Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Driving Tips to Save Gas

Driving Tips to Save Gas - According to an Autos.ca survey on Fuel–Efficient Driving, high gas prices have motivated most Canadians to either adopt or consider adopting fuel–efficient driving. Among the ones willing to make an effort, 58% said they were willing to reduce unnecessary idling and 56% indicated being ready to drive more smoothly and evenly to reduce their gas consumption.

Proven fuel–efficient driving habits include:

• Moderating Speed

– Why rush? Respecting speed limits is not only safer, it will also reduce your gas consumption.

• Reducing Unnecessary Idling

– Turn–off the engine while waiting for more than 1–2 minutes. It's simple and will help you save on gas consumption with the added benefit of being more environment–friendly.

• Maintaining Proper Tire Pressure

– Check your tire pressure, especially before long trips.

• Avoiding Sudden Accelerations

– Smooth and even driving will not only help you save on gas, but will also reduce your stress level – and frustration from other drivers.

• Follow The Manufacturer's Suggested Vehicle Maintenance

– Change oil and air filters as directed by the manufacturer. Your vehicle will not only be more fuel–efficient, it will also reduce green–house gases.

• Reduce Vehicle Load

– Remove any unnecessary items in your vehicle, such as backpacks, strollers or sports equipment to avoid carrying unnecessary load – and de–clutter at the same time.

Driving Tips to Save Gas

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