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Game Show Losers

Game Show Losers - The Fox game show Million Dollar Money Drop got off to an ominous beginning last Monday, when a couple lost $800,000 betting on an answer that was mistakenly called wrong. After first standing by the initial judgment and coming across like giant meanies at holiday time, the network has now relented and said that Brittani Mayti and Gabe Okoye will be invited back to compete when the show returns.

Game Show Losers

The problem arose when the dating couple was asked which product was first sold in stores: the Sony Walkman or Post-it Notes. With $880,000 remaining in their pot, the pair chose to bet a much greater share, $800,000, on the answer Post-it Notes, which was then called incorrect. They lost their remaining money on a subsequent question. However, it turned out that there was more ambiguity in the answer than the producers had realized, because Post-it Notes had been sold in a few test markets in the late 1970s, before the introduction of the Walkman.

Game Show Losers


Anonymous said…
The Fox etwork owes the ouple and the people of the US a apology plus they owe the coupl $800,000. Unless they dop e show sponsors should pull their sponsorship . If the sponsors don't the peopkle should boycott the sponsors products. Sometime the only way to get across to crooks like this is by costing hem money. They have shown that they have no ethics or morals.

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