the assorted fruits with the milk, begin ad…

Australia Flooding Effect on Commodities

Australia Flooding Effect on Commodities - The recent flooding in Queensland, Australia has had a major effect on the population there. Thousands have been forced from their houses, thousands of homes have been destroyed, lives have been lost. On top of the negative effect to the population, the flooding has had a negative effect on both the local economy and commodities.

As well as losing their homes, people in Queensland have also lost their lively-hoods. As a result of the flooding, commodities transportation have been disrupted. Transport of wheat, coal and sugar has been disrupted. Rail lines have either been damaged or are under water. Even getting emergency supplies to the people has been a hard task.

As a result of the damage done by the flooding, coal, wheat, sugar, and fresh produce prices will rise as will the price of meat. The effect on commodities will not be restricted to Australia. It will have an impact around the globe.

Australia Flooding Effect on Commodities

Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Work

Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Work - Almost everyone makes a new year's resolution. Some make small ones, some make big ones. But the fact of the matter is, most people do not follow through with their new year's resolution.

The reason is the resolution itself is empty. Convincing yourself to do something simply because a new year started is very hard, and resolutions are quickly forgotten. To keep a new year's resolution, there must be other factors motivating you to do so.

Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Work

For instance, a person may make a resolution to lose weight without really thinking why they want to do it. This person will most likely forget about it at 12.05am. On the other hand, a person that attaches other reasons to their resolution are more likely to succeed. For instance if a person makes a resolution to lose weight for reasons other than the new year. Maybe they want to be able to play with their kids more, or they want to be more attr…

Funniest New Year's Resolutions

Funniest New Year's Resolutions - There are common new year's resolutions most people make. They are either to quit smoking, lose weight or have something to do with money. Although there are the odd funky resolutions most people don't see coming.

Most of the funky ones are very minor things. Things such as "I will wash more clothes this year" or "I will visit my mother more". Here is a list of funny ones.

- I will buy a lizard this year

- I will arrange my sock cupboard

- I will stop using email

- I will stop logging on to FaceBook every 5 minutes

Funniest New Year's Resolutions

Trends in Plus Sizes 2011

Trends in Plus Sizes 2011 - Trends in plus sizes has been going the right way recently. With the waist lines of the population getting larger, more variety and greater quality clothes have become available.

Trends in 2011? As always darker colors such as black and purple are popular as they appear to have a slimming effect.

Cardigans have also come in to fashion and will be available in different materials, colors and sizes throughout the year.

The good news is the range of plus sizes will become cheaper as more people start buying them.

Trends in Plus Sizes 2011

Best Japanese Cars

Best Japanese Cars - There are many Japanese cars on the market. Some good, some bad. When people think of Japanese made, they think poor build quality but this isn't always true. Some of the best quality cars around are Japanese.

First up we have the Toyota Corolla. This 4 cyclinder little Japanese car has been popular for many years now. It's affordable, reliable and fuel efficient. It doesn't look too bad either. Toyota must be doing something right for this model to have sold so much all over the globe.

Best Japanese Cars

Next is the Subaru WRX. As far as fast Japanese cars go, this has to be in the top 3. It's 2 liter turbo-charged engine makes for a very fast car while it's four doors also makes it practical.

The two cars listed above are great Japanese cars, but the winner would have to be the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution model. This car is insanely fast. So fast that you feel it should be on a track rather than driving you to work. It also has a 2 liter turb…