Saturday, November 20, 2010

War Of The Worlds

War Of The Worlds - Catherine Jones talks to 80s heart-throb Jason Donovan about his next album and date at the ECHO arena

THIS ain’t a dress rehearsal Catherine, this is it mate, so you know what? I’m going to go for it while I’m here.” It appears that Jason Donovan means business.

First there’s a new album, Soundtrack of the 80s, which takes the 42-year-old back to those heady days when he was at the centre of Ramsey Street’s finest romance.

Then there’s his imminent appearance at the ECHO arena as the Artilleryman in Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds opposite Liverpool’s Liz McClarnon.

Then he’ll be returning to the waterfront venue next summer as part of the 80s revival Here and Now tour.

And in the midst of it all, he’s set to become a dad again, with wife Angela due to give birth to their third child in March.

“They always say the third baby is a little bit easier, and I’m hoping that’s true,” he tells me. “I can’t take it back once it’s out! But I think being a dad is a job that I do well and enjoy.”

War Of The Worlds

Wesley Snipes Goes To Jail

Wesley Snipes Goes To Jail - Action star Wesley Snipes, most famous for portraying Blade, the "Daywalker" in the Blade trilogy of movies, lost an appeal for a new trial on Friday and was ordered to surrender to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons to begin serving a 36-month prison sentence for his 2008 conviction on three misdemeanor counts of willfully failing to file federal tax returns. In his 17-page order, U.S. District Court Judge William Terrell Hodges said, "The Defendant Snipes had a fair trial.... The time has come for the judgment to be enforced."

Snipes' attorney, Daniel Meachum, called the judge's verdict "shocking" and said, "Wesley is very disappointed but staying strong and positive." Meachum said his defense team was "determined to exhaust all plausible avenues" in appealing the decision, up to and including taking the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Wesley Snipes Goes To Jail

Raleigh Christmas Parade 2010

Raleigh Christmas Parade 2010 - Raleigh's November 20th 2010 Wral TV Christmas Parade begins at 9:30 a.m. in the morning hosted by Wral's Bill Lesley and Kelcey Carlson with Brian Shrader for street reports. Each year channel 5 welcomes Santa to Raleigh. Are you prepared for hectic holiday sleigh traffic in around that area?

There's no charge for deck parking that day as the 66th annual event begins at Hillsborough and St. Mary's Street the Raleigh's 2010 Christmas Parade makes a straight walk towards the Capitol then turns right onto Salisbury then left on Morgan, finishing with a last turn on Fayetteville Street. Wral also shares a past listing of Raleigh Christmas parades from 2003 up to last year.

Each parade is festive full of stunning costumes and decorative holiday cheer, including bands, twirlers, floats and more. A favorite of many who travel into downtown Raleigh to catch the annual event. Tomorrow marks another great parade that lasts just under 3 hours.

As the largest parade between Washington D.C. and Altanta, the parade participants and goers are preparing for the November 20th temperatures, in the chilly 60s or 50s, the parade goers can only try and remain warm. WIth a low of 38 tonight and the high of 65 tomorrow, bundle up, it's going to be a bit nippy.

Raleigh Christmas Parade 2010

Kenken Puzzle

Kenken Puzzle - The grids, the numbers and the computations required to solve KenKen puzzles might send shivers up the spine of non-math afficionados.

But its fan base extends far beyond the math geeks among us to those somewhat literary types who are uncertain how fast they can add or subtract let alone multiply or divide under pressure.

This includes Pleasantville toy maker and agent Robert Fuhrer, who brought this Japanese craze to America.

"I am not a puzzler," said Fuhrer, 55, from his Pleasantville office of Nextoy, a toy business known for Airblade from Mattel and Gator Golf from Hasbro Games.

But he, his family and friends and thousands of others do KenKen puzzles.

They can't seem to put these KenKen squares down. Which is good for newspapers, such as the Times of London and The New York Times, that print them alongside the venerable crosswords. And good for KenKen book publishers, a website and iPhone app that Fuhrer, who holds the trademark, feeds.

Kenken Puzzle

Shakti Stream

Shakti Stream - Shakti Stream, friend of Colt Brennan, is in serious condition. Shakti Stream has been transported to Kona Community Hospital; Stream’s condition remained serious as of 6 pm Friday.

Colt Brennan had flown to the Big Island. On Friday, Shakti Stream, Brennan and a third person were injured in a car crash.

Shakti Stream was in an SUV with Brennan that flipped onto its side on the Queen Kaahumanu Highway near Makalawaena. Stream was able to get out of the flipped car.

The car crash was shortly after 9 am local time Friday morning. Hawaii Police have determined that Shakti Stream, 27, was the driver. Stream is a resident of Kona claims Hawaii247. Police have told news that Stream was heading north on the Highway in a 1997 Toyota SUV.

Shakti Stream crossed the centerline, claims HPD to local news. Stream then crashed head-on with a southbound traveling 1996 Saab. The Saab’s driver was in serious condition as of Friday evening; she is descibed as a Waikoloa resident, 47-years old.

