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Second-Hand Smoke in Cars Carrying Kids

Second-Hand Smoke in Cars Carrying Kids - Children are vulnerable enough to fine particles in second-hand smoke in vehicles that bans against smoking in a car with a child are worthwhile, a new review suggests.

There's enough evidence that second-hand smoke in a car does harm children to legislate against the practice, a study in an upcoming issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal concludes.

Dr. Ray Pawson of the University of Leeds school of sociology and social policy in the U.K. and his co-authors reviewed myths and facts surrounding the risks of second-hand smoke in vehicles carrying children.

They measured the following:

The concentration of chemicals in second-hand smoke inside vehicles and how it varied with vehicle size, speed and whether windows were open or closed.

The length of exposure to second-hand smoke inside a car.

The relative susceptibility of children to the effects of second-hand smoke compared to adults.

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Second-Hand Smoke in Cars Carrying Kids


My heart breaks whenever I see a child hav'g to be subjected to second-hand smoke. I don't understand an adult who would be so inconsiderate. Roll'g down a car window r standing outside and the child near where smoke is inhaled won't prevent s-h smoke.I get very upset & have to hold my breath when I have to walk 'thru' smokers who are stand'g outside a 'no smok'g' area.
Smoking is very unhealthy, stinks & is very unattractive. QUIT NOW!
Anonymous said…
to much goverment control grew up around smokers and still alive.and if they dont quit making laws killing jobs i would rather be dead age 57 and had enough of there bs
TED said…
As an ex smoker it really kills me to see people WITH THE WINDOWS CLOSED SMOKING with kids in the car, but really people, where does it end. Are we, as a country, that sheepish to let the government dictate what should be common sense? Granted, not all people use or have that, but really people. Stop looking for someone else to blame , when all you have to do is look in the mirror

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