Sunday, March 06, 2011

Palin Inexperienced Government

Palin Inexperienced Government - Sarah Palin has attacked President Obama for having a lack of experience in the private sector or in politics, suggesting if his policies do not change the country could lose its ‘exceptionalism’.

The former Governor of Alaska – herself in that position for just two years before she quit – also said his inexperience is causing untold woes to the economy and accused him of wanting to limit individual state powers.

In the interview for Fox Business she said: ‘See because our president is so inexperienced in the private sector and in government and in actually running anything and making any kind of budget that inexperience has really made manifest in some of the statements he makes.’

work’ by cutting taxes and 'incentivising' big business.

The Alaskan political pundit suggested the country needs to be ‘tapping into our own domestic sources of energy because his [the President’s] na├»ve and destructive and terrifying anti-oil agenda is going to bring our nation to our knees and his agenda must be stopped and if it isn’t we lose our exceptionalism.’

Alaska is the biggest oil-producing state in the country, extracting more than twice the amount of the second biggest producer, Texas.

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Palin Inexperienced Government

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