Police have commenced two negligent injury investigations.

Upon hearing the news, Brennan’s parents were en route from California to Oahu. “I talked to the doctor, the doctor from Kona,” said Brennan’s father Terry to KHON-TV. “He was saying ‘Hey, we’ve done our what we could do over here, we think it’s best he gets over to Oahu.’” Terry indicated that his son’s head injuries were life-threatening. “No. … They’re still monitoring the issues with the head injuries.”

Shakti Stream

Colt Brennan Girlfriend

Colt Brennan Girlfriend - More than 12 hours after the crash, Colt Brennan is still in serious condition.

The former UH quarterback is banged up bad, with broken bones and internal bleeding.

Thankfully, his father says the injuries are not life-threatening.

New pictures came in Friday night showing the wreckage from the head-on collision in North Kona.

At about 9:30 a.m. police say Brennan was the passenger in a Toyota SUV driven by his girlfriend when she crossed the center line on Queen Kaahumanu Highway, in Makalawena.

The SUV slammed into a Saab sedan driven by an unidentified Waikoloa woman.

The Saab went airborne landing in a lava field off the road.

The Waikoloa woman was trapped and needed to be extricated.

Brennan's girlfriend got out of the SUV on her own.

But Brennan was stuck inside and needed fire crews to get him out.

He was later airlifted to Oahu for further care.

Earlier in the evening, Brennan's dad had said that his son was in stable condition. But a spokesperson at The Queen's Medical Center actually said Brennan is officially listed in serious.

"He's still under anesthetics and so forth and they're doing some more cat scans. He's got some broken ribs, I believe it's the left clavicle and just trying to monitor his head injuries," said Terry Brennan, Colt's father.

Brennan says his son and girlfriend Shakti Stream were on their way to a volleyball tournament, when stream suddenly swerved into the opposite lane causing the head-on collision that left Brennan trapped in the silver SUV.

Colt Brennan Girlfriend

Erin Barry, Brett Barry, Eva Longoria, Tony Parker. A love Web

Erin Barry, Brett Barry, Eva Longoria, Tony Parker. A love Web - Most of the time when famous dudes get caught cheating, it’s a result of sheer dumb-@ssery. They text dick pics to girls who clearly aren’t interested in seeing their wangs, a la Brett Favre, or they exchange racy messages with every skank in a 1,000 mile radius like Tiger Woods. Years of having gotten away with murder because they know how to put a ball in a hole go to their heads so they do whatever they damn well please without a single thought about the consequences.

That’s not the case with Tony Parker. Frenchy went to great lengths to conceal his affair with Erin Barry from his wife, Eva Longoria. Unfortunately for T-Parks, he was married to a 3 foot Latina leprechaun with magical ways of finding out where he’s putting his magic Johnson (Get it? Because he plays basketball!).

“Tony had Erin’s personal information saved in an electronic program that only he could access,” a source close to the couple says. “But one day he forgot to close the program and that’s when Eva found it. It was a double shot for her because not only did she find all the information, but Eva also realized immediately that Tony had taken steps to hide it from her.” That is a harsh way to find out, but I don’t think the fact that he tried to hide it makes matters worse. It’s not like a full-page ad in Variety with a picture of Erin and a caption that says, “I’m f*cking this chick. Love, Tony” would have been any easier.

Erin Barry, Brett Barry, Eva Longoria, Tony Parker. A love Web

GOP Unemployment Extension Fails

GOP Unemployment Extension Fails - Click here to find out more!
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Failure to pass unemployment insurance extension could cost billions, reports say
November 19, 2010 | 1:17 pm

Letting the nation's unemployment benefits expire could drain billions from the economy and cost millions of jobs, according to two reports out this week. On Thursday, House Republicans voted to deny an unemployment benefits extension, unhappy with the method planned to fund it.

Ending federal extensions would drain the economy of $80 billion of purchasing power, according to a report by the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee. Every dollar spent on benefits increases the gross domestic product by $1.60, the report said.

"Workers receiving unemployment insurance payments are typically cash-strapped and will spend their benefits quickly," the report said. They spend about $6.5 billion a month on the local economy to buy essentials such as food, clothing and utilities.

"A failure to extend the unemployment insurance program could hamper the fragile recovery," the report said. It predicts that consumer spending will fall by $50 billion over the next year if benefits are not extended, and that economic growth will be reduced by 0.4 percentage points by February 2011.

A similar report from the California Budget Project warns that allowing unemployment benefits to lapse at the end of November could deal a critical blow to the retail sector. That sector provides jobs to one out of nine Californians.

Unemployment benefits put $225 million into the nation's economy every day in 2010, the report said.

Some economists worry that if jobless workers keep receiving extensions, they will stop looking for work. But the dearth of jobs in the labor market makes that point moot, the California Budget Project said.

