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Nobel Peace Prize 2010

Nobel Peace Prize 2010 - Chinese democracy activists say the Communist Party's campaign to discredit the Nobel Peace Prize award to a Chinese dissident is proving to the world why Liu Xiaobo deserves the accolade.
Beijing's efforts to stop nations from attending Friday's award ceremony are "stupid and harm China's image," Beijing legal scholar Xu Zhiyong said Wednesday.

"The Chinese people have won a prize," said Xu, a supporter of Liu. "Over the long term, this Nobel will push freedom and democracy in China."

Liu, 54, is serving an 11-year sentence for inciting subversion of state power. His crime was to be a founder of Charter 08, a statement that says it is wrong for a government to deny its citizens election of public officials and freedom of religion and expression. Liu was convicted Christmas Day 2009 after a two-hour trial.

In awarding him the peace prize, the Norwegian Nobel Committee said Liu was being recognized for "his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China" despite severe punishment for doing so against him and his family.

Nobel Peace Prize 2010

China will not allow Liu or any of his family members to leave the country to accept the prize and its $1.4 million award in Oslo. His wife, Liu Xia, has been under house arrest since the award was announced Oct. 8.

The Nobel Committee will only present the award to the laureate or close family members. In 1975, 1983 and 1991, family members collected the Nobel for winning Soviet, Polish and Burmese dissidents. Beijing's clampdown means this year's could be the first ceremony to lack a presentation since 1935, when Nazi Germany barred the pacifist Carl von Ossietzky from attending.

Other no-shows include envoys from 18 nations who appear to have bowed to Beijing's vigorous campaign for a boycott of the ceremony. Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu claimed a "large majority" of nations would skip the event.

The Nobel Committee says at least 44 nations would attend.

Nobel Peace Prize 2010

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