Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Swine Flu Returns

Swine Flu Returns - Doctors at Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital are attempting to contain an outbreak of swine flu, it was confirmed yesterday.

Five patients at the hospital, at different stages of pregnancy, are being treated for the virus.

The hospital’s master, Dr Sam Coulter Smith, said all five women were recovering well and no babies had been infected.

As he renewed appeals to pregnant women to get the seasonal flu vaccine, which this year contains protection against swine flu, it emerged that a pregnant woman transferred from a different maternity hospital was in a serious condition with swine flu at the Mater hospital.

Swine Flu Returns

“We would certainly be encouraging all pregnant women to have the seasonal flu vaccine this year even if they got the swine flu vaccine last year . . . the flu vaccine is safe and it will protect you,” he advised.

Dr Coulter Smith said that in a bid to contain the spread of the H1N1 virus the hospital had restricted visiting, cancelled routine gynaecological surgery, and cancelled social events such as a Christmas carol service yesterday and a staff children’s Christmas party.

A special vaccination clinic was also set up in the hospital yesterday to ensure staff were vaccinated.

Swine Flu Returns

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