GOP Unemployment Extension Fails

Darvocet Pain Medication Has Been Recalled

Darvocet Pain Medication Has Been Recalled - Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is cooperating with the FDA in recalling Darvocet and Darvon, their versions of the pain killer propoxyphene. Darvon, which is also sold as Darvocet (with acetaminophen added), could cause serious and potentially fatal heart rhythm abnormalities, according to new clinical data reviewed by the FDA.

An outside advisory panel to the FDA recommended last year that Darvon and Darvocet be pulled from the market after concluding that the pain relief benefits of the drugs didn’t outweigh the significant risk of side effects related to overdose and addiction. However, the FDA is not required to follow the advice of the panel, and the two pain killers remained on the market until recent electrocardiography data from a clinical study revealed QT interval abnormalities occurred in healthy people taking normal doses of the drugs.

The main active drug in Darvocet and Darvon is propoxyphene, which the FDA has also removed from the market, affecting other generic versions of this widely prescribed pain medication.

Doctors have been asked to stop prescribing these drugs, and patients taking the medication are being advised to see their physician to discuss switching to another pain killer.

Darvocet Pain Medication Has Been Recalled

Andre Walker Hair Products

Andre Walker Hair Products - Oprah made this list of favorite her things. One of them are Andre Walker Hair Products.

She swears by them. That does not mean they are good, that means they work for her.

You can get them at Ain’t not cheap though. 65 Bucks a pop. For that price you’ll get a gift which includes a Keratin Shampoo, a Keratin Conditioner and Q-oil. Sounds a little pricey to me. But maybe you tell somebody that this is your must have Christmas item and maybe you’ll get it.

Why does Oprah like them?

Well Andree Walker has been her hair stylist for 25 years and has developed the products.

As the name of the products has been released just today, that poor web site might have some issues and you might want to try later.

Andre Walker Hair Products

New NFL Uniforms 2010

New NFL Uniforms 2010 - Hi! Verified World News all the most up-to-date news headlines on new nfl uniforms 2010 to be seen around the web. The bits below reveal the most relevant new nfl uniforms 2010 headlines. surf back soon for more of the latest new nfl uniforms 2010 headlines Enjoy!.

Brandon Marshall let Jay Cutler get in his head
Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall picked up an idiotic taunting penalty during Thursday night’s loss to the Bears, and Jay Cutler is taking the credit for it. Cutler, the Bears quarterback who was Marshall’s teammate in Denver, says that he got in Marshall’s head, and that’s apparently why Marshall decided to toss a football in Cutler’s…

New NFL Uniforms 2010

Oprah's Favorite Things 2010

Oprah's Favorite Things 2010 - Each year, when Oprah surprises her audience with her Favorite Things episode, the crowd (understandably) goes wild. This year was no exception.

The audience, made up of what Oprah described as "heroes and ultimate viewers," thought they were in the studio for an episode about giving. But when the jingle bells started playing and Oprah revealed a hidden red dress, pandemonium ensued.

Oprah's Favorite Things 2010

Colt Brennan's Girlfriend Shakti Stream

Colt Brennan's Girlfriend Shakti Stream - Meet Shakti Stream who just happens to be Colt Brennan’s girlfriend. She was the driver of the car which plunged head-on into another car while driving in Hawaii on November 19th, 2010. The former quarterback of the Hawaii Warriors was injured in the auto accident as was she. See photos and video highlights here as full details of the news are emerging.

The couple is lucky to be alive.

Very little information about Shakti Stream’s biography are known but we will tell you what we do know. Colt Brennan’s girlfriend is a beautiful 27-year old native of Kona Island who any man would be happy to know as his girlfriend. Trust me. She has the look.

Ms. Stream’s Facebook page can be found here which contains more Shakti Stream photos with her famous boyfriend. On it we learn that she likes Hawaiin music, yogurt and Acid Dolls, which is a local designer of hot dresses, jewelry and shoes in Hawaii. She currently lives in Kailua-Kona. Please add anything else you know about her in the comments.

He, as sports fans well know, was drafted by the the Washington Redskins the 2008 NFL draft (6th round). He went to football powerhouse Mater Dei High School near his hometown of Laguna Beach, California. He holds the NCAA career record for touchdown passes (126 total). Colt was born August 16, 1983, which makes him 27 years old, the same age as his girlfriend.

The accident occurred on Kona Island on the Queen Kaahumanu Highway, which is a main artery through the big island on the way to Makalawena. Shakti Stream was driving a 1997 Toyota SUV when she collided with a 1996 Saab 4-door vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. Reports suggest that she strayed over the line although it is unconfirmed and the police investigation is continuing.

The driver of the other car is a woman who was evacuated by helicopter to North Kona Community Hospital and is listed in serious condition. Both Colt Brennan’s girlfriend and the quarterback himself were transported to the same hospital and are also listed in serious condition. He reportedly broke his collar bone and several ribs.

Colt Brennan's Girlfriend Shakti Stream