Sunday, March 06, 2011

Liquor Store Rampage

Liquor Store Rampage - An angry woman on a bottle-breaking rampage swept through a West Nyack liquor store. Police said she didn't steal anything, she just wrecks the place.

"I am angry about it. I've never seen this happen. In 25 years, in the business, I've never seen anyone do something like this.," said Chris Giacopelli, son of store owner.

The clerks on duty told police the woman came right in the front door and stormed right over to the counter, wanting to jump the line. They said she was very upset.

Surveillance video shows her arguing with the clerk about 30 seconds after she walked in. During this heated exchange, clerks said she asked to use the restroom and was told no, and that really set her off.

She headed to the back of the store, then clears parts of shelf on her way out and it's all on video

Police know she arrived and left in a cab and was dropped off at the Palisades Mall. They have a possible line on her identity, but still need some help identifying the suspect.

Liquor Store Rampage

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