Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Secrets of Hypermiling

Secrets of Hypermiling - Although some hypermilers may go to some extremes to get fantastic mileage, most just practice some simple driving techniques that everyone can use.

I guess the biggest tip to making a dent in your fuel consumption is to slow down. Studies have shown that driving a steady 55 mph on the highway leads to better gas mileage. But if you are like me, you want to make sure that you are doing at least the speed limit whenever you can. So if the speed limit is 65 mph the chances are pretty good that that is the speed I am going to be traveling at.

You can also use the momentum of the road to help you increase your gas mileage. That means coasting whenever possible. If you live in a hilly area like I do, then you can just take your foot off of the gas when you are going downhill. It's also a good idea to take your food off of the gas pedal and coast to the stop sign or traffic light.

Accelerate before you get to a hill if possible instead of waiting until you are actually on the hill. Also as you crest the hill, take your foot off of the gas and coast down. Just make sure that there isn't anyone behind you.

Another good tip is to avoid driving with a roof rack or with one of those pods unless you really need it at that moment. If you have a van and don't regularly use the back seat, then take it out. The more weight you remove from your vehicle, the better gas mileage you will see. That also goes for our waistlines.

Checking your tire pressure is another thing that you should check on a regular basis. Hypermilers recommend going by the maximum allowed by the tire manufacturers.

Secrets of Hypermiling

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