Thursday, March 03, 2011

Mickey Rooney Testifies

Mickey Rooney Testifies - Three-and-a-half million Americans every year in this country are victims of elder abuse, and even big-name movie stars are not immune, as we learned Wednesday in Congress.

Mickey Rooney, now 90-years-old, may have played his most important role ever by getting attention to the terrible times the oldest Americans suffer.

"You can be in control of your life one minute, ladies and gentleman. And the next minute, just like that, you have absolutely – believe it or not – no control of your life. Sometimes this happens quickly, but other times it's very, very gradual. You might wonder when all this truly began. In my case, I was eventually and completely stripped of the ability to make even the most basic decisions. 'Where do we go, or what do we do?'"

Elder abuse comes in three forms: physical; neglect, when they don't get the help, service and treatment they pay for at their homes; and financial, which is what Rooney talked about – having your life savings wiped out by swindlers or people they trust who take the money and run.

Mickey Rooney Testifies

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