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Wedding Ring Shopping Tips

Wedding Ring Shopping Tips - It has long been tradition for the sparkling-eyed boyfriend to "surprise" his girlfriend with a wedding proposal and an engagement ring. The whole scenario is indeed romantic and is what dreams and movies are made of, but if you're a girl that is serious about your fashion, you may prefer to be involved in picking your engagement and wedding rings to suit your taste. Why leave such a crucial part of your style for a guy to do alone? Think about it, you will be wearing these rings for a lifetime! With this in mind, you may want to "window shop" together online once the relationship gets serious in order to let him know exactly what you like.

The ever classic solitaires are the most popular style of engagement rings, but for many couples today, they are a bit too common. The engagement ring symbolizes the special love you share with each other so you may want to throw tradition out the window a get a ring that is unique such as a vintage design, an uncommon diamond cut, a sapphire or emerald setting, or maybe even a colored diamond (with yellow diamonds being the most common while blue and pink are rare and fetch a much higher price). Once engaged, couples will then be looking for wedding bands. To begin the quest for the perfect wedding rings, consider all the options in various stones, gemstone cuts, ring designs and layouts, different precious metals, and, most importantly, the kind of statement you want to make to the world.

Wedding Ring Shopping Tips

More than likely, when you think about an engagement ring, you imagine a huge, sparkling, round solitaire. These traditional prong-setting rings have been around since the 1800's and are always the bestsellers at virtually every jewelry store across the country. These rings are used for all the classic stone shapes such as round cut, princess cut, emeralds, heart-shaped, and pear-shaped. Most women start the process of wedding ring shopping with the desire for something different but usually end up with a traditional solitaire in a prong setting with a gold band. Even if you decide to settle for the traditional style, you can add some variation with side stones. Typically these are diamonds, but you can also get colored gems like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. As the name states, side stones lay to either side of the main, center stone and are usually much smaller and come in assorted shapes, like half-moons, slim baguettes, shields, and trapezoids.


Wedding Ring Shopping Tips

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Don't forget to educate yourself about the metals available for wedding rings as well. Platinum, palladium and gold can all be refinished and resized within reason, and have value. Many alternative metals look great, but can not be sized well if at all.