Thursday, March 03, 2011

Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen

Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen - The self-imposed Charlie Sheen media barrage is so ever-present and so funny on its own that it almost doesn't need help from late night comedians. That hasn't stopped Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman, Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel from making cracks about Sheen and his behavior.

On "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," the comedian aired a fake commercial for "Charlie Sheen Winning" cologne, with Fallon playing Sheen. In his introduction to the ad, Fallon said the cologne's scent "combines the delightful aromas of sweat, cigarettes and denial."

David Letterman has been on the Charlie Sheen train for weeks. On Wednesday, he compared supercomputer Watson - who famously beat two humans in "Jeopardy!" - to Sheen.

In a video called, "Watson: Where is he now?," a narrator says, "He wasn't programmed to handle the harsh glare of the spotlight. After a 36-hour cocaine binge with adult film stars, Watson was fired by IBM. He was briefly hospitalized by what he claimed to be a 'herniated motherboard.'"

Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen

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