Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Willow Smith BBC

Willow Smith BBC - She is best known for singing about 'whipping her hair back and forth' - but Willow Smith might end up with whiplash trying it with her new hair do.

The 10-year-old mini-star was sporting a brand new 'corn row' hairstyle of a headful of tiny plaits when she left the BBC Radio 1 studios today after a pre-recorded interview about the follow up to Whip My Hair, 21st Century Girl.

The precocious daughter of movie stars Will and Jada Pinkett Smith was showing off a do that was half way there when she appeared on Oprah Winfrey's World's Most Talented Kids which aired in the U.S.last night.

Willow also told the chat show queen that despite her young age, her new career was '50 percent work and 102 percent fun'.

And asked by Oprah what she did when the attention got too much, she replied that she follows her mum Jada Pinkett Smith's advice.

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Willow Smith BBC

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