Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Male Depression Economy

Male Depression Economy - A new study says that being a 21st century man may cause male depression rates to go higher, as uneducated and undereducated men may be pushed out of the job market due to a shifting and unstable economy.

Where will they go? Probably home and that may cause issues.

The study says if they go home to play Mr. Mom, it may be a painful adjustment.

"Western men, particularly those with low education levels, will face a difficult road in the 21st century," write the authors of an editorial in the March issue of The British Journal of Psychiatry.

"It may be more difficult, on average, for men to adjust to a domestic role than for women to adjust to a work role."

Researchers Boadie Dunlop and Tanja Mletzko, both of Emory University School of Medicine write that with the shift, 'men's failure to fulfill the role of breadwinner is associated with greater depression and marital stress and conflict' with their now more powerful bread-winning spouse.

Male Depression Economy

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