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Obama Prayer Inquiry

Obama Prayer Inquiry - A prison officer has been suspended for highlighting a verse in a bible and jokingly labelling it 'The Obama Prayer', it was revealed today.

Sgt. Matthew Neu of Manatee County Jail in Florida circled a line from the book of Psalm: Chapter 109 Verse 8, which reads, 'Let his days be few; and let another take his office'.

For many the slogan is a humorous way of expressing disapproval for the President.

Sgt. Neu's colleagues at the Manatee County Central Jail facility in Palmetto, Florida, say it's a well known fact that Neu is not a fan of President Obama.

Obama Prayer Inquiry

But one of the sergeant's co-workers thought he had gone too far and reported his joke to the authorities.

An internal investigation was ordered which culminated in a 16-page report on the incident, and Sergeant Neu was suspended without pay for 26 hours.

Mrs Nash told investigators that the bible belonged to her and that 'whoever left the note wanted the president dead'.

The verse which follows reads, 'Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.' And the Psalm in its entirety asks God to destroy the man.

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The verse, which has become known as Obama's Prayer, has been emailed and tweeted round the globe by Obama critics since late 2009 when it became a hit on Google trends.

Obama Prayer Inquiry


Anonymous said…
Is the whole world going crazy or what? Amazing you can't read something and find it funny without some jackass over reacting. I hope this guy fights it and gets all his pay plus a bonus.
Anonymous said…
Agreed. Have we become a nation of morons? Where is the Officer's freedom of speech? How come the ACLU is not all over this? Racist bastards? I assume officer Neu is not black. They probably would have laughed their heads off if Officer Neu was black. Someone please tell these morons to get a life and apologize to Officer Neu for government stupidity. I think Obama should apologize to him - he likes to do that; he likes to kiss foreign ass.
Anonymous said…
Have you lost your damned mind, rather it was a joke or not he had no right leaving a note that was a indirect threat to our "Commander and Chief". If you don't like "Our President" he's still the Leader of this country. So it makes me wonder if anonymous might have a axe to grind because our President isn't White.
Anonymous said…
There was a time when all Americans were expected to respect and honor the office of President. A suggestion, offer, or prayer that intimates a wish for the President's death, (and I mean any President), should be met with the harshest of scrutiny. And if the utterer is a public servant, they should be one no longer.
Anonymous said…
How about respecting your fellow coworkers belongings. If you don't like Obama fine, put it on your own bible, desk or whatever, but leave others' private space and belongings alone. This guy is a moron and extremely unprofessional. Your working with convicts and have nothing better to do. If someone posted painted something on your car, house bookbag would that be ok, probably not. But because it has something to do with Obama all common sense is overlooked and you racists immediately do what you do, show your lack of intelligence and hatred for your personal position in life. Sad individuals and your parents should be arrested for not using birth control.
Anonymous said…
Oh brother! Some people have too much time on their hands & no sense of humor. If it would have been a joke about Bush, NO ONE would have made a big stink about it. This is so stupid and a waste of time & money.
Anonymous said…
I would also wonder about the co-workers. It is sad that we must always be on guard about what we say in public. I would hardly consider it a death threat, rather it is a perspective that is just as easily an opinion. Funny that many will easily text proof to prove a point using the Bible, but when offended will require the "context" of the same passage. Here, I would consider the context to be mute as it was not highlighted. The individual was simply recording a valid perspective. What of using the Bible? Would have it stirred up the same controversy if the words were spoken or paraphrased to simply state a position in a setting? If I do not want a politician in office I can say so, and I can vote them out. I would tend to think this issue is not one of politics or a threat against the president. Instead it was a found opportunity to slam a person's belief system. Few who claim to be Christian are nut cases.

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