Saturday, February 12, 2011

Brooke Mueller to get $700,000

Brooke Mueller to get $700,000 - Brooke Mueller will get $700,000 once her divorce from Charlie Sheen is wrapped up but her settlement is way more than it appears at first glance. I did the math and for being married 3 years to Charlie Sheen, Mueller basically gets $11,000 for every day she was married to the Two and Half Men star!

The couple were married on May 30, 2008 and if the divorce is final by May 30, 2011, Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen were married for 3 years total.

Brooke will get $700,000, a 2009 Mercedes sports car and her $1 million share of the couple’s home in the divorce agreement. On top of the settlement, Mueller gets Mueller will also receive $55,000 a month in child support! If Charlie Sheen pays child support for Bob and Max, who will turn two this year, for another 16 years until they are of legal age, that works out to a whopping $10,560,000 in child support for Brooke Mueller.

Brooke Mueller to get $700,000

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Anonymous said...

If you insist on stating facts, why not state all the facts. Sheen makes 1.25 million per episode (according to Stephen Battaglio and his article "Top TV Earners" dated Aug, 2010)

$700,000 is chump change for what this tool has put his family through.

Your logic is about as good as your math skills. 11,000 x 365 x 3 = 12,045,000 again these are you #'s and math

Making it sound as though Brooke is getting a good deal makes no sense.

Also, how much did that hooker make for a night with Charlie? $30,000? Think maybe the math should be 30,000x365x3 = A LOT