Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Google Gravity I'm Feeling Lucky

Google Gravity I'm Feeling Lucky - Lots of people are becoming fascinated with the latest Google experiment that causes the Google search screen to collapse, as if being pulled under the weight of gravity.

Google Gravity is a Google Chrome experiment made by Hi-Res! that initially loads a typical Google home page and then suddenly the elements are pulled down by gravity and you can start tossing them around!

We highly recommend you launch this experiment in Google Chrome. It may run slower, or not at all, in other browsers.

So many people have been trying this out that the keyword phrase of Google Gravity I’m Feeling Lucky, has entered Google Trends.

Another little novelty that takes up a few seconds of our time and holds our interest for a short period, before we get on with our lives.

Google Gravity I'm Feeling Lucky

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