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Best Voice Actors

Best Voice Actors - Peter Cullen

At the end of this day, one voice actor shall stand, and some...shall fall. TELL me you're capable of hearing that line in any other voice than the distinct booming timbre of Optimus Prime himself, Peter Cullen.

While most famous for his voicing the iconic leader of the Autobot Transformers in both the original animated series and recent film adaptations, Cullen has a distinguished amount of voiceover work under his belt, in everything from TV and film advertising, to the Jetsons and Hagar the Horrible.

In addition to reprising his role as the famous mack-truck in the latest cybertronian cartoon Transformers: Prime, Cullen can also be heard providing persuasive voice-over for Coors Light commercials. And when Optimus Prime tells you to drink a beer, you'd better do it, kids.

John Ratzenberger

We have to admit, we've got the man love for John Ratzenberger. He just seems like everyone's buddy, doesn't he? And it's not just his role on Cheers; the guy was in Empire Strikes Back, for chrissakes. Don't you just want to give him am arm chuck and share a six pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon?

But what we're really here to celebrate is Ratzenberger's work as the official mascot of Pixar. For the last decade, Pixar has been not just the premiere animation studio in the country, but perhaps the most consistently excellent film studio period. And all those great Pixar films have one thing in common: Ratzenberger is in all of them.

In fact, they now even have a rule at the company that all Pixar films are required to feature a Ratzenberger performance. To which we say: right on, bro, and have a PBR.

Best Voice Actors

Kevin Conroy

It's BATMAN! No seriously, it's Batman.

We can't legally prove that voice actor Kevin Conroy dons a cape and cowl in order to prowl the rooftops fighting crime night after night, but if anybody could pull it off it'd be him. The actor has so iconically emboldened both the characters Bruce Wayne and Batman with enough grace and gravitas that franchise after franchise asks him to reprise the role, from new animated projects to video games.

Regardless of the role he appears in, any comic fan could listen to the voice of The Venture Bros.' Captain Sunshine or Ben 10's Alien X, and instantly scream "holy hell, that's BATMAN!"

Best Voice Actors


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